Scoundrel Media Warmongering

Scoundrel Media Warmongering
by Stephen Lendman
Irresponsible Western propaganda advances the ball for war. At issue is possibly embroiling the entire Middle East in perpetual ones guaranteeing no winners.
Wars beget more of them. America is the world’s leading offender. Permanent war is policy. Multiple ones now rage against nonbelligerent counties. More are planned.
Syria is targeted for destruction, then Iran and other independent states. Barbara Tuchman’s “The Guns of August” on how WW I began and its early weeks is relevant.  
Once started, things spun out of control. Deadly consequences followed. Before it ended, over 20 million died. Many more were wounded and/or maimed. An entire generation of young men was lost.
Weapons used then were toys compared to now. An armageddon end times scenario looms possible. Irresponsible leaders risk it. Scoundrel media support what they should condemn. More on them below.
Middle East expert Patrick Seale quoted Norway’s Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Store, saying “Dialogue is the strategy of the brave.”
Rarely has it been more needed than now, said Steele. Raging conflict assures no good ending. Dozens die daily. The only things sure is continued deaths, destruction, instability, human misery, and likely cross-border spillover.
Unless stopped, “Syria will be destroyed to the delight of its enemies – Israel first among them,” said Steele.
Israel is very much involved in continuing, not resolving, conflict. Previous reports explained it. On July 13, Press TV headlined “Syria forces seize Israel-made arms from rebels: Report,” saying:
Weapons were seized in Hama. They “were caught up in al-Treimseh neighborhood….”
It’s the site of the latest insurgent massacre. Assad is wrongfully blamed. He’s accused of every Western-orchestrated crime. 
Eye witnesses said terrorists attacked, destroyed, and burned “scores of houses….on the outskirts of the city of Hama.” Dozens of Assad loyalists were killed. More on what happened below.
Syrians deserve better than months of Western-generated conflict. It rages daily.
“Only a dialogue, preceded by a ceasefire honoured by both sides, could save Syria from the catastrophe of a sectarian civil war, in which there would be no winners, only losers,” said Steele.
“Instead of helping to resolve conflicts by promoting dialogue between the states of the region, the United States is reinforcing its armed forces in the Gulf region.”
Militarism and perpetual wars define US policy. Washington bears full responsibility for Syria’s conflict. Catastrophic wars destroy nations. 
Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were devastated. “Israel and its neo-con allies in the United States are pushing the Obama administration to bring Iran to its knees….”
“It is Israel that needs to be persuaded that its current policy of seizing Palestinian territory while seeking to weaken and destabilise its neighbours, is not the best way to ensure its own security.”
It’s survival, and perhaps the region, depends on “normali(zing) relations with the Arabs, as well as with Iran, by allowing the emergence of a Palestinian state.” 
“Only a sincere and sustained dialogue can bring this about. That should be the urgent focus of the international community.”
The same holds for supporting peace and stability, for withdrawing support from America’s wars, and denouncing them forthrightly.
Instead, full-scale war on Syria looms ominously likely. Scoundrel media propaganda promotes it. The latest insurgent committed al-Treimseh village massacre is grist for their mill.
Syrian state media SANA explained what happened. Terrorists overran the village and massacred dozens of civilians. Precise numbers so far are unknown.
Eye witnesses reported what happened. Terrorists opened fire randomly. Dozens were killed. Homes were destroyed and burned. Houla and Qubair massacres were replicated.
Abo Arif al-Khalid saw what happened. He explained on Syrian TV.
“A woman and her child were killed….before the eyes of all the people there,” he said.
”Had the Army or security personnel existed in the village, the terrorists wouldn’t have been able to overrun the village and perpetrate their massacres,” he added “with a crying voice.”
When security forces arrived, clashes followed. “Scores” of terrorists were killed or captured. Weapons were seized. They included “Israeli-made machine guns.”
SANA condemned Qatar-controlled al-Jazeera and Saudi Arabia’s al-Arabyia. They feature propaganda, not real news and information. 
SANA calls them  “partners in the aggression against the Syrian People….”
