East/West Confrontation Looms

East/West Confrontation Looms by Stephen Lendman Ousting Ukraine's democratically government was planned long before violence erupted last November. Obama's dirty hands bear full responsibility. The damn fool in the White House targeted four countries at the same time for regime change.  Libya was ravaged and destroyed. Gaddafi's murder followed. Syria was targeted at the same... Continue Reading →

The Damn Fool in the White House

The Damn Fool in the White House by Stephen Lendman Geopolitical conditions today are incendiary. Obama's war on Syria rages. No end in sight looms.  Washington manipulated peace talks to fail. Odds favor full scale US intervention. Doing so risks regional war. In late February, Israel bombed Hezbollah targets. It did so along Lebanon's border... Continue Reading →

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Mobilize for War

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Mobilize for War by Stephen Lendman When inmates run the asylum, anything is possible. Chaos is likely. Obama's Ukrainian allies include a rogue's gallery of societal misfits. They're militant fascists. They're thugs. They're criminals. They're illegitimate putschists. They're hate-mongering anti-Semites. Combined they represent mob rule.  They make mafia bosses look saintly by comparison.... Continue Reading →

Israel Accused of War Crimes in West Bank

Israel Accused of War Crimes in West Bank by Stephen Lendman Amnesty International's (AI) new report is blunt. It's titled "Trigger-Happy: Israel's Use of Excessive Force in the West Bank." It begins saying: "Out of nowhere many soldiers jumped out and ambushed Samir. They shot him first in the leg, yet he managed to run... Continue Reading →

Obama Warns Russia

Obama Warns Russia by Stephen Lendman The damn fool in the White House risks a potentially serious East/West confrontation.  He bears full responsibility for toppling Ukraine's democratically elected government. He's criminally in league with fascist coup plotters. He outrageously warned Russia, saying: "We are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the... Continue Reading →

Turmoil in Ukraine

Turmoil in Ukraine by Stephen Lendman Ongoing events are scary. Everyone should be worried. Reports reveal heightened tensions. Conditions resemble nations preparing for war. On March 1, Voice of Russia (VOR) said Ukraine's border guard ships are on "battle alarm" at sea. "(E)xtreme measures (are being taken) to avert the seizure of a territory in... Continue Reading →

Breaking News on Ukraine

On March 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin asked Russia's upper house Federation Council to authorize use of armed forces in Ukraine. He issued a statement, saying: "Due to the emergency situation in Ukraine and a threat being posed to the lives of Russian nationals, our compatriots, and the Russian military contingent stationed in Ukraine (the... Continue Reading →

Turning the World Right Side Up

Turning the World Right Side Up by Stephen Lendman Lawless imperial rampaging turns it upside down. America is the main world belligerent. War on humanity is longstanding policy.  So is replacing all sovereign independent governments with pro-US vassal ones. Obama's war on Syria rages. Conditions in Ukraine remain incendiary. Obama wants regime change in Venezuela.... Continue Reading →

Ukraine: Potential Flashpoint for Global War

Ukraine: Potential Flashpoint for Global War by Stephen Lendman Obama heads the most recklessly dangerous regime in world history. It's ruthless. It's lawless. It's out-of-control. It's reincarnated Nazism writ large.  War on humanity is the new normal. Crazed hegemonic ambitions drive policy. A potential devastating East/West confrontation looms. Will Ukraine be the flashpoint igniting it?... Continue Reading →

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