Post-Crimean Referendum Propaganda

Post-Crimean Referendum Propaganda by Stephen Lendman Previous articles discussed intense anti-Russian propaganda. It raged up to Sunday's referendum vote. On Monday, it continued. The New York Times headlined "Global Crises Put Obama's Strategy of Caution to the Test," saying: "(W)ith Russia poised to annex Crimea after Sunday's referendum, with a mounting threat to the rest... Continue Reading →

Crimeans Choose Russia

Crimeans Choose Russia by Stephen Lendman March 16 was historic. It was important. Crimean authorities showed how real democracy works. They shamed America's sham process.  Monied interests control things. People have no say. Both major parties control a rigged process. They're two sides of the same coin.  Not a dime's worth of difference separates them.... Continue Reading →

Anti-Russian Propaganda Rages

Anti-Russian Propaganda Rages by Stephen Lendman It's intense. It rages daily. It's unprecedented. It exceeds the worst of Cold War vitriol. Malicious misinformation persists.  Truth is systematically buried. It's turned on its head. Lies, damn lies and vicious agitprop substitute. Obama officials substitute Russia bashing for responsible diplomacy. On March 14, John Kerry lied claiming:... Continue Reading →

Irresponsible Iran/Syria Bashing

Irresponsible Iran/Syria Bashing by Stephen Lendman Washington and Israel are imperial partners in crime. Regime change is longstanding policy. Iran and Syria are prime targets.  Campaigns against their governments continue. Media scoundrels hype Big Lies. So do pro-Israeli and right-wing think tanks. They proliferate them ad nauseam. They drown out truth. Emily Landau is an... Continue Reading →

Israel Steals Palestinian Resources

Israel Steals Palestinian Resources by Stephen Lendman Ethnic cleansing is official Israeli policy. So is stealing Palestinian land and resources. Fundamental rule of law principles don't matter. What Israel wants it takes. It's longstanding policy. Martin Schulz is European Parliament president. He visited Israel.  On February 12, he addressed Knesset members. Outrage followed his remarks.... Continue Reading →

Crimeans Vote on Joining Russia

Crimeans Vote on Joining Russia by Stephen Lendman Ahead of the vote, John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov met in London. US pressure to get Russia to accept US demands failed. Both nations are geopolitical opposites. Washington demands its way or else. Moscow respects the right of sovereign people to choose their own future freely. Kerry... Continue Reading →

Washington’s Dirty War on Venezuela

Washington's Dirty War on Venezuela by Stephen Lendman Throughout his tenure, Obama plotted one lawless regime change scheme after another. How many are too many? What new ones does he plan? How many more wars will he wage? How much more carnage will follow?  How much more death, destruction and unspeakable human misery? How much... Continue Reading →

Propaganda War on Russia Rages

Propaganda War on Russia Rages by Stephen Lendman Media scoundrels march in lockstep with imperial US policies. Truth is systematically suppressed. One-sided misreporting, commentaries and analysis substitute. The New York Times is a longstanding lead instrument of US propaganda. On March 13, it headlined "Russian Troops Mass at Border with Ukraine," saying: "...Russia massed troops... Continue Reading →

Israel Attacks Gaza – Again

Israel Attacks Gaza - Again by Stephen Lendman Israel invents pretexts to attack. Other times, it provokes them lawlessly. Palestinians are wrongfully blamed for its crimes. Incidents happen repeatedly. Islamic Jihad (IJ) responded to multiple Israeli killings. So did other Gazan resistance groups.  They included the National Resistance Brigades, Abu Mustafa Brigades, and Al-Aqsa Martyr's... Continue Reading →

White House Crime Boss Powwow

White House Crime Boss Powwow by Stephen Lendman On March 12, Ukraine's illegitimate putschist prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Obama met in the Oval Office. A previous article said Yatsenyuk came to meet his new boss. He got marching orders. He learned more about Obama's plans to rape and pillage Ukraine. More on what they... Continue Reading →

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