Israel: Heading for a Political Cliff?

Israel: Heading for a Political Cliff? by Stephen Lendman Middle East expert Patrick Seale knows the region well. He's covered it for over four decades. On December 4, he said: He "rarely encountered such detestation of Israel, such thirst for revenge and such rage at its superpower patron. (It's) bubbling beneath the surface like molten... Continue Reading →

Israel Gives Chutzpah New Meaning

Israel Gives Chutzpah New Meaning by Stephen Lendman The Yiddish word derives from the Hebrew hutspa. It means insolence or audacity. The Urban Dictionary adds "unmitigated effrontery or impudence." Leo Rosten's "The Joys of Yiddish” calls it "gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, incredible guts, presumption plus arrogance such as no other word and no other language... Continue Reading →

Venezuelans Vote Again

Venezuelans Vote Again by Stephen Lendman In America, money power controls elections. People have no say. Each party replicates the other. Venezuela is different.  Voters take full advantage. They choose real democrats over fake ones. It shows in how Venezuelans are governed. On October 7, they reelected Chavez overwhelmingly. On December 16, they'll vote again... Continue Reading →

Israeli Settlement Construction Fallout

Israeli Settlement Construction Fallout by Stephen Lendman Netanyahu's E1 Ma'aleh Adumin settlement construction announcement drew considerable flack. What it means remains to be seen. Palestinian rights have been spurned for decades. Expect little change now. At issue is separating the West Bank from Jerusalem, Judaizing the entire city, surrounding Palestinian urban areas with encroaching Israeli... Continue Reading →

NNC News Interviews Lendman

NNC News Interviews Lendman NNC's Iman Soleimani conducted the interview. He did another last October.  US foreign policy, its phony war on terror, its human rights record, imperial wars, belligerent diplomacy, and anti-Iranian agenda were discussed. NNC (Namavaran Network Corporation) initially operated as a cultural and publishing institute. It trained bilingual journalists working with foreign... Continue Reading →

Waging War on Palestine

Waging War on Palestine by Stephen Lendman Palestinians know what they're up against. UN success changed nothing on the ground. Daily Israeli state terror continues. World leaders do nothing to help.  Rhetorical Palestinian support rings hollow. Americans like to say: Put your money where your mouth is. World leaders able to change things put theirs... Continue Reading →

Susan Rice’s Imperial Credentials

Susan Rice's Imperial Credentials by Stephen Lendman She's favored to replace Hillary Clinton next year as secretary of state. Obama calls her "extraordinary." She matches the current incumbent's bullying, bluster and arrogance. Both deplore peace, nonviolence, and social justice. They're pro-war, contemptuous of rule of law principles, and brazenly anti-democratic. They represent wrong over right.... Continue Reading →

Punishing Palestine

Punishing Palestine by Stephen Lendman Terror-bombing Gaza ended. Occupation harshness continues unabated. Israel didn't wait long to violate memorandum of understanding truce terms. They went further. They exacted revenge. They punished Palestinians for getting overwhelming nonmember observer status UN support. It bears repeating. That's how rogue states operate. Israel is one of the worst. Netanyahu... Continue Reading →

Secret US Construction in Israel

Secret US Construction in Israel by Stephen Lendman Washington and Israel partner in jointly planned imperial wars and related activities.  Walter Pincus reports on national security issues for the Washington Post. He's been at it many years. In late December he'll turn 80. On November 28, he headlined "US overseeing mysterious construction project in Israel,"... Continue Reading →

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