Caracas Mayor Part of US Coup Plot

Caracas Mayor Part of US Coup Plot by Stephen Lendman Washington spent 16 years unsuccessfully trying to topple Venezuela's model democracy.  On February 19, London's Guardian published an edited Venezuela Solidarity Campaign statement on its coup plot signed by 70 distinguished figures - including John Pilger and George Galloway.  The unedited version says: "We the... Continue Reading →

Russia Bashing Big Lies Persist

Russia Bashing Big Lies Persist by Stephen Lendman Washington and go-along presstitute media Big Lies exceed anything in memory throughout the Cold War. Despite Ukraine's military chief, OSCE monitors, Ukrainian officials inspecting its border areas with Russia, Dutch experts, and French President Francois Hollande concurring on no Russia troops involved in Ukraine, outlandish Big Lies... Continue Reading →

Turkish Forces Attack Syrian Troops

Turkish Forces Attack Syrian Troops by Stephen Lendman Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government partners with Obama's dirty war on Syria. CIA and US Special Forces arm and train IS terrorists in Turkish territory together with its military. A Thursday agreed on deal affirms what's been ongoing all along covertly. Once readied for combat, death squad extremists... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Ukraine Agenda: Fascist Governance, Oppression, War, Chaos, Human Misery, Economic Bankruptcy, Collapsed Social Order, Mob Rule

Obama's Ukraine Agenda: Fascist Governance, Oppression, War, Chaos, Human Misery, Economic Bankruptcy, Collapsed Social Order, Mob Rule by Stephen Lendman February 22 marks the US orchestrated Maidan coup anniversary. The most brazen European one since Mussolini's 1922 march on Rome. Fascist putschists replaced democrats. Overt Nazis hold real power in Europe's heartland for the first... Continue Reading →

Israeli Barbarism: Terrorizing Palestinian Children

Israeli Barbarism: Terrorizing Palestinian Children by Stephen Lendman Fascists run Israel. Palestinian children perhaps feel their brutalizing treatment most. On February 10, Defence of Children International Palestine (DCIP) headlined "Palestinian children victims of Israeli abuse designed to coerce confessions."  Virtually always offenses weren't committed or were too minor to matter. Guilt by accusation is official... Continue Reading →

Obama”s Demagoguery on Countering Violent Extremism

Obama's Demagoguery on Countering Violent Extremism by Stephen Lendman Obama proliferates Big Lies. He's incapable of truth-telling. On February 18, he delivered closing remarks at the just concluded White House summit on countering violent extremism. Last month, Obama's press secretary Josh Earnest called it a summit "to highlight domestic and international efforts to prevent violent... Continue Reading →

Poroshenko Wants NATO Troops in Donbass

Poroshenko Wants NATO Troops in Donbass by Stephen Lendman He's desperate. He calls them European peacekeepers. He wants them after suffering catastrophic defeat in Debastsevo. More on this below. The Saker web site reports rebel forces in total control of Debastsevo. It cites Russian sources saying about 1,000 troops didn't surrender. Sputnik News reported Donetsk... Continue Reading →

Bashing Russia and Rebels for Kiev Crimes

Bashing Russia and Rebels for Kiev Crimes by Stephen Lendman The same Big Lies repeat since conflict began last April. No letup whatever followed the latest attempt to resolve things diplomatically in Minsk on February 12. Russia and rebels are consistently blamed for naked Kiev aggression, brutal atrocities, and post-Geneva/Minsk I and II violations. Joe... Continue Reading →

Kiev Surrenders Debaltsevo: A Key Strategic Victory for Rebel Forces

Kiev Surrenders Debaltsevo: A Key Strategic Victory for Rebel Forces by Stephen Lendman  Ukraine's Unian information agency announced it headlining "Ukraine withdrawing troops from Debaltseve." Kiev's battalion commander Semen Semenchenko announced it on Facebook. Saying "(a) planned and organized withdrawal of troops from Debaltseve is being carried out." "All the stories about (Ukraine) regaining control... Continue Reading →

Ukraine Conflict Continues Despite Ceasefire

Ukraine Conflict Continues Despite Ceasefire by Stephen Lendman It doesn't surprise. Washington wants war, not peace. So does Kiev. On Tuesday, RT International's press crew was shelled near Donetsk's airport. At the time, they were filming. Correspondent Murad Gazdiev twittered: "Just came under #Ukrainian mortar fire in #donetsk airport. Seemed to be targeting us. Footage... Continue Reading →

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