Targeted Killings: US and Israeli Specialties

Targeted Killings: US and Israeli Specialties by Stephen Lendman International law permits justifiable self-defense. Targeted killings are prohibited, especially premeditated ones like America and Israel repeatedly commit for reasons other than claimed. These incidents constitute cold-blooded murder. US drone killings and rampaging death squads, as well as Israel's deplorable history and latest ritual slaughter highlight... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Latest Ritual Slaughter

Israel's Latest Ritual Slaughter by Stephen Lendman Four days of Israeli terror bombing left at least 25 Palestinians dead and dozens injured, some seriously. Human rights groups expressed outrage. So did Arab League states, Iran, Turkey, and Malaysia. Israel's UN envoy Ron Prosor wants the Security Council to condemn Palestinian victims. Like Netanyahu and other... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Rogue Killing Machine

Israel's Rogue Killing Machine by Stephen Lendman Israel's entire history reflects depraved, out-of-control targeted and mass killings. Days of unrelenting bombing, murdering and injuring Gazans shows its contempt for law and human life. Netanyahu exceeds the worst of Ariel Sharon and other rogue Israeli leaders. Gideon Levy says Israel never had one like him before.... Continue Reading →

Washington Plans War on Syria

Washington Plans War on Syria by Stephen Lendman On March 11, Assad repeated what he's said numerous times. He's "ready to support any honest effort to solve the situation." He told former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan (Ban Ki-moon's envoy appointed with Washington's approval) that doing so depends on accurately assessing conditions on the ground. It... Continue Reading →

America’s Afghanistan Legacy

America's Afghanistan Legacy by Stephen Lendman In his book titled, "Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire," John Pilger discussed Afghanistan, saying: "Through all the humanitarian crises in living memory, no country has been abused and suffered more, and none has been helped less than Afghanistan." He described what looked more like a moonscape than a... Continue Reading →

New York Times Wages War on Palestine

New York Times Wages War on Palestine by Stephen Lendman Like all US major media scoundrels, longstanding New York Times policy features one-sided pro-Israeli reports, commentaries, and opinions. Its coverage of Israel's latest Gaza aggression is one of many examples. More on that below. On June 1, 2010, in response to Israeli commandos massacring Freedom... Continue Reading →

Israel Terror Bombs Gaza

Israel Terror Bombs Gaza by Stephen Lendman Imagine living years under deplorable isolated siege conditions. Imagine also enduring regular Israeli land, sea and air attacks. Gazan resistance groups launch Grad missiles, home-made rockets, and mortar shells in self-defense. Israel calls them "unprovoked" attacks. Palestinian freedom fighters vow to continue their liberating struggle. Under international law,... Continue Reading →

Israeli Buffer Zone State Terror

Israeli Buffer Zone State Terror by Stephen Lendman State terror is official Israeli policy. It's imposed numerous ways to enforce harshness too extreme to bear. The strategy hopes many Palestinians will give up and leave. Israel repeatedly gets it wrong. After decades of extreme oppression, Palestinians are committed to resist until free, though doing it... Continue Reading →

Obama Plans More Middle East Wars

Obama Plans More Middle East Wars by Stephen Lendman Cheerled by America's major media scoundrels, war looks increasingly likely. Syria and Iran both are targeted. Imagine the potential catastrophic consequences, especially if nuclear weapons are used. They were before. Why not now. The prospect's chilling. In his Der Ring des Nibelungen operas (the Ring), Richard... Continue Reading →

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