Kiev Big Lie on Ending Donbas Conflict in Two Weeks

Kiev Big Lie on Ending Donbas Conflict in Two Weeks
by Stephen Lendman
Washington runs things in Ukraine. It newest colony. Kiev’s illegitimate puppet government serves its interests. Ruthlessly exploiting its people in the process.
America wants unchallenged control over Ukraine’s entire land mass. As a dagger pointed at Russia’s heart.
Ukraine is a pretext. Regime change in Russia the objective. Gaining another US colony. Eliminating a major rival.
Stealing its vast resources. Exploiting its people. Turning them into serfs. Isolating China. Repeating the process against Beijing. 
Transforming nations into a ruler/serf societies. More unfit to live in than ever. Coups, assassinations, false flags and permanent wars its tactics of choice.
No nation in world history reflects more pure evil than America. Wrapped in the American flag. People manipulated to believe destructive US policies benefit them.
Governments lie about everything. Media scoundrels repeat Big Lies like gospel. No one can possibly understand world events by watching mainstream television.
BBC is as bad as Fox News. Owned and operated by Britain’s government. Its propaganda bullhorn.
So-called US public radio and broadcasting are government and corporate controlled. Qatar’s despotic monarchy runs Al Jazeera.
The New York Times and other major publications are instruments of state propaganda.
Try finding a single MSM report explaining Ukraine’s coup. Instituted by Washington. Ousting a democratic government.
Replacing it with illegitimate fascist thugs. Systematically destroying human and civil rights. Eliminating opposition elements.
Prohibiting a free press. Instituting total control over all information disseminated. 
Attacking independent journalists. Shutting down Russian language print and electronic media. Calling them “security threats.”
In bed with Western financial interests. At the expense of their own people. At war with them in Donbas. 
Dirty war. Without mercy. Using chemical and other illegal weapons.
Conflict continues daily despite illegitimate/oligarch president Petro Poroshenko’s “regime of silence.” More on this below.
On January 12, he lied. Saying war in Donbas will be over in two weeks. Ending it requires “simply rulfill(ing) the Minsk agreements signed in September.”
Like Hitler declaring peace in Europe before launching WW II.
Fact check
Last April, Washington, EU nations, Russia and Ukraine agreed to end violence. Deescalate tensions. Restore peace and stability.
Kiev violated the four-party agreement straightaway. Escalated war. Blamed it irresponsibly on Donbas freedom fighters.
On September 5, Kiev agreed to Minsk protocol provisions. Plus additional ones in a follow-up September 19 memorandum.
Calling for ending hostilities. Banning all offensive operations. Withdrawing Kiev troops and foreign mercenaries from conflict areas. Dialoguing for peace, security and stability.
Fighting never stopped. Shelling continues. Including throughout the holiday period. Into January. 
Kiev bears full responsibility for naked aggression. Since last April. With Washington’s full support and encouragement.
Kiev agreements aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. According to Donetsk People’s Republic (DRP) deputy legislative speaker Denis Pushlin:
Poroshenko’s posturing “is pure bluff…He controls nothing in Donbas. Ukraine does not fulfill the Minsk agreements, and this is a fact.” 
“What we are talking about? We see that they are shelling our settlements. Commanders of Ukrainian battalions openly say they are not obeying Poroshenko’s orders.” 
“How can he fulfill the Minsk agreements then? How can he be so definite about these two weeks?”
He’s a serial liar. Notoriously saying one thing. Doing another. Taking orders from Washington.
Wanting Donbas democracy entirely crushed. Fascist rule replacing it. What area freedom fighters won’t tolerate. Nor should anyone.
On Monday, the Kiev Post headlined “Ukraine seals off roads to Donbas as fighting escalates.”
DPR leader Oleksandr Zakharchenko was quoted saying:
“Honestly speaking I’m tired of all these negotiations. People who don’t keep their words…well, I don’t know.” 
“We are ready for any talks. But in case it would be impossible to solve the conflict peacefully, we are ready to fight.”
Kiev intends greater conflict ahead. Stop NATO reported increased Ukraine military spending.
During economic crisis conditions. Potential bankruptcy. Ukraine unable to operate without significant financial aid.
It plans increasing its armed forces this year. To 250,000. “(A)s well as six mechanized brigades, a mountain infantry regiment, three artillery brigades and two army brigades,” said Stop NATO.
Why when Ukraine’s only enemies are ones it invents. Its own Donbas citizens. 
Russia despite Moscow’s all-out efforts for responsible dialogue. Diplomacy. Peaceful conflict resolution. Strict observance of international law.
Washington systematically spurns it. So does Ukraine. Stop NATO’s Rick Rozoff expressed justifiable concern.
Something has to give. East/West confrontation assures trouble. Possible “nuclear war,” he warned.
On Monday, the reliable Vineyard of the Saker web site headlined “Je suis Ukraine. I fight terror. Yats (Yatsenyuk) is Charlie.”
Ukraine’s “junta…dramatically stepped up shelling of Novorossiya (its Donetsk and Lugansk territories).
“(T)ypical terror strikes…randomly aimed at the civilian sectors…(Most) worrisome…is confirmation by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that (Moscow has) intelligence showing (Kiev plans) a full scale assault…”
On the one hand, extending peace overtures. On the other, intending escalated conflict. Blaming its aggression on Donbas victims.