So are Western media. They support war, not peace and stability. They feature “disseminated lies and fabrications.” Truth and full disclosure are prohibited.
The Big Lie gets repeated ad nauseam. Managed, not real, news is featured. Readers and viewers are betrayed. Newspaper readership is down. Fewer Americans watch scoundrel TV news. 
Imagine if everyone held them accountable and tuned them out. Without audience numbers large enough to matter they’d wither and die. Imagine being free from their scourge. It can happen by not watching.
On July 12, The New York Times headlined “Massacre Reported in Syria as Security Council Meets.”
The timing wasn’t coincidental. Instead of pointing fingers the right way, The Times said unnamed “opposition activists” blamed Assad.
At least 50 are confirmed dead. “Opposition activists” claim 200. A fake video surfaced. It could have been made anywhere. Perhaps it was done on a Qatar sound stage. They produce other propaganda images there regularly. They bear no relation to stories being reported.
Al-Jazeera long ago lost credibility. Qatar controls its reports. Propaganda is featured. On July 13, it headlined “Syrian activists report new massacre,” saying:
Opposition groups blame Assad. A so-called anti-government “Hama Revolutionary Council” claimed “tanks, helicopters, artillery shelling, and summary executions” killed al-Treimseh village residents.
Saying so lacks credibility on its face. Cui bono? Massacres only benefit Western interests, not Assad. Clear truisms aren’t reported.
The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said it knows of over 100 killed. UK-based, it’s a pro-Western propaganda vehicle.
It pretends to support human rights. Its reports lack credibility. Many later were proved false, grossly exaggerated, or misleading. 
Rami Abdel Rahman and Hivin Kako are its only members. They serve Western interests, not truth.
A second site also calls itself SOHR. Mousab Azzawi runs it. Neither has credibility.
Al Jazeera claimed pro-Assad “militiamen from surrounding villages descended on Traimseh after its rebel defenders pulled out, and started killing the people. Whole houses have been destroyed and burned from the shelling.”
Joseph Goebbels couldn’t have said it better. 
Al Jazeera features Big Lies. Qatari government officials control its broadcasts. 
Western-backed Syrian National Council (SNC) members are regularly interviewed. Bassma Kodmani is one of its leaders. She’s also a vocal spokesperson.
In 2012, she attended the Chantilly, VA Bilderberg conference. She was invited earlier in 2008. She worked for the Ford Foundation. She’s executive director of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) supported Arab Reform Initiative (ARI).
ARI is a “CFR Project.” CFR’s US/Middle East Project initiated it. Former GHW Bush official Brent Scowcroft heads it. Henry Kissinger served in that capacity earlier. Other US heavyweights are also involved. 
Kodmani and other SNC officials aren’t pro-democracy activists. They’re Western imperial tools. Al Jazeera features them. So do BBC and other scoundrel media. Truth and full disclosure are scrupulously avoided.
A Final Comment
On July 13, a scurrilous Wall Street Journal article headlined “US Concerned as Syria Moves Chemical Stockpile.”
Unnamed “US officials” are cited as sources. They’re “divided on the meaning of the latest moves by members of (Assad’s) regime.”
Stockpiles of nerve agents, mustard gas and cyanide are claimed. Some US officials fear “Damascus intends to use the weapons against rebels or civilians, potentially as part of a targeted ethnic cleansing campaign.”
Others hope it’s either a fear tactic or effort to secure them. The same unnamed US official said:
“This could set the precedent of WMD(s) being used under our watch. (It’s) incredibly dangerous to our national security.”
US officials and scoundrel media specialize in weapons of mass deception. When evidence doesn’t exist it’s invented. When truths later come out it’s too late.
WMD accusations led to war on Iraq. Suppressed evidence proved them nonexistent. Earlier media reports said so. Memory hole burial suppressed them.
The WSJ scandalously regurgitated what has to be called a Big Lie unless verifiable evidence proves otherwise. 
At issue is whether war follows months of inflammatory propaganda. Increasingly it looms likely.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at 
His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”
Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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