Post-Minsk Russia Bashing

Post-Minsk Russia Bashing
by Stephen Lendman
It doesn’t surprise. Demonizing Russia is longstanding US policy. Presstitute media scoundrels march dutifully in lockstep. 
Worse than ever now on Ukraine. Truth-telling obliterated by a daily blitzkrieg of Big Lies. A shocking display of media malpractice. 
Progressive Radio News Hour guest Larry Pinkney justifiably calls their reporting “vomit.” The good news is growing numbers of people reject it.
The bad news is most still accept what demands rejection. Irresponsible willful deception. 
State propaganda masquerading as real journalism. Dangerous stuff driving things inexorably toward East/West confrontation. 
Like The New York Times headlining “US Faults Russia as Combat Spikes in East Ukraine.”
Saying Washington “accused Russia of joining separatist rebels in an all-out attack on Ukrainian forces around the contested town of Debaltseve.”
“When the pact was signed with a two-day window before the truce, some last-minute jockeying for position was expected.” 
“But the intensity and scope of the violence raised concerns that the agreement signed this week” will fail like previous efforts.
An honest headline would have said “US Faults Russia Irresponsibly for Kiev Aggression.”
Truth-telling isn’t The Times’ long suit. Managed news misinformation garbage substitutes. 
Reader betrayal is standard practice. All rubbish all the time when it comes to geopolitical reporting, commentaries and analysis. 
Truth is strictly verboten. Throughout months of Ukrainian crisis conditions, try finding a Times report on Washington’s coup.
Ousting Ukraine’s democratic government. Installing illegitimate neo-Nazi thugs masquerading as politicians. 
Headed by an oligarch crook front man representing Western interests and his own. Plundering Ukraine for profit. 
Waging naked aggression on his own people. Fully supported by Washington. Obama wants Donbas democracy eliminated altogether.
Try finding a single Times report explaining what’s most important. Or any other Western media source telling readers, viewers or listeners what Ukraine’s conflict is all about. 
Instead willful misreporting drowns out hard truths.Western media quoted Poroshenko virtually declaring continued war saying “(w)e are still far from peace…” 
Left unsaid was explaining US/Kiev/rogue NATO partners’ full responsibility for what’s ongoing.
Times editors bashed Putin suggesting Minsk is less his desire for peace, more perhaps “another cynical feint in his campaign to dismember Ukraine.”
Washington wants planet earth colonized and “dismember(ed).” Putin continues going all-out to hold things together diplomatically.
Don’t expect Times editors to explain. Instead they ignored Obama’s coup. Followed by US planned, implemented and directed war leveling a whopper of a Big Lie claiming its “Mr. Putin’s war.”
Washington Post editors exceed Times duplicity. Giving Big Lies new meaning. “The Ukraine cease-fire does little to restrain Mr. Putin,” they headlined.
A litany of outrageous Big Lies followed. Screaming “Russian aggression. Putin’s “military aggression.” The “latest Russian offensive.”
His “ambition to create a puppet state in eastern Ukraine…to be used to sabotage the rest of the country.”
Minsk terms give “Putin a veto over any final political settlement in eastern Ukraine – and permission to continue violating the country’s sovereignty in the meantime.”
“…Control over the border between Russia and Ukraine would not be returned to Kiev (except under) ‘constitutional reform’ acceptable to Moscow…”
“(W)ithout additional economic and military pressure, Mr. Putin will never” observe Minsk terms.
You can’t make this stuff up. Pinkney is right calling it “vomit.”
All WaPo editor assertions are polar opposite hard facts. Like Times and other media scoundrels, truth-telling isn’t their long suit. 
Irresponsible Russia bashing Big Lies substitute. Barely stopping short of urging war.
Right-wing Bernard-Henri Levy is buffoon-like. An intellectual pigmy. Honesty, integrity and truth-telling are absent from his commentaries.
Western presstitute editors haul him out at times to spread more Big Lies than proliferate already. 
Wall Street Journal ones featured his “On the Road to Putinlandia” nonsense. He flew to Kiev. Met Poroshenko.
Traveled with him to somewhere in Donbas. Discussed Minsk before four-party talks. “What are you going to say to” Putin, Levy asked?
“That I will yield on nothing,” Pofoshenko replied. “That neither Ukraine’s territorial integrity nor its right to Europe are negotiable.”
“And if he persists,” asked Levy? “If he won’t abandon his idea of federalizing the areas now in the hands of the separatists?”
“Then I’ll walk out and submit the question to public opinion and to the United Nations,” Poroshenko hyperventilated.
“We are not Ethiopia in 1935 or Czechoslovakia in 1938 or one of the little nations sacrificed by the great powers at Yalta.” he added.
According to Levy, Poroshenko claims he “paid too dearly for…freedom and independence to accept any form of diktat.”
