Israeli Business As Usual

Israeli Business As Usual by Stephen Lendman Hardline extremists run Israel. Netanyahu's the worst. He's lawless. He's unprincipled. He's duplicitous.  So are other coalition partner members. They say one thing. They do another. Same old, same old is policy. Netanyahu's incorrigibly hardline. He exceeds the worst of previous Israeli leaders. On August 12, Haaretz said... Continue Reading →

Larry Summers: Wall Street’s Man

Larry Summers: Wall Street's Man by Stephen Lendman When his Fed chairmanship term ends in January, Bernanke's expected to step down. Wall Street wants Summers replacing him. It usually gets what it wants. More on that below. Money power runs America. The Federal Reserve isn't federal. It's privately owned and controlled. Wall Street decides who... Continue Reading →

EU a Key NSA Target

EU a Key NSA Target by Stephen Lendman Previous articles discussed institutionalized NSA spying. It's a rogue agency. It's out-of-control. It operates lawlessly. It manufactures fake security threats. The only real ones are state-sponsored. NSA subverts fundamental freedoms. It targets dissent. It wants whistleblowers silenced. It conducts espionage on allies. EU nations are prime targets.... Continue Reading →

Israeli Democracy: A Convenient Illusion

Israeli Democracy: A Convenient Illusion by Stephen Lendman Israel's more hypocrisy than democracy. Rhetoric belies longstanding policy. Nothing ahead suggests change. Democracy exists in name only. Arundhati Roy calls India a "limbless, headless, soulless torso left bleeding under the butcher's cleaver with a flag driven deep into her mutilated heart." America's the same. So is... Continue Reading →

NSA Spying: Worse Than You Think

NSA Spying: Worse Than You Think by Stephen Lendman It's ugly. It's lawless. It's out-of-control. It''s worse than most people think. It's not getting better. It's getting worse. Not according to Obama, saying:  "We don't have a domestic spying program. What we do have is some mechanisms that can track a phone number or an... Continue Reading →

Obama Spurns NSA Spying Reform

Obama Spurns NSA Spying Reform by Stephen Lendman Huey Long once said fascism will arrive "wrapped in an American flag." In "Friendly Fascism," Bertram Gross (1912 - 1997) called Ronald Reagan its prototype ruler. Gross didn't know Obama. He represents the worst of rogue governance. He advances America's imperium. He heads its police state apparatus.... Continue Reading →

Anti-American Sentiment in Egypt

Anti-American Sentiment in Egypt by Stephen Lendman On August 9, the Wall Street Journal headlined "Anti-US Hostility Ramps Up in Egypt. Media Outlets Blast American Policies, Further Straining Ties." More on that below. Throughout the region, America and Israel are the two most hated countries. It's for good reason. It doesn't surprise.  It reflects anger... Continue Reading →

Presidential Medal of Freedom Hypocrisy Redux

by Stephen Lendman America honors its worst. Others most deserving are ignored. Doing the right thing doesn't matter. Supporting wealth, power and privilege wins awards. On August 8, The New York Times headlined "16 Medal of Freedom Honorees Are Named," saying: "Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and 14 others" were chosen. On Thursday, the White House... Continue Reading →

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