More Kiev Minsk Violations

More Kiev Minsk Violations
by Stephen Lendman
Negotiating with US-controlled fascist thugs assures promises made will be broken. Throughout months of conflict, Kiev broke virtually every one made. Things ahead don’t look promising.
Since both sides agreed to Minsk ceasefire terms on February 12, rebels strictly observed them – including withdrawing all heavy weapons as mandated.
On February 28, Donetsk forces completed their pullback from all front line positions. Doing so involved withdrawing 21 artillery groups. Spokesman Eduard Basurin explained, saying:
“The DPR has completed the withdrawal of heavy artillery, today we have withdrawn 6 Gvozdika (Carnation) artillery systems in the southern direction. The withdrawal was taking place under control of OSCE.”
On March 1, Lugansk forces announced fulfillment of their obligation. Prime Minister Gennady Tsypkalov said “(w)e have completely withdrawn heavy artillery.”
“We submitted it all to the OSCE observers: the information on the withdrawal, the locations of the weapons and the personnel. Pure formalities are left. The withdrawal has been completed.”
Kiev lied about its intentions. Fascists operate this way. Trust isn’t their long suit. Betrayal trumps observing agreed on terms.
Junta authorities breached last year’s ceasefire agreements straightaway. They’re at it again.
Basurin said “DPR intelligence…spott(ed) new cases of withdrawn Ukrainian units being redeployed (in) violation of Minsk” terms.
They remain close to front line positions they’re supposed to be way distant from.
Basurin denied baseless junta accusations alleging DPR forces were covertly returning pulled back weapons to areas withdrawn from.
“These assumptions are untrue and cannot serve as justification for Ukraine’s non-compliance with its obligations to withdraw weapons,” he stressed.
OSCE’s Donbass Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) spokesman Michael Bociurkiw said its observers aren’t given information they need to do their jobs.
He blamed both sides unjustly. Rebels cooperate fully. Junta forces do not – systematically violating ceasefire terms like last year.
Kiev’s failure to observe Minsk suggests plans to resume conflict at Washington’s discretion. Sputnik News interviewed Syria’s Information Ministry advisor/ Academy for Geopolitical Crisis member Ali Ahmady.
He explained “American companies from the arms industry and energy companies are the ones that control America’s decisions.” 
“It is certain that the world financial crisis along with its consequences push the companies to resolve the crisis by selling weapons to other countries one of which is Ukraine.” 
“These companies seek to solve (US) problems at the expense of the people of those countries.”
Obama so far hasn’t admitted America’s open secret about selling Ukraine heavy weapons since conflict began last year. John Kerry’s slip of the tongue did, saying:
“We have committed over 118 million dollars in arming… arming… training and equipping but some of it…You know, the eye of the beholder will determine the arming…” The amount he mentioned is the tip of the iceberg.
Kiev’s only enemies are ones it invents. Weapons Washington and other NATO countries provide are for naked aggression, not defense.
American University in Moscow senior fellow William Dunkerly calls supplying Kiev with lethal weapons the equivalent of “throwing gasoline onto a fire.”
It proves America wants war, not peace. A report last month from sources with US defense industry ties urged selling lethal weapons to Ukraine.
Congressional legislation signed by Obama authorizes it. Administration neocons use fabricated reasons to justify wanting  Ukraine armed more than already.
They want conflict escalated, Donbass freedom fighters crushed, and Russia directly challenged.
Lunatics infesting Washington may start WW III. Russia will respond if attacked. According to Strategic Missile Forces Central Command head Major-General Andrey Burbin:
“If there’s a challenge to repel a lighting-fast nuclear attack in any given conditions, it will be done in fixed time. That’s dead true.”
“There would be no hesitation. The task would be executed.,” he stressed. Russia’s strategic nuclear armed missiles are dispersed so no strike can destroy them all, he explained.
Moscow’s so-called “Dead Hand” perimeter system collects data from radioactivity and seismic sensors positioned throughout the country.
If evidence shows a nuclear strike anywhere on Russian territory, retaliatory missiles are launched automatically without human input. They able can hit targets anywhere in the world with pinpoint accuracy.
Given Washington’s intent to replace Russia’s sovereign independence with stooge government it controls, the threat of nuclear war is real. Ukraine may be the flashpoint launching it.
Meanwhile, junta fascists lost Donbass. Recent polls show around three-fourths of area residents want independence from Kiev.
Over 94% accused junta officials of waging war on their own citizens. Most want freedom from fascists trying to kill them.
Once trust is lost, it’s tough regaining it. Given months of Kiev dirty war without mercy, maybe impossible for most Donbass residents. 
