Obama’s Syria Strategy

Obama's Syria Strategy by Stephen Lendman It's lawless. Ruthless, Transparent. Islamic State (IS) fighters hold mostly Kurdish-populated Kobani along Turkey's border under siege. Controlling it looms. So does likely mass slaughter. Hundreds already are dead. Around 200,000 fled cross-border. Today's Zaman is one of four English language Turkish broadsheets. On October 8, it headlined "Turkey... Continue Reading →

Saber Rattling Ahead of Resumed Ukraine Conflict

Saber Rattling Ahead of Resumed Ukraine Conflict by Stephen Lendman US-controlled NATO operates lawlessly. It's a killing machine. A monster threatening world peace and stability. Anders Fogh Rassmussen is gone.  Jens Stoltenberg replaced him. He did so seamlessly. He's an imperial tool.  A puppet serving US interests. His marching orders are clear. Instituting Washington's policy. ... Continue Reading →

Heading for Ground War in Syria and Iraq

Heading for Ground War in Syria and Iraq by Stephen Lendman Believe nothing Obama says. His policies are polar opposite duplicitous rhetoric. Big Lies repeat one after another. His word isn't his bond. His pledge to avoid more Middle East ground war is meaningless. All signs suggest it's coming. More on this below. William Blum... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Economy

Obama's Economy by Stephen Lendman Obama disgraces the office he holds. He exceeds the worst of his predecessors.  His imperial foreign policy risks global war. His domestic anti-populist one transformed the world's richest economy into a house of cards. Thirdworldized. A dystopian backwater. So-called recovery is fake. It’s illusory. It doesn't exist. Protracted Main Street... Continue Reading →

Illusory Ceasefire in Ukraine

Illusory Ceasefire in Ukraine by Stephen Lendman Conflict continues. Peace is a convenient illusion. Fascists don't wage wars to quit.  Washington manipulates events destructively. It uses its installed stooge government to solidify unchallenged control over Ukraine. Straightaway after assuming power, oligarch president Petro Poroshenko said: "The first steps that we will take at the beginning... Continue Reading →

Washington’s Bloated Defense Budget

Washington's Bloated Defense Budget by Stephen Lendman Washington Post editors want America's bloated defense budget increased. So do some of its contributors. More on this below. America's business is war. Without end. Ravaging, destroying and pillaging one nation after another. Doing it for wealth, power and dominance. While vital homeland needs go begging. At a... Continue Reading →

Joe Biden’s Rhetorical Ineptness

Joe Biden's Rhetorical Ineptness by Stephen Lendman His intellect is sorely lacking. His Senate years were notably unimpressive. He's skilled at putting his foot in his mouth. He reinvents history. On October 2, his comments riled nations allied with Washington's Middle East wars. More on them below. His remarks often draw criticism. They do so... Continue Reading →

Strengthening Sino-Russian Ties

Strengthening Sino-Russian Ties by Stephen Lendman On October 2, Vladimir Putin participated in the VI Russia Calling! Investment Forum. It focuses on attracting foreign capital. It discusses ways to increase investments in Russia's economy overall. Efforts so far proved successful. Opportunities in a resource rich country like Russia are huge.  According to Putin, "many serious... Continue Reading →

Irresponsible NYT Putin Bashing

Irresponsible NYT Putin Bashing by Stephen Lendman A previous article called The Times a machine for manufacturing Big Lies. It did so for good reason. It buries hard truths on issues mattering most. It substitutes managed news misinformation.  It does so repeatedly. Consistently. Disgracefully. When it comes to US/Russian relations, Obama's imperial designs go unexplained. ... Continue Reading →

Propaganda War on Islamic State Militants

Propaganda War on Islamic State Militants by Stephen Lendman Washington uses ISIS/ISIL/Islamic state (IS), Nusra Front, Al Qaeda and likeminded groups strategically as enemies and allies. At times, simultaneously.  In the 1980s, CIA-recruited mujahideen fighters battled Afghanistan's Soviet occupiers.    Ronald Reagan called them "the moral equivalent of our founding fathers." They're today's Taliban despite... Continue Reading →

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