Obama’s World

Obama’s World
by Stephen Lendman
Increasingly one unfit to live in. Unsafe. A companion article discusses US military-generated toxic contamination.
Spreading it worldwide via air and water currents. Affecting food and water ingested. Air inhaled. 
Making large parts of planet earth unfit for human habitation. Combined with industrial waste, creating an eventual environmental catastrophe. 
On a global scale. World leaders doing nothing to prevent it. Never in human history have reckless policies so affected humanity’s welfare. Its ability to survive. 
Including US-led NATO and Israeli aggression. Risking possible global war. More on this below.
Preventable diseases proliferate more than ever. Major ones. Globally. In advanced and developing countries. 
Despite major medical advances. Greater knowledge of good health practices. State-of-the-art technologies. Able to achieve wellness more than ever before. 
Treat illnesses early on effectively. Prevent them from becoming more serious. 
High cost alone puts proper healthcare out of reach for billions worldwide. Increasing exponentially. 
Perhaps heading toward making illness and disease treatment a luxury. Not a necessary. Commodifying a fundamental human right works this way.
Especially in America. The world’s richest country. Healthcare double the cost of other developed nations. Obamacare a scam.
Rationing treatment. Enriching insurers, drug companies and large hospital chains. At the expense of vitally needed universal care for all.
Increasingly unaffordable for most Americans to be seriously ill. High hospitalization costs define a dysfunctional system. 
So do rip-off drug prices. Expensive insurance premiums. Outrageous deductibles and copays. 
Virtually everything in America headed toward commodification.
Making essentials to life based on the ability to pay. More than growing millions can afford.
At a time of institutionalized inequality. Brutalizing racial discrimination. Police state repression. 
Big Brother watching everyone. Rule by intimidation. At home and abroad. Permanent wars. When America’s only enemies are ones it invents.
Destroying the earth to save it. Colonizing it for unchallenged control. Targeting all sovereign independent countries. 
Ousting sitting governments. Popular or otherwise. Wanting pro-Western puppet regimes replacing them.
Supporting monied interests. Capital’s divine right to use wealth to make more of it. Making America a ruler-serf society.
Half the population impoverished or borderline. Middle class society disappearing altogether.
Corporate giants more powerful than ever. Privileged elites richer. Government and business rigging things this way.
At a time of protracted Main Street Depression. Unemployment fourfold official numbers. Around 23%. Labor Department numbers rigged to show otherwise.
Paul Craig Roberts explains as well as anyone. Commenting regularly on “fabricated” jobs reports. Reading like bad fiction.
You can’t make this stuff up. Hard truths are systematically buried. Big Lies substitute. Media scoundrels spread them. 
Friday’s Wall Street Journal report duplicitous like others. Claiming “2014 on pace to be the best year for job growth since 1999.” Polar opposite truth.
Roberts explains what everyone needs to know. Saying “(e)verything we hear from the US government, the puppet governments of its vassal states, and the presstitute media is a lie.”
Truth-telling on issues mattering most is verboten. Endangered when most needed. Spreading it comes at great risk. 
From “exclusion and slander to watch lists to prosecution and imprisonment,” Roberts explains.
Friday’s jobs report was Washington’s latest “fairy tale. (A)nother packet of lies.”
Willful deception. During protracted hard times. Main Street Depression. 
Conditions for most people worse than any time since the 1930s. Human deprivation real. Increasing. 
With vital benefits disappearing in plain sight. Public and private. Poverty or sub-poverty wages for most workers.
America’s resources increasingly earmarked for war-making and corporate handouts. Ordinary people hung out to dry. On their own. Sink or swim.
Roberts eviscerated Friday’s jobs report. Debunked notions of 321,000 jobs created.
Fantasy not reality. Impossible given current conditions. Claiming 20,000 home and office remodeling jobs were created rings hollow.
When “houses and buildings…are worth less than…mortgage(s),” Roberts explains.
Some 28,000 manufacturing jobs more fantasy. Given a rising trade deficit. Declining consumer spending.
“(O)n furniture (-3.8%), major appliances (-8.3%), women’s apparel (-17.7%), and household textiles such as towels and sheets (-26.5%)…” 
“(W)hen US business investment consists of corporations repurchasing their own stocks.”
Remaining claimed jobs created are service ones. “(T)hird world jobs.” Rotten ones. Mostly part-time/temp low-pay poor or no-benefit ones.
Workers need two or three to survive. The equivalent of one job years earlier. Resulting in “double and triple counting of those employed,” explains Roberts.
“(F)ull-time employment in America today” 2.4 million less than in 2007. Obama’s touted 10.9 million jobs created “over 57 consecutive months” pure fantasy. 
Lying about the “longest private sector job creation on record. (W)ith higher wages. Overall wages are on the rise.”
“(A) vibrant jobs market gives us the opportunity to keep up this progress…America continues to outperform much of the world.”
“And we are going to keep it up until every American feels the gains of a growing economy where it matters most – in your own lives.”
Obama is a serial liar. Nothing he says is credible. Inequality in America is unprecedented in modern times. Essential-to-life benefits are targeted for elimination altogether. 
Most full-time/high-pay/good benefit jobs no longer exist. Rotten phantom jobs replaced them. Nonexistent ones.
Low unemployment caused by discouraged workers. Millions wanting jobs. Unable to find them. 
Stopped looking. Became nonpersons. Excluded from Labor Department numbers. 
Manufacturing fantasy. Illusory low unemployment when it’s multiples higher.
Phantom job creation with consumer credit and spending declining. Shopping center “anchor stores” closing. 
Strip malls “abandoned in unfinished construction.” Jobs manufactured out of whole cloth. Through manipulated seasonal adjustments.
Birth-death model deception. Phantom job creation. With no proof they exist.
Conditions are abysmal. It bears repeating. People wanting work can’t find it. 
Available jobs are rotten ones. Paying poverty or sub-poverty wages. With few or no benefits. 
America is being thirdworldized. At a time Obama and Congress let Wall Street and other corporate crooks game the system. 
Loot the economy for their own advantage. At the expense of responsible governance. Millions struggling to get by. 
Many not making it. Poverty increasingly a growth industry. Human suffering real. Conditions worsening. Not improving.
America resembling Guatemala. Bangladesh. Egypt. Serfdom under a repressive police state apparatus.
Media scoundrel “presstitutes” don’t explain. In league with wealth, power and privilege.
Mindless of people needs. Major ones going begging. When waging war means more than making peace.
When confronting Russia irresponsibly risks the unthinkable. Putting world peace increasingly out-of-reach. 
Making armageddon possible. Calling humans a higher species sounds more ludicrous than ever.
No species ever destroyed itself. Humans may be the first. 
Forewarned is forearmed. Revolutionary change more than ever needed. If not now, when?
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

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