Ukraine may face an irreconcilable East/West split. Given horrific Kiev policies, Maidan 2.0 may follow. 
With fascist lunatics infesting Ukraine, things may end up worse than already. Prospects ahead aren’t encouraging.
On March 1, tens of thousands of Donbass residents rallied against Western backed junta aggression and Kiev fascists in charge making policy. They expressed solidarity with Russia.
Their numbers were multiples greater than Moscow’s Sunday Boris Nemtsov’s memorial march. Media scoundrels ignored them entirely.
If they turned out in Western Ukraine, hoodlum security forces would attack them as terrorists. Organizers would be arrested.
Anyone against Kiev’s regime or opposing its aggression on Donbass faces up to five years imprisonment and/or a large fine.
In early February, journalist Rusian Kotsaba was arrested for urging Ukrainian youths boycott conscription. He said he’d risk prison rather than wage war on other Ukrainians.
Prosecutors charged him with high treason. He faces potential longterm imprisonment. Amnesty International calls him a “prisoner of conscience.”
AI’s Ukrainian representative Tatyana Mazur accused junta authorities of “viol(ating) the basic human right of freedom of expression.”
Separately, Kiev’s interior ministry aide Anton Gerashchenko said anyone against conscription or regime war on Donbass faces arrest.
US-installed stooge president Poroshenko said state security services (SBU) “discovered (what he called) a den of rogues involved in anti-Ukrainian activity.”
“As of today, they grabbed 19 active critics of the mobilization by their private parts,” he said. 
He ludicrously claimed anti-war activists “pose a threat equal to that posed by the ‘enemy’ at the front.”
He ridiculed them saying their activism “has nothing to do with democracy and freedom of speech.”
Junta officials intend crushing Donbass democracy. They prohibit its emergence anywhere nationwide.
Ukraine’s regime is a US-installed fascist dictatorship. Opponents are ruthlessly targeted for elimination. 
Activists wanting fundamental democratic freedoms are considered enemies of the state. They’re marked for imprisonment or death.
Obama’s Ukrainian allies are ruthless Nazi thugs. Since usurping power a year ago, they launched a reign of terror against anyone opposing their regime. 
Unless checked and stopped, they may conspiratorially with Washington drag Europe into catastrophic nuclear war with Russia. Preventing it is humanity’s top challenge.
A Final Comment
Marsha Gessen is a US propagandist/Putin basher living in Moscow. She’s a former controversial Washington controlled Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Russian Service director.
Her job then and now is proliferating anti-Russian/anti-Putin propaganda. Virtually everything she says and writes is rubbish – fabrications polar opposite truth.
No legitimate editors would touch her stuff. On March 1, New York Times editors featured it. Gessen took full advantage headlining “Russia’s Army of Avengers.”
On the one hand, she ludicrously called Boris Nemtsov’s murder “the beginning of yet another new and frightening period in Russian history.”
On the other, she fabricated a tall tale about a Kremlin-created “loose army of avengers who believe they are acting in the country’s best interests…”
She lied calling Nemtsov “a logical first target for this menacing force.”
Fact: Nemtsov though well known was a political nobody with around 1% popular support. 
Fact: He was a US funded self-serving political opportunist – widely disliked for good reason.
Fact: A previous article quoted US ambassador to Russia John Tefft suggesting he was worth more to Washington dead than alive – without directly saying it explicitly. Draw your own conclusion.
Gessen repeated the Big Lie about nonexistent Russian aggression “waging battle against Ukraine for a year – and like any country at war, it has focused much of its rhetorical effort on the domestic opposition.”
Fact: Not a shred of evidence suggests Russian involvement in Kiev’s war on Donbass.
Fact: Plenty of evidence shows Putin and Sergey Lavrov continue going all-out for diplomatic conflict resolution.
Fact: Nothing suggests Moscow targets opposition elements. Polls show Putin enjoys overwhelming 85%+ popular support. So-called opposition is too insignificant to matter.
Gessen’s op-ed featured beginning-to-end Big Lies. Times editors treated them like gospel.  They banish hard truths systematically.
Managed news disinformation substitutes. It bears repeating. No legitimate editors would touch Gessen’s rubbish. Times editors featured it.
Outrageous Big Lies like Gessen saying “(t)he message (is) clear: People will be killed in the name of the Kremlin, in plain view of the Kremlin, against the backdrop of the Kremlin, simply for daring to oppose the Kremlin.”
Cold hard verifiable facts prove otherwise. Instead of publishing them, Time editors serve as quasi-official state propagandists.
Readers are advised to avoid them altogether. Choose reliable alternative sources of real news, information, and analysis to know what’s happening and why on issues mattering most.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

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