US/Israeli No Palestinian State Solution

US/Israeli No Palestinian State Solution
by Stephen Lendman
America and Israel partner against world peace. Stability. Equity. Justice. Responsible governance. According to fundamental rule of law principles.
No two nations operate more ruthlessly. Lawlessly. Recklessly. Reigning terror on adversaries. Supporting like-minded rogue regimes.
Both countries oppose Palestinian statehood. Defying international law. Affirming self-determination as a universal right.
Wanting Palestinians kept in perpetual bondage. Under occupation harshness. Denied all international law guaranteed rights.
Over their lives, welfare and futures. Treating them like criminals. Subhumans. Exploiting them ruthlessly.
Stealing their land and resources. Brutalizing them when they resist. Rogue states operate this way. None worse than America and Israel.
None more ruthless. None more threaten humanity’s survival. None more need to be contained to preserve life on earth.
Obama and Netanyahu exceed the worst of their predecessors. Both oppose Palestinian statehood.
Last September, Obama told General Assembly members: “Peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the UN.”
Omitting mention of Washington’s longstanding one-sided support for Israel. Using its veto power irresponsibly. Supporting wrong over right.
“Palestinians must make peace with Israel before gaining statehood,” he claimed. Demagogic mumbo jumbo Big Lies define his rhetoric.
Israel terrorizes Palestinians. Subjugates them. Massacres them at its own discretion. Treats them like Hitler treated Jews.
Obama ludicrously claimed peace depends on both “parties sit(ting) down together.”
“(L)isten(ing) to each other…(U)nderstand(ing) each other’s hopes and fears.” 
“That is the project to which America is committed, and that is what the United Nations should be focused on in the weeks and months to come.”
Truth is polar opposite his Big Lies. Washington partners with Israel. Perpetuating conflict.
Spurning peace and stability. What Palestinians sought for decades. Futilely. Impossible without a legitimate partner.
So-called peace process initiatives reflect the greatest hoax in modern times. Stillborn from inception. Dead on arrival each time.
Chances for just peace are zero. Israel doesn’t negotiate. It demands. With full US support. Abbas is a longtime Israeli collaborator.
He and Netanyahu pretend talks are legitimate. A sham by any standard. Worthless and then some.
Palestinians have no say whatever. Their legitimate Hamas government excluded from talks. The one Palestinians democratically elected.
Isolated in Gaza. Attacked at Israel’s discretion. Mass murdering civilians. An Israeli specialty. Furthering its imperial agenda.
Intending no Palestinian state ever. Regardless of international law. UN resolutions. The legitimate rights of millions of people. What everyone deserves.
What Obama opposes. So does Netanyahu. Fascists by any standard. Repeating one Big Lie after another.
Netanyahu ludicrously claiming “Israel is being attacked simultaneously on two fronts.” 
“(B)y the terrorism of Hamas and other terrorist organizations, and is also subject to the diplomatic offensive led by the Palestinian Authority, which is intended to strip us of our right to defend ourselves and directed at eliminating the legitimacy of our existence.”
It’s hard not gagging on his Big Lies. Repeating them with disturbing regularity.
Promising pushback on both fronts. Code language for collective punishment. State terror. Naked aggression. 
Mass slaughter and destruction. Targeting an entire people for elimination. Calling any UN Palestinian statehood resolution “unacceptable.”
Pledging opposition. Saying “obviously we will not follow any diktats.” Kerry in lockstep with Netanyahu.
Shamelessly claiming support for Palestinian statehood strengthens Israeli hardliners. They infest Israel’s government. Leftists practically don’t exist.
Kerry telling other Western diplomats Washington won’t let a Palestinian statehood resolution come to a vote before Israeli March 17 elections.
Outrageously claiming doing so benefits peace opponents. None more so than America and Israel. Rogue state partners in high crimes against peace. United against Palestinian statehood.
