Israeli Street Protests: Suppressed by US Media

Israeli Street Protests: Suppressed by US Media - by Stephen LendmanWell, almost. Virtually nothing shows up on US television. Some gets print coverage, but not enough to explain a major story accurately and fully. More on that below.For weeks, tens of thousands of Israelis have been protesting high prices, especially unaffordable housing, creating an intolerable... Continue Reading →

S & P’s Downgrade Targets Entitlements

S & P's Downgrade Targets Entitlements - by Stephen LendmanA previous article discussed the dirty game, accessed through the following link: explained bipartisan support for incrementally ending Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, no matter that:-- Medicaid provides essential healthcare for low-income beneficiaries, jointly funded by the states and Washington, managed at the state level.-- In... Continue Reading →

Budget Cutting Perfidy

Budget Cutting Perfidy - by Stephen LendmanIt's all over but the mourning. After weeks of tooing-and-frooing theater, Obama signed the deal from hell. Understand clearly what happened. A bipartisan conspiracy took step one to ending America's social contract. Subsequent ones will follow.On the chopping block are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and publicly funded pensions, heading... Continue Reading →

NATO’s Libya War Unraveling

NATO's Libya War Unraveling - by Stephen LendmanOn August 1, Ramadan began. Nonetheless, fighting continues. The good news is Libyans are winning. The bad news is NATO knows it but keeps bombing, averaging 52 daily strike sorties in the past week alone.On August 2, London Telegraph writer Damien McElroy headlined, "Libya: Gaddafi regime rallies after... Continue Reading →

Hard Right Extremism in America and Europe

Hard Right Extremism in America and Europe - by Stephen LendmanAnders Breivik's July 22 Oslo rampage highlighted a problem far greater than him, a topic three previous articles discussed, stopping short of what this article addresses. More on how Europe is affected below.In America, hardline anti-government groups like the Sovereign Citizen movement highlight how far... Continue Reading →

Bipartisan Debt Deal Betrayal

Bipartisan Debt Deal Betrayal - by Stephen LendmanSeven previous articles explained the following:(1) Bipartisan lying manipulated popular sentiment to believe what political Washington won't tolerate - defaulting or not raising the debt ceiling. In fact, it's been done routinely 74 times since 1962, including 10 times in the last decade. Moreover, whatever may unfold ahead,... Continue Reading →

Israel: Rogue State Land of Inequality

Israel: Rogue State Land of Inequality - by Stephen LendmanGrowing millions worldwide understand Israel's decades-long project to colonize Palestine, dispossess its people, steal their land, and terrorize them into submission. They also know it hasn't worked nor will it.Too few, however, know how growing social and economic inequality affects most Israelis. Since at least the... Continue Reading →

Libya: What America’s Media Won’t Report

Libya: What America's Media Won't Report - by Stephen LendmanAmerica's media staunchly back all US imperial wars, regurgitating officials lies as truths. Moreover, they never explain their illegality or daily crimes of war and against humanity against civilians, as well as non-military related infrastructure and other sites. Nor do they report how NATO bombing prevents... Continue Reading →

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