Suspect Turkish Court Rulings

Suspect Turkish Court Rulings by Stephen Lendman On Monday, a landmark case ended. It was politically charged. It was suspect from inception. Everyone tried claimed innocence. Of the 275 alleged coup plotters, most were convicted.  In 2007, proceedings began. Only 21 defendants were acquitted. Another 16 were freed. Consideration for time served brought release.  Three... Continue Reading →

Lynne Stewart Petitions for Release

Lynne Stewart Petitions for Release by Stephen Lendman A personal note. Lynne's a friend. So is husband Ralph Poynter. Before her imprisonment, they came on my radio program. We discussed her case. Ralph's been on several times since. He's invited back any time on short notice. Justice for Lynne matters most. She's one of America's... Continue Reading →

AIPAC Promotes War on Iran

AIPAC Promotes War on Iran  by Stephen Lendman AIPAC's a blight on humanity. It's an unregistered foreign agent. It operates illegally. It does so destructively. It promotes war. It deplores peace. It represents the worst of Israeli interests. It controls US administrations and Congress. Edward Said called it "the most powerful and feared lobby in... Continue Reading →

FBI Lets Informants Commit Crimes

FBI Lets Informants Commit Crimes by Stephen Lendman Evidence mounts. America's a rogue police state. NSA is Stasi's new incarnation. Lawless spying is official policy. Virtually everyone's illegally monitored all the time everywhere. Homeland Security and FBI operate like Gestapo. They menace freedom. They terrorize. They don't protect. They do so for wealth, power, privilege... Continue Reading →

Syrian Conflict Resolution: Stamp Out Terrorism

Syrian Conflict Resolution: Stamp Out Terror by Stephen Lendman Previous articles explained. America wants unchallenged dominance. It's ravaging Middle East/North Africa/Eurasian countries. It's doing so to achieve it. It's destroying them one at a time. It's committing mass murder and destruction. It calls it a small price to pay. It wants the region colonized. It... Continue Reading →

Destroying Greece to Save It

Destroying Greece to Save it by Stephen Lendman Troika scoundrels are looting Greece. They're destroying it. They're waging financial war. They partnered with corrupt Greek officials.  They're strip-mining Greece for profit. It's the epicenter of global pillage. Ordinary people have no say. They're victims of force-fed harshness. The more Athens borrows, the greater its debt... Continue Reading →

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Rebooting Failure

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Rebooting Failure by Stephen Lendman The so-called peace process is fake. It was stillborn at birth. Fools and liars pretend otherwise. Honest observers understand reality.  According to the Molad Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy: "The likelihood that the current Israeli government will embrace (peace efforts) positively is slim to none." ... Continue Reading →

Iran Inaugurates President Hassan Rohani

Iran Inaugurates President Hassan Rohani by Stephen Lendman On June 14, Iranians elected Rohani decisively. He won a clear first round majority. He'll serve four years. He's head of state. Obama failed to congratulate him. He hasn't recognized his legitimacy. He's a longtime distinguished leader. He's held numerous high level positions. He combines diplomacy, politics... Continue Reading →

Fake Washington Terror Threat

Fake Washington Terror Threat by Stephen Lendman They're in various forms. They repeat with disturbing regularity. America's war on terror targets Islam. At issue is duplicitous scaremongering. It advances Washington's imperium.  Wars of aggression follow. False arrests target innocent victims. Terror threats repeat. They're strategically timed. They change the subject. They divert attention. They fool... Continue Reading →

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