Longstanding New York Times policy one-sidedly supports Israel. At  one time suggesting Palestine isn’t occupied. Gaza isn’t besieged.
The Nakba never happened. Lawless settlements are legitimate. Israel is surrounded by enemies. Ones it invents it failed to mention.
Israel is more victim than aggressor. Palestinians choose conflict over peace. Responsible for their own misery.
Examples of rubbish Times editors call news fit to print. Polar opposite hard truths.
Earlier saying “(w)ith peace negotiations at an impasse… Palestinians have only one diplomatic card left – their status at the United Nations. (A)nd once again, they are trying to play it.”
“Israel and the United States say unilateral (Palestinian) moves…violate the 1993 Oslo Accords…”
“(I)ntended to pave the way to a ‘final status’ agreement within five years.” After 21 years, Palestinians are still waiting. Times editors didn’t explain.
Instead turned truth on its head saying it’s “clear that a negotiated deal is the only way to ensure the creation of a viable Palestinian state and guarantee Israel’s security.”
It’s “clear” negotiating with Israel assures continued conflict. Militarized occupation harshness without end. Palestinians denied virtually all rights in perpetuity.
On December 19, Times editors headlined “The Embattled Dream of Palestine.” Ignoring decades of dead on arrival peace talks.
Occupation harshness. Repeated Israeli high crimes against peace. Claiming “far right” Israelis alone call for one state conflict resolution.
Favoring Israel at the expense of Palestinians. Ignoring others advocating one state serving all its people equitably.
With conflict resolution nowhere in sight, “it is little surprise that some are seeking alternatives,” said Times editors.
“(S)ome Palestinians are also tempted by a one-state solution, but talk of full rights draws skepticism.” 
“Many Palestinians who live in Israel and are citizens already feel they are discriminated against and fear this will worsen if Israel adopts a new law under consideration emphasizing the country”s Jewishness over democracy.” 
“There are risks in annexation and a one-state solution for Israelis, too.” 
“Many Israelis worry that will lead to a Palestinian majority, thus endangering the country’s democratic ideals and Jewish character.”
“Democratic ideals?” They’re nonexistent. Not now. Not earlier. Not ever. According to Adalah, Israeli Arab citizens “live in a state that by definition does not treat you as an equal citizen.” 
“As non-Jews in the Jewish state, they are discriminated against and denied their fundamental rights based on their identity.”
Racism in Israel is institutionalized. Dozens of discriminatory laws favor Jews. At the expense of Arab citizens.
Adalah cited an Israeli Arab woman saying her husband isn’t allowed to live with her and their children. Because he was born in the West Bank.
“Israel does not recognize my right to family life,” she said.
“Israel does not recognize my right to express my national identity.”
“Israel does not recognize my right to live on the land.”
“Israel does not recognize my full right to political participation.”
“Israel does not recognize my right to connect with my people and culture.”
“Israel does not protect my right to be free from racial discrimination.”
Rights afforded Jews are denied Arab citizens. Palestinians endure virtually every indignity, degradation and high crime too grave to ignore.
Israel’s 18th and 19th Knessets were its worst ever. Passing dozens of racist laws routinely.
Systematically violating core international laws. Discriminating against its Arab citizens. In virtually every way imaginable.
Denying them equality. Treating them like fifth column threats. Being Arab means being denied rights afforded Jews.
According to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI):
“Arab citizens face entrenched discrimination in all fields of life.” 
“In recent years, the prevalent attitude of hostility and mistrust towards Arab citizens has become more pronounced, with large sections of the Israeli public viewing the Arab minority as both a fifth column and a demographic threat.”
“There are glaring socioeconomic differences between Jewish and Arab population groups, particularly with regard to land, urban planning, housing, infrastructure, economic development, and education.”
“Over half of the poor families in Israel are Arab families, and Arab municipalities constitute the poorest municipalities within Israel.”
Times editors ignore what demands headlines. Israeli interests alone matter. Sovereign Palestinian rights remain distant.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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