Goldman Sachs Trader Conviction: Hold the Cheers

Goldman Sachs Trader Conviction: Hold the Cheers by Stephen Lendman On August 1, Goldman's Farbice ("Fabulous Fab") Tourre was convicted on six of seven counts.  They involve "making materially misleading statements and omissions in connection with a synthetic collateralized debt obligation (CDO) GS&Co structured and marketed to investors." They're about being "directly or indirectly engaged... Continue Reading →

Kerry Supports Egypt’s Coup

Kerry Supports Egypt's Coup by Stephen Lendman When is a coup not one? When John Kerry claims otherwise. When he says it restores democracy.  It can't reinistate what doesn't exist. It can't do it by military takeover. Perhaps Kerry doesn't understand. America never had democracy. It has none now.  Coup d'etat power rules. Elections are... Continue Reading →

Heightened Russia Bashing

Heightened Russia Bashing by Stephen Lendman Doing so suggests reinventing the Evil Empire. It's back to the future. It's the new Cold War. It doesn't surprise.  Media scoundrels march in lockstep with America's worst policies. They do so disgracefully. They shame themselves repeatedly.  They lack legitimacy. They're managed news manipulators. They're not credible journalists. They... Continue Reading →

Duplicitous Commission of Inquiry on Syria

Duplicitous Committee of Inquiry on Syria by Stephen Lendman In September 2011, Paulo Pinheiro was appointed Chairman of a three-member International Commission of Inquiry for Syria (COI).  Its mandate is investigating human rights abuses. It's an imperial tool. Pinheiro abhors peace. He turns truth on its head. His reports bear testimony to his bias. He... Continue Reading →

XKeyscore: Instrument of Mass Surveillance

XKeyscore: Instrument of Mass Surveillance by Stephen Lendman Evidence mounts. America crossed the line. It operates lawlessly. It reflects police state ruthlessness. Big Brother's real. It's not fiction. It watches everyone.  It's about control, espionage and intimidation. It targets fundamental freedoms. It has nothing to do with national security. America's only threats are ones it... Continue Reading →

Israeli Referendum Measure Blocks Land for Peace

Israeli Referendum Measure Blocks Land for Peace by Stephen Lendman Netanyahu heads Israel's worst government in history. It's hardline. It's extremist. It's fascist. It spurns Palestinian rights. It deplores peace. It enforces occupation harshness. On August 1, Haaretz headlined "Bill requiring referendum on ceding land passes first Knesset reading." Doing so lacks legitimacy. Israeli's have... Continue Reading →

Russia Grants Snowden One-Year Asylum

Russia Grants Snowden One-Year Asylum by Stephen Lendman On June 23, he arrived in Moscow. He applied for asylum. He's been stuck in Sheremetyevo Airport transit zone limbo. Putin was clear and unequivocal. He won't extradite him. No treaty obligation exists. Official requests don't matter.  Snowden's initial ordeal ended. A greater one awaits. He's able... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Grand Bargain 2.0

Obama's Grand Bargain 2.0 by Stephen Lendman Obama's job creation plan targets social justice. It's old wine in new bottles. It prioritizes corporate tax cuts.  It scorns fairness. It ducks reality. It's same old, same old. It doesn't work. It never did. It's not designed to. It won't now. Don't expect media scoundrels to explain.... Continue Reading →

Profile of a Rigged Peace Process

Profile of a Rigged Peace Process  by Stephen Lendman Count the ways. Tzipi Livni is Israel's chief negotiator. She's hardline. She supports occupation harshness. She deplores Palestinian sovereignty.  She's a wolf in sheep's clothing. She's an unindicted war criminal. She favors Pax Israeliana. She does so in the worst sense. She doesn't negotiate. She demands.... Continue Reading →

Bradley Manning: Victimized by Police State Injustice

Bradley Manning: Victimized by Police State Injustice by Stephen Lendman Manning's conviction is chilling. It reflects police state viciousness. Imagine being criminalized for doing the right thing. Imagine being called a traitor for acting responsibly. Manning's no spy. He's no criminal. He deserves praise, not prosecution. America honors its worst. It persecutes its best. It's... Continue Reading →

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