2008 Redux?

2008 Redux? by Stephen Lendman Headlines aren't reassuring. They're unnerving. Today's Wall Street Journal headlined "Stocks Swoon in Frenzied Trading." "Dow Slides More than 450 Points Before Climbing; Treasury Yields Touch 16-Month Low." Doing so shows low growth expectations. Maybe heading for decline. Economist John Williams calls GDP guesstimates "the most worthless of economic series."... Continue Reading →

Healthcare: A Fundamental Human Right

Healthcare: A Fundamental Human Right by Stephen Lendman Obama's Affordable Care Act (ACA) falls way short of promised benefits. It's outrageously expensive.  A new Congressional Budget Office assessment estimates hundreds of billions of more dollars than Obama claimed. Around $300 billion or more. It's unaffordable for millions. Double what healthcare costs in other developed nations.... Continue Reading →

Malicious Anti-Iranian Propaganda

Malicious Anti-Iranian Propaganda by Stephen Lendman Managed news misinformation substitutes for truth and full disclosure. Big Lies persist with disturbing regularity. It's been this way for 35 years. Washington tolerates no independent governments. Nor does Israel, its Lobby and other supportive organizations. They want pro-Western vassal states worldwide. They want sovereign independence destroyed.  They want... Continue Reading →

Mass Surveillance Destroys Freedom

Mass Surveillance Destroys Freedom by Stephen Lendman It's longstanding. It's institutionalized. It's lawless. It has nothing to do with domestic or foreign threats. Or anything related to national security.  America's only enemies are ones it invents. It spies globally. It watches everyone. It monitors allies. It's for control.  It's for economic advantage. It's to be... Continue Reading →

Momentum for Palestinian Statehood

Momentum for Palestinian Statehood by Stephen Lendman Britain's symbolic vote brings it closer to reality. It's just a matter of time before Palestine takes its rightful place among other world nations officially. Expect America, Israel and a few Pacific islands Washington dominates to be final holdouts.  Expect world public opinion and near universal acceptance to... Continue Reading →

UK Parliament Supports Palestinian Statehood

UK Parliament Supports Palestinian Statehood by Stephen Lendman It did so overwhelmingly. Symbolically. Voting 274 to 12. A PR victory only. Yet significant because it happened. A first in Britain. It followed Sweden's newly-formed center-left Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, announcing his intention to recognize Palestinian statehood. The first EU country to do so. The 134th... Continue Reading →

WSJ Columnist Mary O’Grady: US Imperial Tool

WSJ Columnist Mary O'Grady: US Imperial Tool by Stephen Lendman She's a Journal board member. A faux journalist. A Murdoch favorite. A neocon propagandist. She defends the indefensible. Her reinvented history doesn't wash. It's rubbish. It doesn't pass the smell test. It fails to match bad fiction. Her job is proliferation Big Lies. Turning truth... Continue Reading →

Biased Human Rights Report on Ukraine

Biased Human Rights Report on Ukraine by Stephen Lendman Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay is gone. She served from September 2008 through August 2014. She won't be missed. She disgraced the office she held. She lacked credibility altogether. She served Western interests. She was a reliable imperial tool. She buried truth.... Continue Reading →

Venezuela Poised to Win Security Council Seat

Venezuela Poised to Win Security Council Seat by Stephen Lendman No nation is more deserving. None less so than America. Bolivarian social justice warrants representation.  Permanency would be ideal. So voiceless interests are heard. Imperial ones opposed.  Right over wrong forthrightly supported. Views needing to be heard expressed on a world stage. America, Britain, China,... Continue Reading →

Rebuilding Gaza

Rebuilding Gaza by Stephen Lendman It's a Herculean task. With no assurance Israel won't destroy it again at its discretion. For duplicitous reasons. Or none at all. Billions of dollars are needed. Experts believe around $8 billion.  Perhaps more once the enormity of what's needed is fully understood. Longtime Israeli collaborator/illegitimate Palestinian president Abbas seeks... Continue Reading →

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