Haaretz Editors Urge Removing Netanyahu with All Urgency

Haaretz Editors Urge Removing Netanyahu with All Urgency by Stephen Lendman Israeli media largely march in lockstep with government policy. No matter what coalition holds power.  None rule responsibly. Some worse than others. Netanyahu worst of all. Exceeding Sharonian evil. Haaretz editors criticized him before. This time more vehemently than earlier.  For important reasons. Omitting... Continue Reading →

Lawless US Sanctions on Venezuela

Lawless US Sanctions on Venezuela by Stephen Lendman On December 8, US Senate members passed "S. 2142: Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act of 2014."  "A bill to impose targeted sanctions on persons responsible for violations of human rights of antigovernment protesters in Venezuela, to strengthen civil society in Venezuela, and for... Continue Reading →

Gorbachev and Lavrov on US/Russian Relations

Gorbachev and Lavrov on US/Russian Relations by Stephen Lendman Since Soviet Russia's 1991 dissolution, Washington tried imposing its will on all 15 former republics and Warsaw Pact countries. Wanting pro-Western stooges in charge. Turning independent states into virtual US colonies. Without sovereign independent rights. America largely succeeding. Even in 1990s post-Soviet Russia. Under Boris Yeltsin.... Continue Reading →

Crime Without Punishment

Crime Without Punishment by Stephen Lendman Longstanding US policy reflects business as usual. Ruthless and then some. With bipartisan support.  Democrats and Republicans largely in lockstep. Rhetoric alone separating them. Supporting permanent wars of aggression. State terror at home and abroad. Abrogation of fundamental democratic principles.  Systematic breaches of international, constitutional and US statute laws.... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Draconian Anti-Infiltration Law

Israel's Draconian Anti-Infiltration Law by Stephen Lendman December 10 is Human Rights Day. Commemorating "the fundamental proposition in the Universal Declaration that each one of us, everywhere, at all times is entitled to the full range of human rights, that human rights belong equally to each of us and bind us together as a global... Continue Reading →

Phony Kiev Day of Silence

Phony Kiev Day of Silence by Stephen Lendman Last week, illegitimate/oligarch Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko declared December 9 a "day of silence." Ahead of Human Rights Day. On December 10. This year's theme: Human Rights 365.  Longstanding Western tool Kan Ki-moon "call(ing) on states to honor their obligation to protect human rights every day of... Continue Reading →

Israel Partners with Obama’s War on Syria

Israel Partners with Obama's War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Both countries partner in each other's wars. Israel bombs Syria at its discretion. Naked aggression by any standard. Longstanding Israeli practice.  The latest incident striking a Damascus' international airport warehouse. Believed to contain Iranian and Russian-supplied weapons.  Separate attacks targeted a Dimas area military site... Continue Reading →

West Wants Putin Deposed

West Wants Putin Deposed by Stephen Lendman Regime change is longstanding US policy. All independent states are targeted. Mainly Washington's two main rivals - Russia and China. Long sought US dominance depends on toppling their existing governments. Replacing them with pro-Western vassal ones. Puppet leadership subservient to Washington. No easy task given their formidable power.... Continue Reading →

Obama’s World

Obama's World by Stephen Lendman Increasingly one unfit to live in. Unsafe. A companion article discusses US military-generated toxic contamination. Spreading it worldwide via air and water currents. Affecting food and water ingested. Air inhaled.  Making large parts of planet earth unfit for human habitation. Combined with industrial waste, creating an eventual environmental catastrophe.  On... Continue Reading →

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