Ukraine Headed for Disaster

Ukraine Headed for Disaster by Stephen Lendman Perfect storm conditions threaten Ukrainians. In Europe's heartland. Fascist dictatorship. Mass impoverishment. Growing deprivation. Civl war. Potential economic collapse. Troubled nuclear reactors. Facing possible meltdown. More on this below. Ukraine's economy is rife with problems. Potential bankruptcy looms. IMF aid caused more harm than good. Largely used to... Continue Reading →

US Attempted Color Revolution in Russia?

US Attempted Color Revolution in Russia? by Stephen Lendman America seeks unipolar/New World Order dominance. All nations bowing to its will. Russia is in the eye of the storm.  Longstanding US policy calls for regime change. Eliminating its sovereign independence. Replacing it with pro-Western stooge governance. Puppet rule Washington controls. Color revolutions are a US... Continue Reading →

America’s Deadly Embrace

America's Deadly Embrace by Stephen Lendman Forget about Greeks. Beware US normalization schemes. So-called rapprochement. Targeting unwary nations.  Sucking them into its web. LIke spiders overwhelming prey. Allegedly ending hostile relations. Imperialism 101 suggests otherwise.  US policies aren't benign. America is a global predator. History's worst ever. Wanting all sovereign independent states eliminated.  Replaced by... Continue Reading →

Israel Bombs Gaza

Israel Bombs Gaza by Stephen Lendman Israeli warplanes attacked on December 20. Lawlessly. Committed war crimes. More on this below.  Operation Protective Edge (OPE) was cold, calculated, long-planned, premeditated Israeli naked aggression.  Murdering or injuring thousands of Gazans. Around 80% civilians. Willfully targeted. In residential areas.  Turning large parts of Gaza to rubble. Genocidal high... Continue Reading →

Targeting Russia Escalates

Targeting Russia Escalates by Stephen Lendman Washington continues waging political and economic war on Russia. Ukraine's junta was installed to serve US interests. Institutionalize fascist rule in Europe's heartland. Eliminate fundamental freedoms. Threaten regional security. Serve as a US proxy against Russia. Perhaps instigate hot war. Stop NATO reports continuing Alliance help in its dirty... Continue Reading →

Fidel’s Legacy

Fidel's Legacy by Stephen Lendman At age 88, he's Cuba's elder statesman. A legend in his own time and then some. Defying critics. Outwitting them. Outliving them. This article a snapshot of some of his achievements. Impressive by any standard.  On the 50th anniversary of his July 26, 1953 Fort Moncada attack, media scoundrels pronounced... Continue Reading →

US to Veto Palestinian Statehood Bid

US to Veto Palestinian Statehood Bid by Stephen Lendman Even a tepid one. Falling far short of what Palestinians deserve. it's official. What Israel wants it gets.  Asked about PLO Security Council draft text language, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said "(i)t is not something we would support." "We wouldn't support any action that would... Continue Reading →

Longstanding US Cuba Policy: Regime Change

Longstanding US Cuba Policy: Regime Change by Stephen Lendman Obama is right. Sanctions don't work. Not against Cuba. Russia. Iran or other countries. Provided they stay firm.  Defending their sovereign rights. Cuba did admirably. For over half a century. Against US imperialism.  Its leadership a testimony to successful sovereign resilience. Prevailing against long odds. Longstanding... Continue Reading →

Putin’s Annual Marathon Press Conference Tour De Force

Putin's Annual Marathon Press Conference Tour De Force by Stephen Lendman On December, 18, Putin held his annual Q & A marathon. Discussing vital issues.  Wide-ranging ones. Responding forthrightly to questions. Giving straight-talk honest answers. Polar opposite Obama. Making him look buffoon-like by comparison. A serial liar. With no credibility whatever.  His latest Cuba gambit... Continue Reading →

Torture in Israeli Prisonss

Torture in Israeli Prisons by Stephen Lendman Washington and Israel replicate each other's worst crimes. A previous article discussed a UN Committee Against Torture report. Citing grave US civil and human rights abuses. Including systematic use of torture. Senate Intelligence Committee members confirmed it. In highly redacted form. Constituting appalling breaches of fundamental rule of... Continue Reading →

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