Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for October 11, 12, and 13, 2013

Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for October 11, 12, and 13, 2013
Friday, October 11 at 10AM US Central time: James Petras
Petras is Binghamton University, New York Professor Emeritus, a noted figure on the left, a distinguished Latin American expert, and longtime chronicler of the region’s popular struggles.
He’s also a consummate scholar and prolific writer of hundreds of articles and dozens of books, including his latest titled, “The Arab Revolt and the Imperialist Counterattack.”
Major world and national issues will be discussed.
Saturday, October 12 at noon US Central time: Elizabeth Woodworth and John Kozy
Woodworth is a writer and former head librarian for the British Columbia Ministry of Health (1978 – 2002). Her writing focuses largely on social justice issues.
She’s also involved in Consensus 9/11. It seeks “best evidence” proof to dispel official story falsehoods. New information learned will be discussed.
Kozy is a retired philosophy professor, now writing on social, political and economic issues. He taught for many years and has been writing for many more.
Kozy’s latest writing will be discussed.
Sunday, October 13 at noon US Central time: John McMurtry
McMurtry is an internationally recognized moral and political philosopher who is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and University Professor Emeritus at the University of Guelph, Ontario.
His volumes on Philosophy and World Problems for UNESCO are globally published, and his widely translated works include the influential books, “Unequal Freedoms,” “The Cancer Stage of Capitalism,” and “Value Wars.”
The updated and expanded “The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure” has just been released.
McMurtry is also an active public advocate for global justice, world peace, and international law. 
His new edition of “The Cancer Stage of Capitalism” will be discussed.

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