A Review of Chris Hedges’ American Fascists

A Review of Chris Hedges' Christian Fascism - by Stephen LendmanChris Hedges is a journalist who for two decades was a foreign correspondent for the New York Times spending much of his time reporting from conflict zones in El Salvador, the Middle East and from Serbia covering the Balkan wars of the 1990s that divided... Continue Reading →

New US Postal Rates Undermine Small Publications

New US Postal Rates Undermine Small Publications - by Stephen LendmanThe US Constitution's First Amendment guarantees the right of free expression including a press free to do it in. Jefferson, Madison and Congress wanted information easily and cheaply disseminated to the public and structured a comprehensive postal system designed to do it reaching into cities... Continue Reading →

Ecuador Votes For Revolutionary Change

Ecuador Votes For Revolutionary Change - by Stephen LendmanEcuadorean President Raphael Correa took office January 15 promising his people progressive, revolutionary social and economic change unlike anything this country of mostly impoverished people ever had before under its right wing only governments beholden solely to capital interests. Correa promised a "citizens' revolution" beginning by drafting... Continue Reading →

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