Google Recognizes Palestinian Statehood

Google Recognizes Palestinian Statehood by Stephen Lendman On May 1, Google recognized Palestine. It did so on its homepage. Earlier it referred to "The Palestinian Territories." More on that below. On January 4, Abbas' presidential decree acknowledged the State of Palestine. It followed gaining UN nonmember observer status.  "All Palestinian stamps, signs and official letterhead... Continue Reading →

America and Israel: Imperial Partners in Crime

America and Israel: Imperial Partners in Crime by Stephen Lendman Longstanding ties remain firm. Both nations are imperial partners. Naked aggression is official policy. Regime change in Syria is planned. Daily events head inexorably toward full-scale intervention. The latest incident ups the stakes. On May 4, The New York Times headlined "Israel Bombs Syria as... Continue Reading →

Honduras: State-Sponsored Death Squad Terror

Honduras: State-Sponsored Death Squad Terror by Stephen Lendman Adrienne Pine is American University Professor or Anthropology.  She's worked in Honduras. She's written about state-sponsored violence. Her book "Working Hard, Drinking Hard: On Violence and Survival in Honduras" discusses structural inequality, horrendous human rights abuses, and state-sponsored murder. She calls it "invisible genocide." Her recent article... Continue Reading →

Andy P. Hart: Suicide or Murder?

Andy P. Hart: Suicide or Murder? by Stephen Lendman On May 1, Truthout's Jason Leopold reported Hart's "apparent suicide." He represented a number of Guantanamo prisoners. More on that below. Key questions remain unanswered. Why would a federal public defender kill himself? Where and when did he die?  Was an autopsy performed? If so, by... Continue Reading →

US Hatched Terror Plots

US Hatched Terror Plots by Stephen Lendman Terrorists "R" us. Washington bears full responsibility. Numerous schemes are planned. Some are alleged and foiled. Others involve violent plots. Media scoundrels convict innocent people in the court of public opinion.  Later they're wrongfully accused and prosecuted. Juries are intimidated to convict. Imprisonment follows. Culprits remain free. One... Continue Reading →

False Flag Chemical Attack on Syria

False Flag Chemical Attack on Syria by Stephen Lendman It doesn't surprise. On April 27, WikiLeaks Supporters Forum headlined "Syria False Flag Chemical Weapons - Obama sets up America for invasion," saying: US intelligence "actively promot(es)" a false flag attack. Assad's wrongfully blamed. Obama's heading closer to full-scale intervention. Britain's "David Cameron demonstrates a willingness... Continue Reading →

Communications Giants in Good Hands with Tom Wheeler

Communications Giants in Good Hands with Tom Wheeler by Stephen Lendman Obama's expected to pick Tom Wheeler as new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman. More on him below. In March, former FCC chairman Julius Genachowski stepped down. At the time, Free president Craig Aaron said the following: "When Julius Genachowski took office, there were... Continue Reading →

Tiptoeing Toward War on Syria

Tiptoeing Toward War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Events in Syria resemble the run-up to Obama's Libya war. Victims are called aggressors. Pretexts are created for intervention.  Washington appears headed for more war. Lack of public support doesn't matter. A New York Times/CBS poll showed 62% of respondents don't believe America has a "responsibility" to... Continue Reading →

What’s Ahead for Syria?

What's Ahead for Syria? by Stephen Lendman Syria's being systematically destroyed. Washington planned doing so years ago. Sovereign independence isn't tolerated. It's longstanding US policy.  Numerous states learned the hard way. Syria is America's latest victim. It's falsely blamed for Washington's war. The pattern by now is familiar.  Ravaging the world one country at a... Continue Reading →

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