America v. Humanity

America v. Humanity
by Stephen Lendman
America’s rage for global dominance represents humanity’s greatest threat. Never before has survival been more jeopardized.
US imperial policies may kill us all. They may end life on earth. Endless wars of aggression are waged against one country after another.
Confronting Russia recklessly risks nuclear war. Media scoundrel complicity makes it more likely.
So do Ukrainian flashpoint conditions. Ceasefire agreed to in Minsk last month is shaky at best.
Multiple junta violations continue daily. Poroshenko said 11 EU nations intend sending Ukraine weapons and munitions.
Washington supplied them throughout months of conflict. Rearming shows Kiev wants war, not peace.
European parliamentarians adopting a resolution demanding an international investigation into Boris Nemtsov’s death shows contempt for Russian sovereignty.
It’s another example of stoking confrontation, not trying to defuse it.
EU parliamentarians violated international law prohibiting nations from interfering in the internal affairs of others.
Their action reflects ongoing anti-Russian hate-mongering – vicious propaganda war. 
They outrageous accused Moscow of fostering a “state of repression, hate speech and fear.”
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman/EU parliament representative Alexander Lukashevich responded sharply. 
He called their resolution “an absurdity-laced compilation of lies an open distortions.”
“It’s easy to see who benefits from this…It’s utter cynicism that these people aren’t beyond even speculating on a person’s tragic death in pursuit of their narrow political goals.”
EU nations continue waging political and economic war on Russia. They’re sabotaging Ukraine’s fragile ceasefire.
On March 11, ambassadors from 28 NATO countries and 22 partners met to discuss Ukraine.
Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) nations continue bashing Moscow irresponsibly.
They claim nonexistent Russian forces operate in Donbass. Their actions are highly provocative. 
They heighten East/West tensions at a time easing them is vital to prevent propaganda war from turning red-hot.
Potential humanity destroying nuclear war looms  greater than ever. Neocons infesting Washington head things recklessly toward the unthinkable.
Relentless media propaganda makes it more likely. 
Irresponsible pieces like The New York Times claiming Poles fear “Russia will march on them next” shows the self-styled “newspaper of record” has no credibility whatever.
The whole world knows Putin threatens no one. The Times knows. Poles know. Claiming otherwise turns truth on its head.
Hyping nonexistent Russian aggression persists. Saying “Russia moved into Crimea” contradicts facts.
Claiming Putin “want(s) more” is willful deception. Saying his “shadow” threatens neighbors is polar opposite truth.
Citing sources calling it “highly probable (he’ll) do something against Poland” is pure rubbish.
So is saying “Russia has always been a totalitarian state. Now it is trying to regain the territory it lost at the end of the Cold War.”
This type reckless journalism reflects The New York Times war on truth. The entire US major media establishment operates as a virtual war-mongering Washington house organ.
They proliferate administration, congressional and Pentagon press releases masquerading as journalism.
They feature views expressed by a virtual Noah’s Arc of scam artists – proliferating willful deception and Big Lies instead of hard truths on issues mattering most.
They bash forthright Russian efforts for regional peace and stability. They call Nazi Kiev putschists democrats.
US media consumers are systematically lied it. Daily disinformation is  standard fare.
American University in Moscow/World Russia Forum Professor Edward Lozansky believes Western “Party of War” adherents risk direct “military conflict” with Russia.
“…Washington continues to sound its war drums despite” Minsk ceasefire terms, he said.
US-dominated NATO “remain(s) (extremely) bellicose…” It wants war, not peace.
“(T)he fate of the world (perhaps) is now being decided in Ukraine (by clashing) geopolitical interests…”
Provocative US behavior heightens chances for nuclear war. Launching it “would destroy a good deal of the northern hemisphere, if not indeed the entire world,” Lozansky said.
Yet lunatics infesting Washington risk it. So do irresponsible European partners.
Things risk crossing a rubicon of no return. The possibility of nuclear war should scare everyone. 
Never in human history is global peace more urgently needed. Rarely has it been more elusive.
It bears repeating. Failure to stop Washington’s rage for global dominance may kill us all. US imperial madness may end life on earth.
A Final Comment
A personal note. As a 1952 college freshman, I and my classmates enjoyed an evening with singer/songwriter/lyricist/satirist Tom Lehrer.
He taught mathematics at the same time. He was noted for black humor. Perhaps his most memorable song was “We Will All Go Together When We Go.”
“For if the bomb that drops on you gets your friends and neighbors too, they’ll be nobody left behind to grieve,” he said. 
“What a comforting fact that is to know. Universal bereavement. An inspiring moment. Yes, we all will go together when we go.”
All suffuse with an incandescent glow. No one will have the endurance to collect on his insurance. Lloyds of London will be loaded when we go.” 
“We will all fry together when we fry. We will all bake together when we bake. They’ll be nobody present at the wake.”
“With complete participation in that grand incineration, nearly three billion hunks of well-done steak.”
“We will all burn together when we burn. They’ll be no need to stand and wait your turn.”
“When the air becomes uranious, we will all go simultaneous. Yes we all will go together when we all go together, yes we all will go together when we go.”
An evening with Lehrer was memorable. He’s now aged 86. Back then we enjoyed the humor of “grand incineration.”
Today it’s no joke. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) prevented nuclear war during Cold War years. 
Neocon lunatics infesting Washington today make the unthinkable possible.
Jack Kennedy once commented on crazies in his day wanting to nuke Soviet Russia while America had a big advantage, saying: 
“And we call ourselves the human race.”
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs. 

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