Israel’s Ruthless Golani Brigade

Israel's Ruthless Golani Brigade by Stephen Lendman On February 28, 1948, David Ben-Gurion formed Golani to help ethnically cleanse Palestine during Israel's War of Independence. Ariel Sharon was one of its first commanders. Earlier he was a notorious Hagana terror gang one and Alexandroni death squad head. In 1953, he established the infamous Unit 101.... Continue Reading →

Waging War on Truth

Waging War on Truth by Stephen Lendman Major media scoundrel reports, commentaries, and editorials distort, misreport, censor, and suppress. Truth and full disclosure lose out. Readers and viewers deserving better are cheated. The New Republic's (TNR) owner and former editor-in-chief Martin Peretz ranks with the worst. His columns exclude journalism the way it should be.... Continue Reading →

Resisting Israeli Oppression Courageously

Resisting Israeli Oppression Courageously by Stephen Lendman On March 8, women worldwide commemorate International Women's Day. It celebrates over a century of economic, political, and social achievements. This year for Palestinians, Hana Shalabi's hunger strike for justice is highlighted. After three weeks, it's taken a toll. Nonetheless, she's determined to resist Israel's lawless arrest, detention,... Continue Reading →

America: Land of the Poor

America: Land of the Poor by Stephen Lendman Years ago, who could have imagined the appalling growing poverty level in the world's richest country? Various reports confirm it, including a new one by the University of Michigan's National Poverty Center (NPC), titled “Extreme Poverty in the United States, 1996 to 2011”. NPC promotes multidisciplinary research... Continue Reading →

Bahraini Kangaroo Court Trials

Bahraini Kangaroo Court Trials by Stephen Lendman A new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report discussed sham show trials in Bahrain titled, "No Justice in Bahrain." The Bahrain Center for Human Rights said hundreds of unfair, politically motivated trials were conducted for months. Innocent victims were convicted. Before trial, they were arrested, imprisoned and brutally tortured.... Continue Reading →

NATO Intervening in Syria

NATO Intervening in Syria by Stephen Lendman On March 6, the BBC reported Obama saying Washington won't intervene in Syria unilaterally. At the same time, he stopped short of ruling out joint Western aggression. In his first 2012 news conference, he said: "The notion that the way to solve every one of these problems is... Continue Reading →

Imperial Rage for War

Imperial Rage for War by Stephen Lendman America ravages the world one country at a time or in multiples. Post-9/11 alone, millions died. Vast destruction was caused. Human misery caused is incalculable. Now Syria and Iran are targeted. Disagreement only is on timing, not intent. Neocon Senator John McCain wants Syria bombed. In spring 2007,... Continue Reading →

EU Austerity Madness

EU Austerity Madness by Stephen Lendman European/American austerity assures a 1% wealth grab at the expense of all others. Prioritizing banker payments causes debt bondage, human misery, economic wreckage, and eventual collapse. What can't go on forever, won't. It's not rocket science. It's fact. Economies thrive on productive economic growth. It includes public sector infrastructure... Continue Reading →

Putin Wins

Putin Wins by Stephen Lendman Pre-election polls predicted around a 60% majority. Final results show Putin won 63.6% of the vote. He got a clear third term mandate. In 2004, he won 71%. Five candidates contended: United Russia's Vladimir Putin The Communist Party's Gennady Zyuganov The Liberal Democratic Party's Vladimir Zhirinovsky Just Russia's Sergey Mironov... Continue Reading →

Hana Shalabi: Day 19 and Counting

Hana Shalabi: Day 19 and Counting by Stephen Lendman Anyone who's fasted several days knows doing it isn't easy. Persisting for extended periods risks health, even death. Without food for 66 days, Khader Adnan nearly died. Again ingesting food, he's still very much at risk. Hana Shalabi reached day 19. It's taken a toll. Daily... Continue Reading →

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