CISPA Is Back by Stephen Lendman It shouldn't surprise. The 2011 Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) never really went away. It ducked and covered for another day. It's more about destroying personal freedom than online security. It gives government and corporate supporters unlimited power to access personal/privileged information online.  Civil liberty protections are... Continue Reading →

Israel’s War Criminal of the Year Award

Israel's War Criminal of the Year Award by Stephen Lendman Imagining honoring crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Imagine calling war on humanity honorable. Imagine granting a nation's highest civilian award for waging it. It shouldn't surprise. Obama will receive Israel's Presidential Medal of Distinction. More on him below. On February 18, Shimon Peres... Continue Reading →

Straight Talk on US/Israeli Relations

Straight Talk on US/Israeli Relations by Stephen Lendman Harry Truman recognized Israel minutes after its May 14, 1948 independence was declared. He was the first world leader to do so. Weeks earlier on March 25, he met secretly with Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann. He pledged support. A special bond was established. Strategic interests largely benefit... Continue Reading →

Samer Easawi: Hunger Striking for Justice

Samer Easawi: Hunger Striking for Justice by Stephen Lendman Samer's a Palestinian activist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine member. On April 15, 2002, Israel kidnapped him in Ramallah. It did so during multiple community incursions. Samer was wrongly charged with allegedly planning attacks on Israel. When evidence doesn't exist, Israel invents it.  He... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Racist of the Year Award

Israel's Racist of the Year Award by Stephen Lendman Israeli racism is longstanding. It's institutionalized. Imagine honoring it. Israel did so. It finds new ways of reaching new lows. It disgraces itself in the process. It shouldn't surprise. It's common practice. Jews alone matter. Arabs are considered subhuman. Mondoweiss co-editor Philip Weiss headlined "Defense of... Continue Reading →

West Bank Village Struggles to Survive

West Bank Village Struggles to Survive by Stephen Lendman Batir is special. Its heritage is longstanding. It's been that way for centuries. It's one of Palestine's most beautiful villages.  It's built around natural spring water. It's dotted by wells and reservoirs. Traditional agriculture is its way of life. Villagers want it kept that way. Spring... Continue Reading →

Chavez Returns

Chavez Returns by Stephen Lendman He's home. He arrived on February 18 at 2:30AM Caracas time. He announced his arrival via Twitter. "I have returned to the Venezuelan homeland," he said. "Thank God!! Thank you beloved people! I will continue the treatment here."  Separately he thanked Fidel and Raul Castro. He praise Cuba's superb medical... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Iranian Nuclear Talks

Upcoming Iranian Nuclear Talks by Stephen Lendman Multiple previous P5+1 talks were held. America manipulated them to fail. So did Israel covertly. Western nations were pressured to go along. On February 26, new talks will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Expect no more this time than earlier.  It bears repeating. Tehran's nuclear program isn't at... Continue Reading →

Lieberman’s Trial Begins

Lieberman's Trial Begins by Stephen Lendman He's an ultranationalist extremist. He represents the worst of Israel's lunatic right-wing fringe. He matches Netanyahu's zealotry.  He out-Sharon's Sharon.  He's a latter day Kahanist. In 1988, Israel outlawed his Kach party. It was the first Jewish organization in decades to be called a "threat to national security."  It's... Continue Reading →

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