Social Inequality in America

Social Inequality in America by Stephen Lendman Islamic Awakening requested an article on this topic. Later publication will follow. Specific questions were raised. Related issues include imperial priorities, permanent wars, political injustice, wealth and privilege at the expense of popular needs, and deepening hardships affecting millions of Americans. America's social contact is targeted for elimination.... Continue Reading →

Premeditated Aggression: Official Israeli Policy

Premeditated Aggression: Official Israeli Policy by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed Israel's Wednesday attack on Lebanon. Reports suggested Syrian weapons and munitions heading cross border were struck. It asked why would Assad send vitally needed weapons and munitions to Lebanon? He needs all he can get.  What's Israel up to? Is something else going... Continue Reading →

US Economy: Troubled or All’s Well?

US Economy: Troubled or All's Well? by Stephen Lendman Headlines flashed warning signs. Commentaries downplayed them. A Wall Street Journal editorial headlined "As Contractions Go…." US Q IV GDP shrank, "but not to worry. The report is better than it sounds, the stock market is rocking, and (the Fed will) keep both feet pressed firmly... Continue Reading →

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