Obama’s War on Humanity at Home and Abroad:: Roland John’s Appalling Mistreatment

Obama’s War on Humanity at Home and Abroad: Roland John’s Appalling Mistreatment
by Stephen Lendman
Obama’s agenda combines permanent naked aggression against one country after another with homeland police state repression.
Sovereign independent nations are attacked and destroyed. Thousands of political prisoners languish in America’s gulag for opposing rogue US policies.
Others are systematically denied justice other ways. Roland John is one of countless victims of US ruthlessness.
He’s been a legal New Jersey resident since 2003. Yet he was wrongfully deported because of US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) abuse of power – “with no immigration hearing, thus violating my human rights,” he explained.
On September 13, 2013, a CBP officer “deliberately” falsified information,” John said.. His wrongful deportation followed.
“Now I’m at the verge of loosing my home, business and everything I worked for my entire life,” he explained.
“I’m a law abiding citizen who don’t break the law and makes every effort to understand the laws and follow them,” he added. 
He’s a respected member of his community – the type person any nation should be proud to have as a resident or citizen.
He violated no laws. He has no criminal record. Yet his fundamental rights were systematically denied.
He was in Canada on business when his “visa renewal was under process,” he explained. He was told by CBP’s Peace Bridge Buffalo Border Crossing he could return home with USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) visa renewal notice. 
Yet he was wrongfully denied US re-entry – despite being a longtime legal resident.
He went to several reentry points believing a mistake was made. The last one erroneously issued a removal order.
He explained further as follows:
“In my panic, confusion and trauma, believing I’ll be able to obtain Justice if I’m present in the United States, I made an entry without inspection to prove to the immigration authorities that I did not leave the United States willfully abandoning my home (having a mortgage), business and legal status, and also to get a chance to report the misconduct of the United States Border Patrol agent in giving inaccurate information and deliberately misguiding and trapping me in Canada and knowingly disabling me to meet business, financial and legal commitments.” 
“Instead of Justice, I was arrested by CBP and detained for 2 months, making me sign and fingerprint documents under duress, threats and exploiting my lack of understanding of the legal language, after which I was deported again with no right to an immigration attorney or self represent my case to an immigration judge.” 
“So in a matter of 3 days, USCBP destroyed everything I achieved in the past 41 years and has branded me as a criminal and send me back to India, when it was their mistake in the first place.”
Last December, the ACLU featured a report titled “American Exile: Rapid Deportations That Bypass the Courtroom.”
A shocking 83% of deportation orders wrongfully come from immigration officers, not judges, it explains.
Nearly half are expedited with no chance for justice whatever. According to the ACLU:
“Asylum seekers, longtime residents, and others with rights to be in the United States can be deported without a hearing in a matter of minutes.”
Washington’s Department of Homeland Security operates like a national Gestapo. Current debate on its funding should focus on shutting it down entirely.
Replacing it with individual agencies serving public interests – not systematically violating international, constitutional and US statute laws with impunity.
Ordinary Americans are denied justice. Anyone can be targeted for any reason, wrongfully charged, prosecuted, imprisoned, or in the case of Roland John, deported extrajudicially without just cause – with no right of appeal.
US citizens may be targeted. Everyone is vulnerable. Deportation can follow “a single quick encounter with an (immigration or border patrol) officer,” said the ACLU.
Individuals with valid legal status have no “chance to procure or consult with an attorney.”
Throughout his tenure, Obama waged war on immigrants. Immigration rights activists call him the “Deporter-in-Chief” for good reason.
He enforces white supremacist policies. People of color aren’t wanted. They horrifically abused in detention.
Obama’s so-called immigration reform is more pretense than real. He deported more immigrants than all his predecessors combined.
On average over 1,000 a day. In total, over 2.3 million. Likely hundreds of thousands more before he leaves office – the dirty story he wants buried, ignored and forgotten.
Real victims like Roland John don’t matter. “In a matter of minutes, a person whose entire life is in the United States can be deported with a removal order that makes returning lawfully extremely difficult” or impossible, said the ACLU. 
Fundamental rights everyone deserves are systematically denied. People are wrongfully deported. Some to dangerous places.
Justice is fundamentally flawed – based on what’s proved to a failed policy of deterring unlawful immigration.
Since 1997, millions of removal orders were issued – many of them wrongful with virtually no chance for justice.
A system harming millions is fundamentally cruel and unjust. It violates core human rights.
America’s Fifth Amendment guarantees due process protection. Sixth Amendment rights include having legal representation and proper judicial proceedings.
Victims like Roland John are denied these and other rights everyone deserves.
He’s a 41-year-old Indian national. A computer software professional. He came to America on an H-1B visa work permit – later converted to a nonimmigrant work visa in 2013.
He regularly traveled to Canada on business. Wrongful deportation followed his last trip as explained above.
What happened is shocking and disturbing. He’s outrageously barred from reentry into America for 20 years.
He did nothing wrong. He never should have been deported in the first place. Yet he has virtually no legal recourse to reverse the appalling injustice done him.
It proves once again America is more police state than democracy. No nation in history did more harm to more people over a longer duration – a disturbing truth everyone needs to know.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

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