Israeli Social Justice Protests Continue

Israeli Social Justice Protests Continue - by Stephen Lendman Ongoing since mid-July, America's media hardly notice, but indeed care as evidenced by their silence to suppress mass outrage over longstanding social injustice Israelis want changed. What US print and broadcast media won't report, Israeli and other sources cover extensively, because what's ongoing is too significant... Continue Reading →

Dire State of America’s Children

Dire State of of America's Children - by Stephen Lendman A new Children's Defense Fund (CDF) report shows the dire state of children in America today. Titled, "The State of America's Children: 2011," it can be accessed in full through the following link: Focusing mainly on 2008 - 2010, it ranked America among industrialized... Continue Reading →

Israeli Persecution of Palestinian Children

Israeli Persecution of Palestinian Children - by Stephen Lendman Repeatedly in many ways, the real Israel belies the myth of a free, open, democratic state. In fact, the very notion is ludicrous even to growing numbers of fed up Israelis, voting with their feet and leaving. As a result, it's no exaggeration calling Israel a... Continue Reading →

Congressional Junkets to Israel

Congressional Junkets to Israel - by Stephen Lendman Eighty-one House members, one fifth of the chamber, will visit Israel during the traditional summer recess, instead of addressing festering local issues at home during the nation's gravest economic crisis too serious to ignore. Arriving first were 26 Democrats together, including Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (MD). Another... Continue Reading →

New York Times Support for US Imperial Wars

New York Times Support for Imperial Wars - by Stephen Lendman The Times never met a US imperial war it didn't endorse or designated enemy it didn't vilify. Nor are concerns ever raised about constitutional and international law issues, crimes of war and against humanity, or mass slaughter and destruction. Only supporting the home team... Continue Reading →

Repression in Israel and Bahrain

Repression in Israel and Bahrain - by Stephen Lendman On August 8, London Guardian writer Ian Black headlined, "Bahrain protests: 'The repression is getting worse,' " saying: Bahraini police grabbed Hassan Ali Salman. One "forc(ed) his T-shirt roughly up over his head as three or four others laid in with wooden batons, dragging and pushing... Continue Reading →

Sustaining Protest Energy in Israel

Sustaining Protest Energy in Israel - by Stephen Lendman Since mid-July, Israelis have protested in unprecedented numbers for long denied social justice. Succeeding depends on sustaining that energy disruptively for change. Though never easy, it's the only way. Frances Fox Piven discussed it in her book titled, "Challenging Authority" about social movements becoming pivotal forces... Continue Reading →

Imperial Plans for Libya Post-Gaddafi

Imperial Plans for Libya Post-Gaddafi - by Stephen Lendman A previous article suggested NATO's Libya war is unraveling, having misjudged the commitment of Libyans to resist, fight back, and support Gaddafi. Access it through the following link: Nonetheless, daily bombings continue intensively, averaging 51 daily strike sorties in the last week alone, targeting Tripoli... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Depression

The Greatest Depression - by Stephen Lendman One sign is the enormous worldwide financial shock, erasing nearly $8 trillion of equity wealth since late July. Another is teetering global economies, notably across Europe and America. Still another is growing poverty, deprivation, and despair for millions without jobs, enough income, or futures. Combined they indicate Depression... Continue Reading →

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