Abbas Blocks Israeli War Crimes Investigation

Abbas Blocks Israeli War Crimes Investigation by Stephen Lendman He's a longtime Israeli collaborator. He performs enforcer services. He conspires against his own people.  He's a Palestinian Judas. He belongs in prison, not high office. He's well rewarded. He's hugely corrupt. He amassed an huge fortune. He did so the old-fashioned way. Betrayal pays well.... Continue Reading →

IDF Soldiers Denounce Israeli High Crimes Against Peace

IDF Soldiers Denounce Israeli High Crimes Against Peace by Stephen Lendman Netanyahu is a world class thug. He's a war criminal multiple times over. He heads Israel's fascist government. He wages genocidal war on Palestine. Operation Protective Edge (OPE) is the latest example. It was war without mercy. Mass slaughter and destruction were horrific. James... Continue Reading →

Mustafa Barghouti on Operation Protective Edge

Mustafa Barghouti on Operative Protective Edge by Stephen Lendman Barghouti is special. He's important. He's multi-faceted. He's a man for all seasons. He's a physician, political activist, and human rights champion. He supports nonviolent resistance. He's a Palestinian National Initiative (PNI) co-founder. He currently serves as secretary-general. PNI aims to build Palestinian unity. It does... Continue Reading →

MSM Ignore International and Constitutional Law

MSM Ignore International and Constitutional Law by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed Obama's open-ended Middle East war. It flagrantly violates international and constitutional laws. They're clear and unequivocal. The Constitution's Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Clause 2) states all US laws and treaties "shall be the supreme law of the land…" Presidents and Congress have... Continue Reading →

Amnesty International Fronts for Power

Amnesty International Fronts for Power by Stephen Lendman It's an imperial tool. It fronts for power, wealth and privilege. It receives generous corporate foundation donations. According to Francis Boyle: "Amnesty International is primarily motivated not by human rights but by publicity. Second comes money."  "Third comes getting more members. Fourth, internal turf battles. And then... Continue Reading →

Lavrov on Syria, Ukraine and Terrorism

Lavrov on Syria, Ukraine and Terrorism by Stephen Lendman A previous article called him a world class diplomat. He shames his US and EU counterparts. He deplores war. He champions peace. He goes all-out to achieve it. He's polar opposite Western war hawks. He's concerned about Obama's Middle East agenda. He fears he plans attacking... Continue Reading →

Obama Declares Open-Ended Middle East War

Obama Declares Open-Ended MIddle East War by Stephen Lendman He did so in flagrant violation of international law. It's not the first time. It won't be the last. It's longstanding US policy. All US wars are lawless. They violate the Constitution's Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Clause 2).  It states all US laws and treaties "shall... Continue Reading →

9/11: The Mother of All Big Lies

9/11: The Mother of All Big Lies by Stephen Lendman They're an American tradition. They date from the republic's inception. Notable ones began in the mid-19th century. They facilitated annexing Texas. Half of Mexico followed. America became Cuba's colonial power.  Controlling the Philippines, Guam, Samoa, Hawaii, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Canal Zone, Puerto Rico and... Continue Reading →

Steven Salaita Goes Public

Steven Salaita Goes Public by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed him. It said criticizing Israel is the third rail in American politics, the major media and academia.  Supporting Palestinian rights is verboten. Criticizing Israel virtually assures academic lynching. It's a potential career-ender for professors deserving much better. The University of Illinois at Urbana-champaign (UIUC)... Continue Reading →

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