Syria’s Troubled Waters

Syria's Troubled Waters by Stephen Lendman Conflict continues. It's raged for two and half years. It shows no signs of ending. Washington's peace overtures ring hollow. Obama prioritizes war. Russia represents the last line of defense against it. Vladimir Putin responsibly endorses peaceful conflict resolution. On Monday, he addressed Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) member... Continue Reading →

Washington Pressures Russia for War Resolution on Syria

Washington Pressures Russia for War Resolution on Syria by Stephen Lendman It doesn't surprise. Regime change was planned years ago. Washington tolerates no independent states. It doesn't matter if they're democratic, despotic or anything in between. America seeks unchallenged world dominance. It's waging war on humanity to achieve it. It bears repeating. Syria's in the... Continue Reading →

Israel Launches Anti-Rohani Media Blitz

Israel Launches Anti-Rohani Media Blitz by Stephen Lendman Hassan Rohani is Iran's new president. On June 14, Iranians elected him democratically. He won a clear first round majority. On August 3, he was inaugurated. Obama failed to congratulate him. He hasn't recognized his legitimacy officially. He's a longtime distinguished leader. He's held numerous high level... Continue Reading →

Occupation Harshness Belies Dead on Arrival Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks

Occupation Harshness Belies Dead on Arrival Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman So-called peace talks continue. They represent the greatest hoax in modern times. Israel deplores peace. So does Washington.  Palestine's represented by longtime Israeli collaborators. Peace in our time won't happen. Pretending otherwise is willful deception. Occupation harshness shows what Palestinians face.  Many examples... Continue Reading →

Lynne Stewart Petitions for Justice

Lynne Stewart Petitions for Justice by Stephen Lendman Numerous previous articles discussed her. She's one of thousands of political prisoners. They languish unjustifiably in America's gulag. They do so out of sight and mind. Lynne's a courageous human rights lawyer. She represented numerous clients authorities wanted convicted.  She afforded them counsel they'd never have gotten... Continue Reading →

Destroying Social America

Destroying Social America by Stephen Lendman It's on the chopping block for elimination. Initiatives began decades ago. Republicans, Democrats and Obama are in lockstep. They're waging war on vital safety net protections. In 1996, Clinton's Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) became law. Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) ended. Time limit... Continue Reading →

Israeli Forces Attack EU Diplomats

Israeli Forces Attack EU Diplomats by Stephen Lendman Life in Occupied Palestine reflects institutionalized colonization and apartheid. Israel governs extrajudicially. It does so ruthlessly. It's an out-of-control rogue state. It enforces lawless militarized occupation harshness. It spurns international laws, treaties and conventions. It does so with impunity. It violates its own statutes and High Court... Continue Reading →

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