Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process Hypocrisy

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process Hypocrisy by Stephen Lendman On February 1, Hillary Clinton ended her tenure as Secretary of State. John Kerry was sworn in to replace her. Two recent articles discussed him. One called him a reliable imperial warrior. The other said he's Israel's man at State. He was chosen to further America's imperium. He'll... Continue Reading →

Does Netanyahu Want Regional War?

Does Netanyahu Want Regional War? Israel and America are longstanding imperial partners. Washington OK's naked aggression on Syria. Doing so declared war. Admitting it may or may not follow later. Events require close watching. Disturbing ones occur regularly. Late Sunday, Tyre, Lebanon was rocked. A suspicious explosion occurred. Lebanon's Future TV said an "Israeli aircraft... Continue Reading →

Obama: Jobs Destroyer

Obama: Jobs Destroyer by Stephen Lendman Phantom numbers conceal dire conditions. Reports are manipulated to distort reality. Last year's data overstated about half a million jobs. Seasonal adjustments turn reality on its head. So does the so-called "birth-death model." It estimates net non-reported jobs from new businesses minus losses from others no longer operating. During... Continue Reading →

Moscow to West: Hands Off Middle East/Africa

Moscow to West: Hands Off Middle East/Africa by Stephen Lendman Munich's Security Conference is held annually. This year marks the 49th session. Dozens of countries participated. Hundreds of world leaders attended.  They included heads of state, foreign affairs and defense ministers, as well as other senior figures. Active engagement was prioritized. Current and future security... Continue Reading →

Washington OK’s Israeli Aggression on Syria

Washington OK's Israeli Aggression on Syria by Stephen Lendman It shouldn't surprise. Washington and Israel are longstanding imperial partners. Significant regional operations are jointly planned.  It's done well in advance. It's for strategic advantage. Operations are part of a greater regional agenda. On February 1, TIME magazine headlined "The Fallout from the Air Raid on... Continue Reading →

Iran’s Legal Right to Enrich Uranium Unchallenged

Iran's Legal Right to Enrich Uranium Challenged by Stephen Lendman It's been that way for years. Iran fully complies with Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) provisions. Its nuclear program is peaceful. US intelligence says so. Annually it repeats earlier assessments. Washington, other Western countries, and Israel know what they won't admit publicly. So do media scoundrels.... Continue Reading →

Ban Ki-moon Fails to Condemn Israeli Aggression

Ban Ki-moon Fails to Condemn Israeli Aggression by Stephen Lendman Since last weekend, Israel attacked Syria multiple times. Doing so was premeditated, unprovoked aggression.  Fundamental UN Charter provisions were violated. Israeli officials refused comment. For days, America was silent. On January 30, anonymous US officials said Israeli officials informed Washington in advance.  Make no mistake.... Continue Reading →

UN Mission Condemns Israeli Settlements

UN Mission Condemns Israeli Settlements by Stephen Lendman On January 31, the UN International Fact-Finding Mission on Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory published damning findings. Access them in full through the following link. They revealed multiple international law violations. Settlements compromise fundamental Palestinian human rights. Violations are "interrelated." They comprise "part of an... Continue Reading →

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