Mission Creep Toward Full-Scale War on Syria

Mission Creep Toward Full-Scale War on Syria by Stephen Lendman On May 20, Secretary of State John Kerry headed back to the Middle East. It's his fourth regional visit since January.  On May 21, he met Oman's Sultan Qaboos. An air defense system/weapons sale, Syria, and related issues were discussed. On May 22, he met... Continue Reading →

Obama’s War on Free Expression

Obama's War on Free Expression by Stephen Lendman It's the most fundamental right. Without it all others are endangered. Obama's waging war to destroy it. He's done so throughout his tenure.  He targeted AP. He did so unjustifiably. A previous article discussed it. It was lawless intrusion. It intimidates journalists, potential whistleblowers, valued sources, and... Continue Reading →

Israel Heads Closer to War on Syria

Israel Heads Closer to War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Syria is Washington's war. It was planned years ago. It began in early 2011. No end of conflict looks near. Escalating it appears likely. Israel's very much involved. It abhors peace and stability. Its history reflects belligerence. It’s a direct threat. It borders Syria.  Both... Continue Reading →

Are Japanese Bonds Signaling Trouble?

Are Japanese Bonds Signaling Trouble? by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed the disconnect between soaring markets and troubled economies. Liquidity driven markets only skyrocket so long. What can't go on forever, won't. No one's sure when. Eventually the music stops. When that happens, watch out. Signals provide clues. Fed governors hint at slowing QE.... Continue Reading →

Reinventing Guatemalan History

Reinventing Guatemalan History by Stephen Lendman History reinventors support despots. Social democrats are vilified. Crimes of war, against humanity and genocide are sanitized. They're whitewashed. They disappear in plain sight. Wall Street Journal columnist Mary O'Grady tried reinventing Guatemalan history. She failed. More on that below. Washington tolerates no independent governments. Left of center democratic... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Colludes with Monsanto

Supreme Court Colludes with Monsanto by Stephen Lendman It's no surprise. Michael Parenti calls America's High Court its "autocratic branch."  It's notoriously pro-business. It's longstanding. In Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railway (1886), it granted corporations legal personhood. More recently, in Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes et al (June 2011), it denied longstanding sexual... Continue Reading →

America: A Modern-Day Sparta

America: A Modern-Day Sparta by Stephen Lendman Permanent war is longstanding policy. America deplores peace. Throughout its history, it's waged war annually at home and/or abroad. Today it does so globally. Giving peace a chance is loathed. Direct or proxy wars rage in multiple countries.  "Yes we can" reflects Obama's pro-war, pro-imperial, pro-ravage, plunder and... Continue Reading →

Guantanamo Force-Feeding Constitutes Torture

Guantanamo Force-Feeding Constitutes Torture by Stephen Lendman Guantanamo detention constitutes torture, abuse and ill-treatment. Long-term detention compounds it.  Force-feeding increases unconscionable pain and suffering. Doing so violates core rule of law principles. Around 130 of 166 Guantanamo detainees refuse food. They're hunger striking for justice. They began in February. They passed 100 days. They'd rather... Continue Reading →

Disconnect: Soaring Markets/Troubled Economies

Disconnect: Soaring Markets/Troubled Economies by Stephen Lendman Forget everything you learned about markets, economics and finance. Perhaps Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, Darwin, Freud, Einstein, and other noted figures were wrong. Central banks run today's world. Major ones matter most. Money printing madness controls everything. Love doesn't make the world go round. Liquidity-driven markets reflect the power... Continue Reading →

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