Electoral Politics in America

Electoral Politics in America by Stephen Lendman He said, she said, who's ahead, who's behind discourse dominates political reporting. As a result, issues go unaddressed. People are left uninformed in the dark. Media scoundrels focus on popularity, not competence, and what readers and viewers most need to know. Horse race journalism describes the process. It... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Oppression: Official Israeli Policy

Palestinian Oppression: Official Israeli Policy by Stephen Lendman Born in blood, Israel's been drenched in it since. Its agenda reflects racist state terror ruthlessness. "Can you hear the sound of injustice," asked Palestine Solidarity Campaign's Alexei Sayle, saying: "To me the behavior of Israel and the uncritical support it gets from western governments is like"... Continue Reading →

Lies, Damn Lies, and Major Media Scoundrel Journalism

Lies, Damn Lies, and Major Media Scoundrel Journalism by Stephen Lendman Merriam-Webster's defines journalism as involving "writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation." In other words, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing else. The Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics Preamble states: "....public... Continue Reading →

Prospects for May Palestinian Elections

Prospects for May Palestinian Elections by Stephen Lendman Last December, Fatah and Hamas agreed on forming a unity government and holding May presidential, parliamentary, and Palestinian National Council (PLC) elections. Once concluded, elected officials will join the PLO as sole legitimate Palestinian representative. Agreement was reached on raising PLC members from 132 to 150, approving... Continue Reading →

Targeting Free Expression

Targeting Free Expression by Stephen Lendman Free expression in all forms is fundamental in democratic societies. Without it, all other freedoms are at risk. Included are free speech, a free press, freedom of thought, culture, and intellectual inquiry. It also includes the right to challenge government authority peacefully, especially in times of war and cases... Continue Reading →

New York Times Promoting War on Iran

New York Times Promoting War on Iran by Stephen Lendman Longstanding Times policy supports imperial US wars against nonbelligerent countries posing no threats. It backed American-led NATO aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Using scandalous language like "Assad's butchery," it wants killer gangs armed and greater Western intervention. A Syrian (unnamed for his safety) emailed... Continue Reading →

Justice on Trial: Lynne Stewart’s Appeal

Justice on Trial: Lynne Stewart's Appeal by Stephen Lendman Lynne's case highlights American judicial unfairness. Her wrongful indictment, prosecution, conviction, sentencing, and harsher re-sentencing sacrificed her on the alter of upholding wrong over right. On February 29, US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit arguments were heard on her behalf. She wasn't there, but... Continue Reading →

Hana Shalabi: Hunger Striking for Justice

Hana Shalabi: Hunger Striking for Justice by Stephen Lendman Israel administratively detains hundreds of Palestinians indefinitely without charge lawlessly. Like thousands of others incarcerated, their "crime" is wanting to live free on their own land in their own country. Israel calls it terrorism. Hana Yahya Shalabi is one of many abused. A young Palestinian woman,... Continue Reading →

Readying the Greek Corpse for Burial

Readying the Greek Corpse for Burial by Stephen Lendman Greece is being systematically raped, pillaged and destroyed. Bankers demand it. What they want, they get, no matter the human toll and economic ruin. Standing armies pale by comparison. Financial oligarchs wage war by other means and take no prisoners. Greece is Exhibit A. More on... Continue Reading →

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