Israel’s Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons

Israel's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons  by Stephen Lendman Israel's long known open secret is its formidable nuclear arsenal. Less is known about its chemical and biological weapons (CBW) capability. More on that below. In 1986, Dimona nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu revealed documents showing what many long suspected. Israel had been secretly developing, producing and... Continue Reading →

Syria and Iran in Focus

Syria and Iran in Focus by Stephen Lendman America's longstanding agenda targets both countries. Israel wants regional rivals removed. Washington wants independent regimes replaced by pro-Western puppet ones. All options are considered, including war. For months, saber rattling targeted Tehran. Multiple rounds of sanctions were imposed. Stiffer ones are considered. More on Iran below. For... Continue Reading →

The Nakba: Before and After

The Nakba: Before and After by Stephen Lendman May 15 marks Israel's 64th independence day. This year's Jewish calendar commemorated it on April 25.  For Palestinians, May 15 represents 64 years of Nakba suffering. Survivor testimonies bare witness. No words adequately explain their catastrophe. An unnamed Jew said: "I am writing through tears. I wept... Continue Reading →

Hunger Strike Update

Hunger Strike Aftermath by Stephen Lendman As they say, it's not over 'till it's over. Palestinian prisoners have been mass hunger striking since April 17. Others began earlier. Some hadn't eaten for two months or longer. On May 14, a deal was announced. Egypt negotiated one with the Israel Prison Service (IPS) and striker representatives.... Continue Reading →

US/Israeli Special Relationship

US/Israeli Special Relationship by Stephen Lendman Strategic interests largely benefitting Israel, not shared values, are at issue. Washington doesn't provide the Jewish state more aid than all other nations combined because of historic binding ties. On March 25, 1948, Harry Truman met secretly with Chaim Weizmann (Israel's first president). He pledged support for the future... Continue Reading →

Hunger Strike Deal

Hunger Strike Deal by Stephen Lendman Palestinian hunger strikers redefined courage. Mass willingness to die for justice is unprecedented.  On May 13, they reiterated their dignity or death steadfastness. More on that below. Reports about where things stand leave unanswered questions. On Sunday, Haaretz headlined "Israel, Palestinian prisoners on verge of deal to end hunger... Continue Reading →

FBI Wants Greater Surveillance Powers

FBI Wants Greater Surveillance Powers by Stephen Lendman FBI Director Robert Mueller wants Congress to enact greater surveillance powers following the false flag underwear bomb plot blamed on Al Qaeda. In May 9 testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, he said: "We've seen over the last several days, particularly with regard to the IED that... Continue Reading →

Israeli and Palestinian Protests

Israeli and Palestinian Protests by Stephen Lendman Mass Palestinian prisoner hunger strikes continue. Freedom, dignity, and respect for their rights are at issue. Strikers want horrific Israeli prison abuses ended. More on that below. On Saturday, thousands of Israelis rallied nationwide for social justice. They picked up where they left off last summer. Major grievances... Continue Reading →

Fabricating Lies to Wage War on Iran

Fabricating Lies to Wage War on Iran by Stephen Lendman Turning Iran into a reliable pro-Western puppet state is a long-sought US goal. All options are considered, including war. Tactics include calling Iran a threat to world peace, falsely accusing Tehran of terrorist attacks, and fabricating lies about an alleged nuclear weapons program despite no... Continue Reading →

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