Israel Hypes Nonexistent Iranian Threat

Israel Hypes Nonexistent Iranian Threat by Stephen Lendman On Thursday, Israeli Lt. Col. Peter Lerner lied. He claimed Israeli naval forces intercepted an Iranian arms vessel.  It was heading for Gaza via Sudan, he said. It carried medium-range missiles, he added. So-called Klos-C surface-to-surface M302 rockets were named. The alleged incident happened in the Red... Continue Reading →

Ukraine Crisis Escalates

Ukraine Crisis Escalates by Stephen Lendman War of words continues. Washington played the sanctions card. Obama acted unilaterally. He did so by executive order. He targeted "individuals and entities responsible for activities undermining democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine." It includes what he calls "military intervention in Crimea." His action doesn't preclude further steps. Expect... Continue Reading →

Waging War While Talking Peace

Talking Peace While Waging War by Stephen Lendman Sham Israeli/Palestinian peace talks continue. They began last July. They're supposed to conclude in April.  Palestine's elected government wasn't invited. It's excluded from talks. Longtime Israeli collaborators represent Palestinians. They do so illegitimately. Chance to resolve longstanding conflict is ZERO. Kerry's so-called framework agreement is totally one-sided. ... Continue Reading →

Putin v. Obama: Geopolitical Opposites

Putin v. Obama: Geopolitical Opposites by Stephen Lendman It bears repeating what other articles stressed. Putin supports peace and stability. Obama wages one war after another. Putin affirms UN Charter and other rule of law principles. Obama ignores them. He claims a divine right to achieve unchallenged hegemony. He does it belligerently. Putin believes nation-state... Continue Reading →

Propaganda War on Russia

Propaganda War on Russia by Stephen Lendman Propaganda wars precede hot ones. Deception, popular fiction and Big Lies launch them. Intense Russia bashing risks international peace, stability and security. Washington's imperial war machine is humanity's greatest threat. Permanent war is official US policy.  Presidents wage one after another at their discretion. Imagine challenging Russia irresponsibly.... Continue Reading →

Crisis in Ukraine

Crisis in Ukraine by Stephen Lendman Crisis conditions in Ukraine are potentially the most dangerous since Nazism's scourge terrorized Europe.  Washington bears full responsibility. European partners share it. Obama claimed another imperial trophy. Whether he'll keep it is another matter entirely. Vladimir Putin supports resolving conflict conditions responsibly. Western officials irresponsibly criticize him. Media scoundrels... Continue Reading →

Media Scoundrels on the Wrong Side of History

Media Scoundrels on the Wrong Side of History by Stephen Lendman Famed journalist George Seldes (1890 - 1995) called them "prostitutes of the press." Paul Craig Roberts calls them "presstitutes." They're that and much more. They're propagandists, not journalists. They're charlatans. They're scam artists. They're blackguards.  They're scoundrels in the worst sense of the term.... Continue Reading →

“Fair Harvard” Lacks Fairness

"Fair Harvard" Lacks Fairness by Stephen Lendman "Fair Harvard" is the university's alma mater. Reverend Samuel Gilman (class of 1811) wrote it. He did so for Harvard's 200th anniversary. It's sung to a traditional Irish air. Alumni recall it well. Little about today's Harvard is fair. Glorifying what demands condemnation deserves shame. "VERITAS (truth)" is... Continue Reading →

Scoundrel Media War on Russia

Scoundrel Media War on Russia by Stephen Lendman Scoundrel media editors find new ways to embarrass themselves. They mock legitimate news and opinion.  They suppress it. They violate fundamental journalistic standards doing so. They suck up to power. They support monied interests. They deplore popular ones. They endorse Western aggression. They do it repeatedly. They... Continue Reading →

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