Robert McChesney’s The Political Economy of Media – Part II

Robert McChesney's The Political Economy of Media (Part II) - by Stephen LendmanMcChesney's book is a compilation of his best political economy of media work in the past two decades. It contains 23 separate offerings under three topic headings. In them he covers "enduring issues" and "emerging dilemmas." Part I of this review discussed some... Continue Reading →

Robert McChesney’s The Political Economy of Media – Part I

Robert McChesney's The Political Economy of Media (Part I) - by Stephen LendmanRobert McChesney is a leading media scholar, critic, activist, and the nation's most prominent researcher and writer on US media history, its policy and practice. He's also University of Illinois Research Professor in the Institute of Communications Research and the Graduate School of... Continue Reading →

SuperCorridor Defeat? Don’t Bet On It

SuperCorridor Defeat? Don't Bet On It - by Stephen LendmanThe title refers to the I-69/Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) portion of the North American SuperCorridor Coalition (NASCO) project. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) announced that, for now at least, it nixed this part of the $184 billion scheme calling for:-- a 4000 mile toll road network... Continue Reading →

BBC’s Pro-Israeli Bias

BBC's Pro-Israeli Bias - by Stephen LendmanIn its near 86 year history, BBC has a long, unbroken and dubious distinction. Today it's little different from its corporate-run counterparts in America, Britain and throughout the world. In fact, on its tailored for a US BBC America audience, what passes for news matches stride for stride what... Continue Reading →

Exposing Bush Administration Corruption

Exposing Bush Administration Corruption - by Stephen LendmanInformation for this article comes from long-time business, finance and political writer and analyst Bob Chapman who publishes the bi-weekly International Forecaster. It's power-packed with key information and a valued source for this writer. He obtained voluminous material directly from its source. People need to know it. Read... Continue Reading →

Potential Future Hyperinflation

Potential Future Hyperinflation - by Stephen LendmanWalter "John" Williams thinks out of the box. He makes disquieting reading, but you won't find him in the mainstream. At least not often. He runs a "Shadow Government Statistics" site with an electronic by-subscription newsletter. Anyone can access some of his data and occasional special reports. They can... Continue Reading →

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