Telling It Like It Is On Israel

Telling It Like Is Is On Israel by Stephen Lendman It's high time growing numbers of critics speak out forthrightly. It's essential whatever the risks. Israeli high crimes against peace are too egregious to ignore. It's vital to denounce them publicly.  It's essential to maintain a steady drumbeat of truth. It's crucial to enlist growing... Continue Reading →

Fear-Mongering Ahead of Another US False Flag?

Fear-Mongering Ahead of Another US False Flag? by Stephen Lendman Fear-mongering is sinister. It's reprehensible. It's longstanding US policy. So are false flags.  Merriam-Webster calls them "deliberate gross distortion(s) of the truth used especially as a propaganda tactic." Wikipedia says they're "covert operations designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations... Continue Reading →

MSM War on Venezuela

MSM War on Venezuela by Stephen Lendman MSM scoundrels support monied interests. They deplore popular ones.  They substitute managed news misinformation for truth and full disclosure. They waged war on Venezuela since Hugo Chavez's December 1998 landslide presidential victory. They're at it again. More on this below. After Chavez took office, New York Times Latin... Continue Reading →

Hate-Mongering in America

Hate-Mongering in America by Stephen Lendman Systemic injustice is rife. It's longstanding. Constitutional rights don't matter. America's First Amendment clearly states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to... Continue Reading →

Firestorm Over Steven Salaita’s Sacking

Firestorm Over Steven Salaita's Sacking by Stephen Lendman Criticizing Israel publicly entails huge risks. Becoming persona non grata in politics, the media, business and academia may follow. It's a career ender for most who try. At most, short-term protests follow. They're usually or entirely local. Salaita's University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign (ULUC) sacking elevated public... Continue Reading →

Scotland’s Referendum: Fair or Foul?

Scotland's Referendum: Fair or Foul? by Stephen Lendman Critics claim fraud at the polls. Suspicions are rife. More on this below. Rigged elections aren't new. In America, they go back to the beginning of the republic.  Seventeenth century US politicians believed vote rigging was a necessary evil. They assumed opposition parties played dirty. Their strategy... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Hannibal Directive

Israel's Hannibal Directive by Stephen Lendman It's been Israeli policy since 1986. It's an unwritten military protocol. It was secret for many years. In 2003, Haaretz called it "one of the most controversial operational orders" in IDF history. Three Northern Command senior officers established it. They included NC head Major General Yossi Peled, operations officer... Continue Reading →

Ukrainian President Poroshenko in Washington

Ukrainian President Poroshenko in Washington by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed his three-day North American tour. His illegitimacy doesn't matter.  Nor his hardline anti-democratic fascist ideology, lawlessness or war without mercy against Ukrainian citizens. He was treated like visiting royalty. Obama warmly greeted him at the White House. In late August, press secretary Josh... Continue Reading →

Anti-Assad Extremists and Obama Plan Coordinated Attacks on Syria

Anti-Assad Extremists and Obama Plan Coordinated Attacks on Syria by Stephen Lendman Wendy Sherman is Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. On September 16, she spoke at Georgetown University. She claimed Washington "cares about the Middle East because of (its) economic, political, and security interests…" "Its rich spiritual and ethnic traditions…" It's Israel's home... Continue Reading →

Ukraine’s President in Ottawa and Washington

Ukraine's President in Ottawa and Washington by Stephen Lendman Petro Poroshenko is Washington's man. He has no legitimacy whatever.  He replaced ousted democratically elected President Victor Yanukovych. He represents putschist power. He's an oligarch billionaire. He made his money the old-fashioned way.  He's anti-democratic, fascist, lawless, neoliberal, confrontational and belligerent. He waged war without mercy... Continue Reading →

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