Israeli Hardliners Reject Palestiinian Statehood, Want War, not Peace

Israeli Hardliners Reject Palestinian Statehood, Want War, not Peace by Stephen Lendman Israel and America give rogue state governance new meaning. Both are ruthless warrior states.  Living by the sword is longstanding. Naked aggression is official policy. So is partnering in each other's high crimes.  Premeditated dirty wars without mercy repeat with disturbing regularity. Israel... Continue Reading →

America’s Interventionist Legacy: Failed States

America's Interventionist Legacy: Failed States by Stephen Lendman Wherever America intervenes, failed states follow. Pro-Western stooge regimes replace sitting governments.  They fail to provide essential functions, services and/or responsibilities required of sovereign independent ones. Failed state examples include Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Haiti, Honduras, Somalia, Yemen and Ukraine. Syria's government maintains power despite having lost control... Continue Reading →

Post-Minsk EU Sanctions on Russia

Post-Minsk EU Sanctions on Russia by Stephen Lendman Imposing new sanctions shows Brussels wants confrontation, not conflict resolution. Russia's NATO representative, Alexander Grushko, calls relations with the Alliance "close to the freezing point." "(W)eā€¦have (no) illusions regarding the dangers that might be caused by NATO," he said. (It) found a new meaning of life. (It's)... Continue Reading →

Elie Wiesel’s Anti-Iranian Big Lies

Elie Wiesel's Anti-Iranian Big Lies by Stephen Lendman Wiesel is a shameless self-promoter. A charlatan. A con man. A fraudster. A holocaust exploiter. A notorious Islamophobe. A grotesque apologist for Israel's worst crimes. He justified Israel's Operation Protective Edge (OPE) calling it "a battle between those who celebrate life (Israel) and those who champion death (Hamas)."... Continue Reading →

Washington Wants War with Russia

Washington Wants War with Russia by Stephen Lendman French newspaper Le Point says NATO wants war with Russia. NATO means America. It dominates Alliance policy. Le Point cited the following provocations: Eastern European Alliance expansion; encroaching menacingly on Russia's borders; encirclement with US bases; and  using Ukraine as a pretext for confrontation. Sputnik News (SN)... Continue Reading →

Copenhagen False Flag?

Copenhagen False Flag? by Stephen Lendman It's too early to know much about Saturday's Copenhagen killings. Rush to judgments can prove wrong.  Automatically calling these type incidents terrorist attacks is way over-the-top. On a typical Chicago weekend, multiple shootings occur. Much like in other US cities nationwide. Most go unreported. Headlines don't scream "terrorism."  We'll... Continue Reading →

Ceasefire in Donbass?

Ceasefire in Donbass? by Stephen Lendman Minsk reflects pause, not cessation of conflict. Call it a relative calm before a greater storm.  Previous articles explained a durable, sustainable peace in Donbass is pure fantasy. Two previous ceasefires were agreed on. Followed by partial cessation of hostilities, then resumption of full-scale conflict. Will this time be... Continue Reading →

Post-Minsk Russia Bashing

Post-Minsk Russia Bashing by Stephen Lendman It doesn't surprise. Demonizing Russia is longstanding US policy. Presstitute media scoundrels march dutifully in lockstep.  Worse than ever now on Ukraine. Truth-telling obliterated by a daily blitzkrieg of Big Lies. A shocking display of media malpractice.  Progressive Radio News Hour guest Larry Pinkney justifiably calls their reporting "vomit."... Continue Reading →

Kiev Breaches Minsk Agreement

Kiev Breaches Minsk Agreement by Stephen Lendman It didn't surprise. Talks were futile. Kiev straightaway breached what it agreed to.  What it didn't intend observing in the first place. Even though ceasefire and other terms don't officially take effect until February 15.  At the same time, Russia and rebels are consistently blamed for Kiev crimes.... Continue Reading →

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