Israel’s Man at State

Israel's Man at State by Stephen Lendman The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) is a pro-Israeli front group. It promotes strengthening US/Israeli ties. Its executive director, Mitchell G. Bard, formerly was AIPAC's Near East Report editor. Earlier he was polling division senior analyst for GHW Bush. He's featured prominently on US scoundrel TV. Best to avoid... Continue Reading →

Imperial Warrior Kerry at State

Imperial Warrior Kerry at State by Stephen Lendman Hillary Clinton will leave State. She'll further her 2016 presidential ambitions. She wants to succeed Obama.  She hopes to become America's first woman president. If successful, she'll likely exceed his worst policies. He did what supporters thought impossible. He outdid George Bush. Imagine what's ahead in term... Continue Reading →

Piling on Syria

Piling on Syria by Stephen Lendman Western-recruited Islamofascist killers are US favorites. They committed mass murder and horrific atrocities since last year. Washington, other Western countries, and regional rogues arm, fund, train, direct, and encourage them. On December 21, Russia Today interviewed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Moscow isn't "in the business of regime change,"... Continue Reading →

Fiscal Cliff Reality

Fiscal Cliff Reality by Stephen Lendman Political Washington theater continues. Republicans and Democrats agreed years ago to erode America's social contract en route to eliminating it altogether. Crisis conditions create opportunities. Former White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, explained.  "You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste," he said. "What I... Continue Reading →

Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out by Stephen Lendman It's America's accustomed role. It's longstanding. It lets Israel get away with murder and much more. Washington's support permits Israel to commit repeated crimes of war, against humanity, slow-motion genocide, and countless other human and civil rights abuses too grave to ignore. America stands defiant. Israel's worst crimes are... Continue Reading →

BDS Breakthrough

BDS Breakthrough by Stephen Lendman The Global BDS (Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions) movement is one of the most important initiatives challenging Israeli lawlessness, occupation harshness, apartheid, and viciousness. In July 2005, a coalition of 171 Palestinian Civil Society organizations created it to continue until Israel complies with international law and universal human rights principles. At issue is long... Continue Reading →

Obama/Boehner Two-Step

Obama/Boehner Two-Step by Stephen Lendman Previous articles explained fiscal cliff duplicity in detail. At issue is destroying America's social contract. Both parties agreed early in Obama's first term. They plan killing it incrementally by a 1,000 cuts. Class war rages. Private wealth and power are pitted against essential public needs. Property rights, individualism, and free-market... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Hunger-Striking Steadfastness

Palestinian Hunger Striking Steadfastness by Stephen Lendman Palestinians are denied justice. Thousands are lawlessly arrested. They're brutalized in Israel's gulag. Prisoners committed no crimes.  Israel persecutes them for not being Jews. Praying to the wrong God is criminalized. Hunger strikers defy Israeli lawlessness. Abstinence is their only weapon. Widespread actions persisted for weeks last spring.... Continue Reading →

New York Times Fiscal Cliff Duplicity

New York Times Fiscal Cliff Duplicity by Stephen Lendman A previous article explained what's at stake. Both parties agree on destroying America's social contract. Fiscal cliff hokum conceals their agenda. Media scoundrels don't explain. Ongoing debate refers to expiring yearend tax breaks and unemployment benefits. Automatic sequestered/largely discretionary yearend $1.2 trillion in cuts address them... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu’s Rage to Judaize Palestine

Netanyahu's Rage to Judaize Palestine by Stephen Lendman He's defiant. He deplores democratic values. He's a serial lawbreaker.  International law is clear and unambiguous. Israeli settlements are illegal. Fourth Geneva's Article 49 states:  "Individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power... Continue Reading →

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