Another Fake US Terror Alert

Another Fake US Terror Alert by Stephen Lendman Here we go again. Another fake alert. They're strategically time. They're wearing thin. They lack credibility. They repeat with disturbing regularity. No terror threat exists. Washington lied claiming one. It's not the first time. More on that below. On September 25, the State Department headlined "Worldwide Caution,"... Continue Reading →

Assad Fears US Aggression

Assad Fears US Aggression by Stephen Lendman His fears are well-founded. He knows what he's up against. Longstanding US plans call for regime change. They remain firm. Assad's willingness to destroy his chemical weapons delayed US action. It didn't deter it.  On September 25, Latin America's TeleSUR TV interviewed him in Damascus. "(T)he potential for... Continue Reading →

WaPo Interviews Lavrov

WaPo Interviews Lavrov by Stephen Lendman On September 25, Washington Post senior associate editor Lally Weymouth interviewed Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He did so on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting in New York. In response to a question regarding Obama's Tuesday speech, Lavrov was diplomatically discreet, saying: He "addressed important issues,... Continue Reading →

Remembering Edward Said

Remembering Edward Said by Stephen Lendman September 25 marked the 10th anniversary of his death. He was much more than Columbia University Professor of English and Comparative Literature. He was an extraordinary intellectual, a visionary, a global peace advocate, a man of remarkable humanity, and an uncompromising Palestinian human rights champion. On November 1, 1935,... Continue Reading →

Rohani in New York

Rohani in New York by Stephen Lendman On September 25, Iranian President Hassan Rohani delivered his first General Assembly address.  It was eloquent, straightforward, honest and important. He spoke truth to power. He did so sincerely and candidly. Israel's UN delegation walked out. It did so disgracefully. Netanyahu speaks next Tuesday. From Israel he lied,... Continue Reading →

Syrian National Coalition Spurns Peace

Syrian National Coalition Spurns Peace by Stephen Lendman The Western-sponsored Syrian National Coalition (SNC) lacks legitimacy. It’s an artificial construct. It operates extrajudicially.  It's a rogue outlaw gang. It supports war. It abhors peaceful conflict resolution. It wants Assad toppled. It wants governance subservient to Western interests replacing him. It's anti-democratic. It wants diktat rule.... Continue Reading →

Unchanged US Policy on Iran

Unchanged US Policy on Iran by Stephen Lendman Longstanding US plans remain firm. Softened rhetoric means nothing. It reflects mumbo jumbo duplicity. It's subterfuge. It's fake. It masquerades as change. Anti-Iranian policy is fixed. Washington tolerates no independent governments. It wants subservient pro-Western ones replacing them. It goes all out to do so.  Punishing sanctions... Continue Reading →

Iran Bashing

Iran Bashing by Stephen Lendman It's longstanding. It's been ongoing since the 1979 Iranian revolution. February 11, 2014 marks its 35th anniversary. It ended a generation of repressive Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi rule. He's not missed. In 1953, Theodore Roosevelt's grandson/CIA operative Kermit Roosevelt engineered the Agency's first coup. Democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh was ousted.... Continue Reading →

Obama’s General Assembly Address

Obama's General Assembly Address by Stephen Lendman His address didn't surprise. It was beginning-to-end demagogic boilerplate. It featured imperial mumbo jumbo. He turned truth on its head like he always does. A year ago he claimed intervening in Libya was to "cope with violent conflict, care for the wounded, and craft a vision for the... Continue Reading →

Merkel’s Germany

Merkel's Germany by Stephen Lendman On September 23, Der Spiegel headlined "Word From Berlin: Triumph Confirms 'Era of Merkelism." She "won a stunning victory. Conservatives (achieved) the best result in two decades. Merkel is at the zenith of her power."  Financial Times contributor Wolfgang Munchau headlined "Merkel's almost total political triumph," saying: "Just a few... Continue Reading →

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