US and rogue NATO partners echo its Big Lies. Media scoundrels repeat them. When anything about Ukraine is reported. 
Propaganda substitutes for hard truths. Readers and viewers are systematically lied to. 
MSM scoundrels are a machine for the manufacture of Big Lies. It bears repeating. Ignore them. Nothing they report should be believed.
Voice of Sevastopol (VoS) is a reliable source of Ukrainian news and information. Kiev’s “so-called silent mode (was) accompanied by heavy artillery shelling of settlements of Donbas and active hostilities,” it reported.
Kiev junta attacks continue. Much like summer fighting. Ignored by media scoundrels. Kiev murdering civilians doesn’t matter.
Or destroying their homes and other property. Or causing hundreds of thousands to flee for their lives. 
Seeking safe havens. Many finding them in Russia. An oasis of stability amidst neighboring hostility.
One of last year’s key Maidan demands was ending corruption. Today it’s greatly increased, said VoS. “Almost 80% of Ukrainians (say) over the last year…corruption became more spacious.”
On Monday, German, French, Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers met in Berlin. The so-called Normandy Quartet. 
Established last June. In Normandy, France. Seeking solutions to Ukrainian crisis conditions.
Monday’s talks resolved nothing. Nor will future ones. Kiev deplores peace. Washington won’t tolerate it. 
Conflict wasn’t initiated to resolve things diplomatically. Fascist regimes don’t operate this way.
Sergey Lavrov said “the political process can be successful only when you start a direct dialogue, in this case between the representatives of the Ukrainian government and the proclaimed DPR and LPR, and they should feel fully involved in the political process as equal partners.”
Nothing remotely close to this exists. Nor will it ahead. Washington rules apply. 
Kiev intends crushing Donbas resistance. Wants despotism replacing democracy. Wants human and civil rights eliminated altogether.
Its dirty war without end continues. Ceasefire is pure fantasy. None whatever exists. Nor will Kiev tolerate one. 
Short of unconditional surrender. What Donbas freedom fighters won’t ever agree to. Nor should they. Freedom is too precious to sacrifice.
Kiev blocked seven entry corridors to Donbas. A DPR Foreign Ministry statement accused it of violating fundamental free movement rights. 
“Additional restrictions…will only exacerbate the catastrophic humanitarian situation that our people have faced,” it said.
Kiev wants Donbas residents isolated. Starved to death. Total MSM silence on what demands headlines.
Since April, Kiev committed continued high crimes against peace. They remain ongoing daily.
Vauro Senesi is an Italian journalist. On January 1, he headlined “Non è possibile non scorgere un disegno pianificato di pulizia etnica.”
Senesi toured Lugansk. Impossible not to see ongoing ethnic cleansing, he said. Kiev-instituted slow-motion genocide. Targeting defenseless civilians.
“(T)he local population, is being, on a daily basis, killed by battalions of the extreme right in the service of the puppet state of Kiev,” said Senesi.
“All this in the most absolute silence of the Italian (and other Western) media.”
“(F)ollowing the United States in this mad rush to the abyss against Russia.”
Donbas conditions are deplorable. A shell-caused breach in one apartment building reflects similar damage throughout the area.
It’s “so big you can see the other side of the building. (A) wall burned by fire…A mother lived there with her three kids.”
“There’s nothing left of her or her children. The explosion blew everything to bits.”
“Grief, pain, fear – maybe all her emotions have been burned, reduced into rubble like the city she continues to live in.”
Pre-war, the area had 25,000 residents. Less than 8,000 remain. Most others fled to Russia. Where else could they be safe?
“There is no electricity, no running water. The power plants, the water treatment plants, all destroyed by the bombardment,” said Senisi.
Artillery fire is constant. Senesi quoted a young man named Roman. Fighting for Donbas freedom.
Unsure how much longer war will last. “We want peace,” he said. “(B)ut on our bit of land.”
“Becoming part of Ukraine again is no longer a possibility. The Army of Ukraine has fired on its own people.”
“There’s nothing for us but to resist to the end. Against the Nazis” representing Kiev.
“They have swastikas on their uniforms. How is it possible that Europe supports them?” And America.
“No Pasaran,” said Roman! With raised fist. The salute of Spanish Civil War republicans. Committed to continue fighting.
Senisi went from Lugansk to Stakanov, Pervomaisk and other areas. Everywhere he went he saw “schools, hospitals, factories, power plants, water pumping stations, all destroyed.”
“(S)corched earth,” he said. Wanting an entire population eliminated. By slaughter or ethnic cleansing.
Few people remain in Novosveltovka, he said. An old man took refuge in a basement.
For days in the dark without food or water. Hungry dogs are dangerous. They attack people like beasts.
Ukraine is Obama’s war. LIke ongoing Afghan conflict without end. Iraq war III.
Libya. Syria. Yemen. Somalia. Partnered with Israel against Palestine. Homeland wars against Blacks, Muslims and other targeted Americans.
Wars without mercy. Permanent ones. Continued mass slaughter and destruction.
It bears repeating. No nation in world history reflects more pure evil than America. No time more perilous than now.
More urgent than ever for resistance. World peace hangs in the balance.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

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