Former Mossad Head Blasts Netanyahu

Former Mossad Head Blasts Netanyahu by Stephen Lendman He's unfit to serve. An embarrassment to legitimate governance. Ideologically extreme. Over-the-top and then some. Former Mossad head Efraim Halevy sharply criticized him and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett.  Saying peace won't come without treating Palestinians as equals. More on his comments below. Earlier, former Shin Bet head,... Continue Reading →

NAtO Delivering Arms to Ukraine

NATO Delivering Arms to Ukraine by Stephen Lendman Despite claiming otherwise. Big Lies substituting for hard truths. Longstanding US-controlled NATO policy. Ignored by media scoundrels reporting nothing. Kiev wants Donbas democracy crushed. Hardline rule replacing it. Naked aggression waged to force-feed policy. Illegitimate oligarch president Petro Poroshenko's so-called "day(s) of silence" are meaningless. Subterfuge. Quiet... Continue Reading →

US Spending Bill Bonanza for Wall Street

US Spending Bill Bonanza for Wall Street by Stephen Lendman Kleptocracy defines America. Corrupt politicians and corporate crooks conspire. Against ordinary people. Covertly and overtly. Violating the letter and spirit of good governance. Looting the nation's wealth. Handing it to monied interests. Wall Street tops the pecking order.  Whatever bankers want they get. In unlimited... Continue Reading →

Market Euphoria: The Mother of All Ponzi Schemes

Market Euphoria: The Mother of All Ponzi Schemes by Stephen Lendman The bubble of all bubbles. A house of cards waiting to collapse, says Paul Craig Roberts.  A great unraveling looms. America's economy based on market manipulation. Rigging things one way.  Smoke and mirrors deception. Money printing madness. Privatizing profits. Socializing losses. Upside down reality.... Continue Reading →

Academic Groups For and Against BDS

Academic Groups For and Against BDS by Stephen Lendman BDS is vital. Important. The single most effective initiative against Israeli ruthlessness. Gaining adherents. Including academic groups. On December 10 (Human Rights Day), a Palestinian BDS National Committee called Israel "neither a democratic state based on the rule of law, nor a temporary occupying power as... Continue Reading →

Washington’s Master Plan: World Conquest

Washington's Master Plan: World Conquest by Stephen Lendman Hitler's master plan included removing all internal opposition. Genocide. Ethnic cleansing.  Exterminating or enslaving inferior people. Considered non-Ayrans subhumans (untermenschen). Sought lebensraum (living space). Aryanizing Europe and beyond. Establishing New Order dominance over conquered lands.  Run by convenient stooges. Making Germany the preeminent world power. Master race... Continue Reading →

Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Chickens Coming Home to Roost by Stephen Lendman Over six and a half decades are enough. What can't go on forever won't. Chickens eventually come home to roost. More on this below. Israeli apartheid exceeds the worst of South Africa's. Reflcting longstanding police state ruthlessness. Two intifadas expressed Palestinian outrage. Some observers believe a third... Continue Reading →

Israel Replicates American Ruthlessness

Israel Replicates American Ruthlessness by Stephen Lendman Partners in crime. Democracy is pure fantasy. Police state ruthlessness defines both countries. Tyranny reflects the law of the land.  Monied interests rule. Hardliners make policy. Moderates don't exist. Elections change nothing. Farcical when held. Special interests control things. Campaign promises are empty. Ordinary people have no say... Continue Reading →

Congress Authorizes Unlimited Spying on US Citizens

Congress Authorizes Unlimited Spying on US Citizens by Stephen Lendman Merriam-Webster call police states "political unit(s) characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police in place of regular operation of administrative and judicial organs of the government according to... Continue Reading →

Ukraine: Central European Powder Keg

Ukraine: Central European Powder Keg by Stephen Lendman Kiev's so-called day of silence remains shaky at best. Reports indicate casualties after its announcement. Peace is a convenient illusion. Illegitimate oligarch president Petro Poroshenko wants Donbas democrats crushed. Large troop contingents and heavy weapons are positioned east. Despite dire economic conditions, weapons production continues. According to... Continue Reading →

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