Sergey Lavrov: World Class Peace Advocate

Sergey Lavrov: World Class Peace Advocate
by Stephen Lendman
He’s that and much more. He’s a world class diplomat. He shames his Western counterparts.
They’re more secretaries of war than foreign affairs. They urge waging one after another.
Lavrov goes all-out for peace. He does so in all conflict zones. Wars settle nothing. They assure more conflicts.
Lavrov addressed his colleagues at the September 15 Paris International Conference on Peace and Security in Iraq. He said in part:
“Russia consistently stands for the continued independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq.” 
“We strongly support the advancement of inclusive political process with a view to ensuring accord among all the political groups and ethno-confessional groups in that country.”
ISIL/ISIS, the Islamic State (IS) terrorists threaten Iraq’s future. “They bring death and destruction to neighboring Syria…”
“(T)hey openly declare(d) their intention to” head the entire Middle East toward the abyss of religious wars.
They want their ways imposed on others. They tolerate no opposition.
They violate fundamental Islamic principles. They’re polar opposite IS extremism.
They teach love, not hate. Peace, not violence. Charity, not selfishness. Tolerance, not terrorism.
Islam, Christianity and Judaism have common roots. Who’d know it in today’s US-manipulated climate of hate, fear and belligerence.
Who’d understand when America wages war on Islam at home and abroad. Who’d imagine IS is a US creation.
Who’d think it trains, arms, funds and directs its fighters. Who’d guess they’re used to topple independent governments.
Who’d suspect Western claims are propaganda. Truth is systematically buried. Big Lies repeat ad nauseam.
Managed news misinformation substitutes for telling people what they most need to know.
It’s more than ever vital at the most perilous time in world history. When Obama declared war on humanity.
When potential East/West confrontation looms. When global war is possible. 
US-led Western policies risk it. Peace is sacrificed on the alter of America’s rage for unchallenged dominance. For regime change to achieve it.
“(I)n this or that country,” said Lavrov. Over three years ago, “Bashar al-Assad was hastily declared “illegitimate…”
Doing so facilitated war without mercy. It rages. No end in sight looms. 
Obama’s open-ended regional war assures greater than ever mass slaughter and destruction.
He lied claiming IS his target in Syria. It’s pretext for attacking Assad. For pursuing regime change.
He wants another US colony. He wants an Israeli rival removed. He wants Iran isolated. He wants its government replaced like Syria’s.
He wants pro-Western stooge leadership replacing them. He wants unchallenged regional control.
He wants its resources exploited. He wants its people made virtual serfs.
Wherever America goes, mass slaughter, destruction and human misery follow.
Nations become cauldrons of violence. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine are the latest examples.
Lavrov fears greater turmoil if Washington bombs Syria.
“One cannot but feel concerned by publicly stated intentions to attack the ISIL positions in the Syria’s territory without any interaction with the Syrian government,” he said. 
“I would like to emphasize the point: the terrorist threat is too serious to be addressed from a position of ideological bias, and disrespect of international law.” 
“Syria as well as Iran, are our natural allies in the fight against ISIL, and their participation would have enriched our work today.” 
“Moral standards which underlie counter-terrorism efforts should not be eroded.”
“The achievements of the ‘Islamic State’ and many other terrorist groups in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere would have been impossible without financial and material support from outside, including supply of weapons and purchase of oil from fields controlled by terrorists.” 
He left little doubt about Washington’s support without saying so.
“Shutting down all the channels of such support must become a matter of priority,” he stressed.
Not as long as America backs IS and other terrorist groups against Syria. Not as long as regime change remains prioritized.
Not as long as America’s permanent war agenda continues. Not as long as it rages against humanity.
Russia goes all out for peace and stability. It’s “ready to participate in working out common steps to fight terrorism” responsibly, said Lavrov.
It’s “threat is much more complicated than today’s (US-led Western) agenda.” It’s “much broader geographically.”
Root causes must be addressed. Not “symptoms of the rise of extremism,” alone, Lavrov stressed.
Issues must be discussed honestly. Accurate analysis must substitute for Big Lies.
Agenda politics have no place in confronting terrorism. All nations should prioritize eliminating its scourge.
Lavrov hopes Paris participants will “contribute to mobilizing practical support for more concerted global counterterrorism efforts under the auspices of the United Nations.”
It requires a giant leap of faith to believe it’s possible. Not as long as Washington manipulates things. Not as long as it spurns peace. Not as long as it wages wars without end.
From the sidelines of the Paris conference, Lavrov commented further.
He stressed the importance of “suppressing (IS) militants…” Al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra and likeminded groups “remain strong,” he said.
They’re “unit(ing) int the Islamic Front. We have suggested that the Security Council should launch preparations for a practical, deep and comprehensive analysis of the situation.”
“We hope our voice will be heard.” Fighting “terrorism requires a comprehensive approach…”
It’s “essential” to consider all “aggravating factors without exception.” They include identifying terrorist paymasters.
Failure to do so facilitates business as usual. It keeps the entire region on the boil. It endangers Eurasia.
Russia has much to contribute to confronting major threats responsibly, said Lavrov.
It “will b doing this in parallel with promoting a broader goal: the start of a comprehensive and deep analysis of all aspects of terrorist threats.” 
“This should be done with firm reliance on the UN Charter. We should make full use of the UN’s counterterrorism instruments that are already available.”
It bears repeating. It requires a giant leap of faith to believe it’s possible. 
Not as long as Washington controls things. Not as long as advancing its imperium matters most. 
Not as long as waging war on humanity persists. Not as long as nations able to intervene responsibly do nothing. 
Not as long as America knows it can rampage with impunity. 
Stopping this monster matters most. World peace depends on it.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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