Close Guantanamo Now!

Close Guantanamo Now! by Stephen Lendman As president and commander-in-chief, Obama has legal authority to do so. On May 3, New York City Bar president Carey R. Dunne wrote him. He did so on behalf of the organization he heads. He called indefinite detention "legally and morally indefensible." He said 25 retired military flag officers... Continue Reading →

Israeli Lobby Power in America

Israeli Lobby Power in America by Stephen Lendman In 1949, the American Zionist Council (AZC) was established. It operated until 1962. It was ordered to register as a foreign agent. It failed to do so. It transferred its responsibilities to AIPAC. It calls itself "America's Pro-Israel Lobby. It operates as an unregistered foreign agent. It's... Continue Reading →

Another Anti-Assad False Flag

Another Anti-Assad False Flag by Stephen Lendman Since early 2011, Obama's been waging proxy war on Syria. Imported death squads masquerade as freedom fighters. The scheme's familiar. It repeats. It reflects US imperialism's dark side. In the 1980s, CIA-recruited mujahideen fighters battled  Afghanistan's Soviet occupiers. Ronald Reagan called them "the moral equivalent of our founding... Continue Reading →

Israelis Protest Austerity Harshness

Israelis Protest Austerity Harshness by Stephen Lendman On May 11, thousands of Israelis protested publicly. They did so for social justice. More on that below. In summer 2011, widespread social justice protests erupted. They continued for weeks. Others followed in summer 2012. Several Israelis protested by self-immolation. Moshe Silman's remembered best. He died for justice... Continue Reading →

Eroding Freedom in America

Eroding Freedom in America by Stephen Lendman US democracy is illusory. America never was beautiful. It's not the land of the free and home of the brave. It wasn't created that way. More than ever, it's not now. Freedom is a four-letter word. It's fast disappearing. It's an endangered species. Wealth, power and privilege alone... Continue Reading →

Thirdworldizing America

Thirdworldizing America by Stephen Lendman Center for Economic and Policy Research co-director Dean Baker calls poverty America's "new growth industry." The state of today's America is deplorable. In his latest May 3 analysis, economist John Williams said "April "employment and unemployment data were nonsense: the economy remains in serious trouble."  About 23% of Americans wanting... Continue Reading →

Anti-Assad Rhetoric Intensifies

Anti-Assad Rhetoric Intensifies by Stephen Lendman US-led anti-Assad efforts continue. Obama's going all out to topple him. He's heading America for more war.  His imperial strategy prioritizes it. Rule of law principles are discarded. Unchallenged global dominance alone matters. America's longstanding permanent war agenda advances it. Syria's now being ravaged. Assad's wrongfully blamed for US... Continue Reading →

Malcolm Shabazz’s Suspicious Death

Malcolm Shabazz's Suspicious Death by Stephen Lendman On May 9, Amsterdam News (AN) headlined "Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of Malcolm X, killed."  AN said he was killed in Tijuana, Mexico. Unconfirmed reports said "he died early Thursday morning, May 9, 2013, from injuries sustained after he was thrown off a building or shot as he was... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Syria Game Plan: Libya 2.0

Obama's Syria Game Plan: Libya 2.0 by Stephen Lendman Obama's already waging multiple direct and proxy wars. He's heading America for more. Media scoundrels support it. They back all US aggression. They're beating the drums again now. They're manipulating public sentiment for support. Russia, China and most other nations want peace. May 8 commemorates Victory... Continue Reading →

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