World Leaders Declare America and Israel Pariah States: A Fable

World Leaders Declare America and Israel Pariah States: A Fable
By Stephen Lendman
They’re responsible for state-sponsored terrorism. They violate fundamental international law doing. It’s no longer tolerated.
Victor Hugo once said, “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.”
It’s now. It arrived. It’s here. It’s real. August 17, 2013 won’t be forgotten. It’s a turning point in world history. It’s hugely important. It’s historic. It’s long overdue. It’s been long awaited. It finally arrived. It’ll be long remembered. 
UN Secretary-General Desmond Tutu will announce a momentous world body decision. He’ll speak for many dozens of world leaders. They’re united. They’re committed like he is.
They represent most of Europe, Latin and Central America, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Oceana. They’re forthright. They’re explicit. They’re straightforward. They’re unambiguous. They’re not backing down.
Tutu will announce what’s been long awaited. It’s long overdue. He’ll declare America and Israel pariah states. He’ll accuse them of state-sponsored terrorism. 
He expelled both countries from the world body. He imposed binding sanctions. He filed charges with the International Court of Justice. He want both nations held fully accountable.
He named culpable officials, past and present. Many dozens of them. They’re well known. They’ll be held fully accountable.
He directed the International Criminal Court to take appropriate action. He wants them prosecuted. He wants the full letter of the law enforced. Arrest orders were issued. Accusations were lodged.
They include crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. Multiple counts were filed. Each one carries a binding life sentence. They exclude the possibility of parole.
Reparations are mandatory. Trillions of dollars are involved. Victims are too numerous to list. Mitigation’s out of the question. 
Compassion’s not considered. No extenuating circumstances. No statute of limitations. Nothing short of full accountability.
Standing room only packed the large General Assembly Hall. It seats 1,800. Up to double that number filled it. 
It’s wall-to-wall. It’s standing room only. Thousands can’t get in. They waited outside. They filled nearby streets. Celebrations erupted. They did so across America. They did worldwide.
Everyone awaits Tutu’s arrival. He’ll make it official. A press release preceded it, saying:
Humanity long awaited this day. Secretary-General Tutu will say more. He’ll address the world body. A special session was called. He’ll explain what he’s long wanted to say.
For the first time in UN history, Charter provisions have teeth. They’ll be enforced. Crimes of war, against humanity, and genocide no longer are tolerated.
Nations and officials are now fully accountable. America and Israel are most culpable. Their rap sheet fills volumes. Their crimes no longer are ignored.
This morning, arrest warrants were issued. Obama, key administration officials, congressional leaders, complicit judges, Pentagon commanders, as well as CIA/FBI/Homeland Security/NSA, and other intelligence chiefs were arrested.
So were George Bush, Dick Cheney, key figures in their administration, dozens of others in earlier ones, and former Obama officials. 
Bill and Hillary Clinton are behind bars. So is GHW Bush. It’s high time they paid for decades of high crimes. They’re no longer tolerated.
Netanyahu, his cabinet members, complicit MKs, key military and civil judges, Mossad and Shin Bet chiefs, as well as IDF commanders are under arrest. So are dozens of former Israeli officials.
Nuremberg-style trials are planned. They’ll be held fully accountable. Justice is ordered. It’s required. It’s mandated. It’s being enforced. 
It’s to the full letter of the law. It’s binding. It’s the way it should be. It’s long overdue. It’s about time. It’s no longer delayed.
August 17 was declared a world holiday. It’s called World Liberation Day. It’s known as World Peace Day.
Wars are officially abolished. Nuclear, chemical, biological and other weapons of mass destruction are being destroyed. They’re outlawed. Mandatory inspections will insure it.
America’s military is demobilizing. Token force strength alone will remain. It’ll be lightly armed. The Pentagon’s ordered closed. So are all US overseas bases. Foreign based troops are ordered home. They’ll be discharged on arrival.
Israel’s being demilitarized. Its weapons are being destroyed. It’s bases are ordered closed. Its ranks are being slimmed. Lightly armed token force strength alone’s permitted.
It’s renamed Palestine. It’s home for all its people. Palestinians are no longer separate and unequal. It’s the law of the land.
Dominant US and Israeli political parties are abolished. New ones are replacing them. New elections are ordered in 60 days. Rule of law principles apply. 
Government of, by and for everyone equitably is mandated. It’s the law of both lands. It’s universal. It’s binding. It’s unequivocal. It won’t change.
For the first time, both countries will have real democracy. Palestinians outnumber Jews. They’ll have majority control. They’ll govern Palestine. They’ll do so for the first time since before Britain’s Mandate period. 
Americans for the first time will have government of, by and for everyone equitably. It’s the law of the land. A new constitution will be drafted. 
It’ll be put to a national referendum. It’ll be based on Bolivarian principles. It’s the way it should be. Palestine will be governed the same way. So will other nations.
Lawless surveillance ends. It’s no longer permitted. Tens of thousands of political prisoners are ordered released. So are many others guilty at most of minor infractions. Their records will be expunged.
World leaders made other momentous decisions. They’re universally binding. Privately controlled central banks are abolished. Money power’s returned to public hands. It’s where it belongs.
Economic growth’s prioritized. So is massive public spending. Large-scale job creation’s planned. Full-time/good benefit ones are prioritized. Neoliberal harshness is prohibited. 
Corporate power’s curbed. Corporate welfare ends. Corporate personhood’s abolished. Predatory banks are ordered closed. 
So are insolvent ones. Corporate crooks are being prosecuted. Corporations too big to fail are on their own. 
No more bailouts. No more handouts. No more subsidies. No more special privileges. No more grand theft, corruption and other crimes permitted.
Social justice is prioritized. Binding civil and human rights protections are ordered. Rule of law principles apply. They’ll be enforced.
Universal healthcare and education are established. Ending poverty, unemployment, homelessness and hunger’s prioritized. Progressive taxes are instituted. Business and privileged elites will pay their fair share.
Corporate giants are being downsized. Money’s entirely out of politics. Internationally monitored universal free, fair and open elections are ordered.
Environmental sanity’s mandated. GMO seeds, foods and ingredients are prohibited. So are other environmental toxins. Nothing harming human life and welfare will be tolerated. Massive remediation’s ordered.
Labor’s allowed to organize and bargain collectively with management on equal terms. Much more is planned. Making planet earth people friendly, safe and secure matter most. It’s the new universal law.
Establishing a world fit to live is prioritized. So is sustaining it longterm. Government’s now of, by and for everyone. Equity, justice and fairness are mandated.
Nothing less is acceptable. Doing the right thing’s now law. It’s universally binding. It won’t change. There’s no turning back.
World leaders got the message. They’re united. They’re committed. Hopefully they acted in time. Accelerated efforts will be instituted. Change requires years, perhaps decades. Reversing centuries of harm takes time. 
They’re committed to try. They’re starting now. Secretary-General Tutu will explain more. He’s proud to do it. He’ll be ably aided. He’s got worldwide support. Committed leaders are fully on board.
Imagine awakening to this new dawn. Imagine a world fit to live in. Imagine it led by leaders who care. Imagine what really might be.
Why not! It’s possible. Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams really can come true. Wishing won’t make it so. Sustained commitment’s needed. There’s no other way. If that’s not worth working for, what is?
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.
It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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