He “hope(s) (for peace) with all (his) heart,” he claims, while waging naked aggression on his own people. Murdering them in cold blood.
Levy is a longtime imperial apologist. A Zionist promoter. An advocate for “humanitarian” mass slaughter and destruction.
A sinister/narcissistic fraudster claiming intellectual credentials. A proliferator of Big Lies for special benefits and privileges he derives.
Responsible editors wouldn’t touch his rubbish. Journal ones featured it. Separately they railed about “Putin’s Latest Victory.”
Claiming Minsk “ratifie(d) a Russian satrapy in Ukraine.” Saying “Moscow and its proxy militias in Ukraine have been violating” Minsk I.
Nonexistent “Russian troops and equipment have poured across the Ukrainian border to support the separatists,” they claim.
In December, Ukrainian MPs addressed Senate Armed Services Committee members. No evidence whatever suggests Russian forces, weapons and equipment aiding rebels.
If MPs had it they’d have shown it. Instead they used fake photos unrelated to Ukraine. From South Ossetia’s 2008 conflict.
Senator James Inhofe (R. OK) was outraged saying:
“The Ukrainian parliament members who gave us these photos in print form as if it came directly from a camera really did themselves a disservice.”
“I was furious to learn one of the photos provided now appears to be falsified from an AP photo taken in 2008.” 
Another was from AFP. Inhofe is no good guy. He’s part of the Big Lie Russian involvement in Ukraine chorus. 
Like his Ukrainian counterparts, he has no evidence backing his accusations. None exists. Big Lies substitute.
Congress looks ready to grant Obama authorization for unconstrained war against any adversaries he names using US forces at his discretion.
Wall Street Journal editors lie like their scoundrel media counterparts. They want Kiev given US heavy weapons deceptively called “defensive ones.” 
While at the same time ignoring US-led NATO heavy weapons and munitions pouring into Ukraine since conflict began last April.
“(N)obody should be surprised if this cease-fire collapses as quickly as the last one did,” said Journal editors.
Leaving unexplained Kiev/US/rogue NATO partners’ full responsibility. Instead outrageously blaming Putin for “alternat(ing) between brute force and take diplomacy…”
Journal editors urged stiffer sanctions, more weapons for Kiev, and larger NATO deployments close to Russia’s borders.
In the same breath they claim Putin intends “another move before America gets a new president who might do more to resist his conquests.”
Sounds like they want WW III. Maybe nothing less than nuclear armageddon would satisfy them.
The neocon infested Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) is PNAC’s (Project for the New American Century) current incarnation.
They headlined “Russian Aggression in Ukraine since the September 2014 ceasefire.” Stating one Big Lie after another claiming:
Donbas “separatists have continually violated the September 2014 cease-fire (using) heavy weapons and technology provided by the Kremlin…”
No proof whatever given backing up their claims. At the same time, Kiev’s brazen aggression is airbrushed from history.
Russia’s nonexistent invasion substituted. Involving 9,000 soldiers and 500 tanks no one can spot – despite sophisticated eye-in-the-sky satellite surveillance FPI ignored in its comments.
Instead claiming Russian aggression, Russian regulars, Russian soldiers, Russian proxies, possible “lowering the threshold for using nuclear weapons,” Russia supporting “separatists.” 
Nothing about horrific Kiev crimes of war and against humanity.  Mass atrocities committed. Mass murders of civilians in rebel held areas.
Victims explain best. A Donetsk resident told RT International‘s Murad Gazdiev:
“Why are they bombing us? Why are they killing us? Why are they destroying us? We will be buried alive. We will starve. We will rot in basements.”
A local doctor said “(w)e hoped for that day the peace would come, the troops would be drawn off, and this bloodshed and civil war would come to an end. But it didn’t happen.”
An elderly resident said “(w)e already don’t know whether to believe if there could be any sense in the talks. We’d like to see peace. But the shelling goes on.”
RT quoted EU Reporter magazine political reporter Anna Van Densky saying “(t)he moment the coup d’etat happened was the moment when Ukraine entered this tragic path of decline and degradation.”
“People of the whole of Ukraine and Donbas are hostages of this horrendous situation.”
An injured woman told RT she “really want(s) peace, for everything to improve.”
“I wish no one to go through what I have – to be left old and alone with a crippled leg in a destroyed building.”
It’s important to keep repeating what other articles stressed. Ukraine is Obama’s war. He didn’t launch it to quit. 
He’ll wage it to the last Ukrainian. It’s lawless aggression by any standard. Risking direct confrontation with Russia. Possible global war. Wealth, power and dominance alone matter. 
Millions of lost lives and unspeakable human misery are small prices to pay. Lunatics running things in Washington think this way. Why stopping them matters most of all.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

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