Gaza Siege Harshness Continues

Gaza Siege Harshness Continues by Stephen Lendman Israel's claimed easing is false. Besieged Gazans remain isolated. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) assessed conditions in January. Except for limited amounts of agricultural products, Gaza's export economy's suffering. In addition, imports of basic needs and raw materials fall well below minimal needs. Karm Abu Salem... Continue Reading →

Freedom or Death

Freedom or Death by Stephen Lendman On March 22, Hana Shalabi's 36th hunger strike day began. After examining her, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I) said she's in imminent danger of death. Israel wants her to die. She requires immediate hospitalization. At PHR-I's request, she was sent to Meir Hospital on March 19 but not admitted.... Continue Reading →

Perils of Attacking Iran

Perils of Attacking Iran by Stephen Lendman In mid-April, Istanbul or Geneva will host nuclear talks with Iran. America, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany will attend. Russian Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov calls them a "last chance" to avoid war. Russian diplomats and independent observers expect it after talks designed to fail. Some believe launching... Continue Reading →

New York Times Promotes War on Syria and Iran

New York Times Promotes War on Syria and Iran by Stephen Lendman As America's leading broadsheet, what it reports matters, especially on war and peace. Instead of accuracy, full disclosure, and supporting right over wrong, The Times consistently cheerleads US wars and prospective ones. Enemies are vilified. Rule of law principles don't matter, nor do... Continue Reading →

Stepped-Up Pressure on Assad

Stepped-Up Pressure on Assad by Stephen Lendman Last weekend's anti-Assad Damascus and Aleppo terrorist violence reflects Washington's violent pursuit of regime change. Peaceful resolution efforts are subverted. Obama's waging undeclared war. On March 19, Iran's Russian ambassador, Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi, explained US-style democracy, saying: "There were the first signs that American democracy had come to... Continue Reading →

Dying for Justice

Dying for Justice by Stephen Lendman On March 20, Hana's 34th hunger strike day began. The previous day, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel (PHR-I) said she's in imminent danger of dying. After examining her, its doctor "determined that she must be hospitalized immediately." More on that below. Wrongfully arrested, abused, uncharged, and administratively detained at HaSharon... Continue Reading →

Asking the Wrong Questions About War

Asking the Wrong Questions About War by Stephen Lendman Former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller now writes Times op-eds on alternate Mondays, as well as articles for The New York Times Magazine. Too bad his columns get failing grades. Scoundrel journalism is featured. Truth and full disclosure are excluded. His March 18 article... Continue Reading →

America and Israel: Modern Day Spartas

America and Israel: Modern Day Spartas by Stephen Lendman America and Israel live by the sword. One day they'll perish by it. The more belligerence they pursue, the more enemies they make. They also lose influence. Eventually homeland support will erode, decay, and fade. What can't go on forever, won't. Neither nation understands in their... Continue Reading →

US Afghan Detainees Sent to Torture Prisons

US Afghan Detainees Sent to Torture Prisons by Stephen Lendman Post-9/11, torture became official US policy. Bush officials mandated it. Obama continues it in US overseas prisons and foreign ones, including in Afghanistan. Even the Army Times noticed. On March 18, it headlined "US sent detainees to banned prisons," saying: A report by two human... Continue Reading →

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