Cold-Blooded Israeli Murder

Cold-Blooded Israeli Murder by Stephen Lendman Israeli security forces are licensed to kill, injure and terrorize with impunity. They take full advantage.  On March 22, they murdered three Palestinians in cold blood. Israeli soldiers, Shin Bet elements, and Police anti-Terror Unit forces gunned them down.  Another victim lies critically wounded close to death. Seven others... Continue Reading →

Cheerleading Potential Disaster

Cheerleading Potential Disaster by Stephen Lendman Consider the times. Daily events should scare everyone. Washington rules alone matter. Unfettered power reflects things. Rule of law principles are ignored. Core Bill of Rights protections are gone. Freedom hangs by a thread. Democracy is a convenient illusion. Obama presides over a police state apparatus. Bipartisan complicity shares... Continue Reading →

Israel’ Racist War on Palestine

Israel's Racist War on Palestine by Stephen Lendman It rages daily. Israel considers Muslims subhuman. Militarized occupation, colonialism and apartheid reflect official policy. So does institutionalized state terror. Rule of law principles are systematically spurned. Colonialism and apartheid are grave international law breaches. According to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), self-determination is "one of... Continue Reading →

Anti-Russian Media Wars

Anti-Russian Media Wars by Stephen Lendman Welcome to Cold War 2.0. The first one never ended. Since Soviet Russia's 1991 dissolution, Western policy remained hard-wired in place.  Putin defends Russian sovereignty. He opposes US imperial lawlessness. Washington considers him public enemy number one. At stake is world peace.  Russia bashing is intense. It rages daily.... Continue Reading →

Media Prostitutes Defend the Indefensible

Media Prostitutes Defend the Indefensible by Stephen Lendman They're propagandists. They masquerade as journalists. They make street whores look respectable by comparison. A previous article said they're paid to lie, distort, and misinform. They blame imperial victims for horrendous crimes committed against them. They support powerful monied interests. They cheerlead US imperial aggression. They call... Continue Reading →

Sanctions Wars

Sanctions Wars by Stephen Lendman Call it tit for tat. On March 20, Russia responded to Obama's sanctioning Russian and Crimean officials as well as Ukraine's democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych. More on this below. At the same time, Obama added insult to injury. His Thursday Executive Order "Block(s) Property of Additional Persons Contributing to... Continue Reading →

Heading Toward East/West Confrontation

Heading Toward East/West Confrontation by Stephen Lendman It bears repeating what earlier articles stressed. Ukraine's geopolitical crisis is the gravest since WW II.  Washington-backed putschists created a tinder box The entire region and beyond is affected. Inflammatory US/UK/French/German/NATO accusations heighten tensions. Obama bears full responsibility. Is he spoiling for a fight? Does he want clash... Continue Reading →

Crimean False Flag Attack?

Crimean False Flag Attack? by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday, Simferopol snipers shot and killed a Crimean self-defense member and Ukrainian soldier. Another self-defense member and Ukrainian soldier were wounded. Gunfire came from a building under construction. It's near a military research center. What happened resembled Euromaidan sniper killings.  Fascist thugs bore full responsibility. Kiev putschists... Continue Reading →

Putin Signs Crimean Reunification Treaty

Putin Signs Crimean Reunification Treaty by Stephen Lendman On Monday, he endorsed Crimean independence. He signed a decree doing so. It recognizes Sevastopol as a city with "special autonomous status" within the Republic of Crimea. It took effect immediately on signing. It kickstarted the reunification process.  On Tuesday, Putin met with Crimean officials in Moscow.... Continue Reading →

Pre and Post-Crimean Independence Treaty Propaganda

Pre and Post-Crimean Independence Treaty Propaganda by Stephen Lendman A separate article called March 18 historic. Putin and Russian parliamentarians declared support for Crimea joining the Russian Federation.  So do 92% of Russian citizens. Crimeans are going home. They're legally entitled to do so. It's their fundamental right. Not according to Washington. Media scoundrels march... Continue Reading →

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