UN Monitors Spy for Washington

UN Monitors Spy for Washington
by Stephen Lendman
On April 21, Security Council Resolution 2043 established UNSMIS. 
It authorized 300 observers to monitor “a cessation of armed violence in all its forms by all parties and to monitor and support the full implementation of the (Annan plan) to end the conflict in Syria.”
On June 16, UNSMIS suspended its activities subject to daily review. On June 17, China’s Xinhua News Agency headlined “Suspension of UN observer mission serves for western ‘next step’ in Syria,” saying:
Next steps involve “political transition.” Military options may be chosen. Syria said violence escalated markedly after UN monitors arrived.
Insurgents carried out massacres and “at least five huge bombings….in different parts of the country….”
National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said Washington is working with allies “regarding next steps toward a Syrian-led political transition” without Assad.
America wants war. It’s “pushing for militarization….”
Reports say “around 6,000 people, including Arabs, Afghans and Turks, have been recruited and trained by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to commit ‘terrorist’ acts in Syria.”
On June 15, UN mission head General Robert Mood said:
“There appears to be a lack of willingness to seek a peaceful transition. Instead there is a push towards advancing military positions.”
He pointed fingers largely at Assad. He left his real motives unexplained.
On June 19, Russia Today (RT.com) headlined “Syria UN mission headed by spy?” saying:
An unnamed Jordanian UNSMIS monitor accused Mood of “gathering critical coordinates and visiting military bases for his own purposes.”
Syrian state media published his remarks. 
“Sources say Norwegian General Mood took his convoy to the city of Tartus last Friday, where no violence was reported.” 
“The group visited no less than four military installations of the Syrian Army there without any sanction through the General’s UNSMIS mandate.”
His convoy also went to Rastan far from fighting. He and others “went straight to the Syrian Army’s military installation, again without any apparent connection to (his) mandate.”
Syrians say he’s spying. His mission isn’t about monitoring crisis conditions. Analysts recall how Iraq weapons inspectors were fraudulently used. More on that below.
Press TV reported the same story. Lebanon’s al-Diyar newspaper said an unnamed Jordanian monitor accused General Mood and other UNSMIS members of “conduct(ing) acts of espionage against the Syrian government.”
Military areas visited included Daraa, Homs, and Idlib. They’re where Syria maintains “air and defensive air army” facilities.
Videos were made. Targeted sites included an al-Hareh aerial reconnaissance base and a military installation located between Nowi and al-Sheikh al-Meskin.
Spying on the pretext of monitoring is common US practice.
Press TV also said Syrian insurgents are getting Israeli weapons. They’re smuggled in from Turkey and Lebanon.
“Images taken from the strategic mountainous region show trenches constructed and used by the armed groups. Weapons made in Israel and imported ammunition chests were also found.”
Israeli President Shimon Peres said he respected armed gangs that “expose themselves to live fire and I hope that they will win.” 
Previous reports also confirmed that Israel supplies insurgents with weapons. It’s actively involved with Washington’s regime change plans.
A separate Press TV report accused CIA and Mossad operatives for Syrian massacres.
Deputy head of Turkey’s Felicity Party, Temel Karamollaoglu, said:
“Not only the Syrian crisis will not be solved, but (Washington and Israel are heading the country for) civil war.”
“Due to having common interests in Syria, the US, Israel, and the EU make no attempt to stop bloodshed in the country.”
On the one hand, he added, Western countries claim they support peace. On the other, they stoke conflict. Their motives are clearly transparent.
On January 7, 1999, The New York Times headlined “US Spied on Iraq Under UN Cover,” saying:
Unnamed US officials confirmed it. American “spies had worked undercover on teams of United Nations arms inspectors ferreting out secret Iraqi weapons programs.”
Saddam’s government said UN teams were riddled with “American spies and agents.”
“Scientists, military officers, diplomats and other professionals serve on the commission. The United States included some intelligence officers, using diplomatic cover or other professional identities, to gather intelligence independently, according to the officials.”
Former Iraq chief weapons inspector Scott Ritter (1991 – 1998) said CIA operatives corrupted UNSCOM. It was the special commission to investigate alleged Iraqi WMDs.
Ritter called it “a facade.” It wasn’t about disarming Iraq. It was used for regime change. GWH Bush ordered it. Clinton and GW Bush continued it.
Ritter and other monitors understood the scheme. Washington controlled the process. UNSCOM was a Trojan Horse. Saddam, not WMDs, were targeted. Aggressive spying was conducted. War was waged on false pretenses.
Official reasons given were to disarm Saddam. It “was a bald-faced lie.” Intelligence was fixed to justify policy.
“Nobody wants to talk about the deception, the lies, the distortion that took place.”
The pattern repeats. Lies facilitate wars. They’re based on misinformation, fabrication, and managed news. At issue is replacing independent regimes with pro-Western puppet ones.
Iraq was “never about national security or international peace….” It was about advancing America’s hegemonic interests. Syria and Iran are targeted for the same reason.
Iraq was no noble cause. It’s a disaster. Ends never justify means. Ousting Saddam didn’t solve a problem. It created one.
In October 1992, Ritter accounted for all Iraqi ballistic missile programs. The same year, an Iraqi defector with firsthand knowledge said all its biological weapons were destroyed. “The CIA knew this,” said Ritter.
They also knew that Saddam fully cooperated on virtually everything related to disarmament. Ritter’s team got free access in accordance with “modalities of sensitive site inspections.”
In 1990, Saddam went from America’s true friend to the equivalent of Adolph Hitler. Gaddafi underwent a similar transition. So did Assad.
Post-9/11, US officials said he directly aided America’s war on terror. At the same time, relations fluctuated between friendly cooperation and icy tension.
On December 29, 1979, the State Department declared Syria a state sponsor of terrorism. At issue was supporting Palestinian groups and Hezbollah. Damascus said it rejects terrorism but backs resistance to Israel’s illegal occupation of Arab land.
Despite differences, US/Syrian relations warmed. Congressional delegations visited Damascus.
Nonetheless, Bush administration Undersecretary of State John Bolton called Syria a “rogue state.”
Damascus University Law Professor Mohammed Aziz Shukri asked:
“When President Assad receives a letter from (Secretary of State) Colin Powell thanking him for his ‘invaluable help’ in pursuing terrorists, how in the name of heaven can we be called a terrorist state?”
He and other Syrians accused Washington of double standard politics. Syria’s information minister Adnan Omran added:
“What is really strange now in the American administration is that we hear many voices coming from different corners and a lot of contradiction. I wonder if this is a healthy sign especially when it comes to the policy of a superpower.”
“We want to see good relations existing between the US and Syria based on mutual respect, commitment to international principles, and the UN charter and not to (Washington’s) blindly prejudiced position and alliance with Israel.”
Assad concurred.  At the same time, he was uncompromisingly hardline on Israel. Perhaps it was his kiss of death. Netanyahu and America’s Israeli Lobby want him ousted. Obama willingly obliges.
Moreover, flip-flop is official US policy. Today’s ally is tomorrow’s enemy. It’s also true vice versa and, at times, Washington uses individuals, groups, and nations as friends and foes. 
Wars ravaged Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. 
Saddam and Gaddafi were killed. 
Assad knows what he’s up against. Perhaps he’s next.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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