Reeleting Israel’s Great Con Man

Reelecting Israel’s Greatest Con Man
by Stephen Lendman
Weeks before Obama took office in January 2009, James Petras called him “the greatest con man in recent history.”
He compared him to Melville’s Confidence Man, saying:
“He catches your eye while he picks your pocket.”
Hindsight is the best foresight. Who would have imagined Obama becoming more warrior-like than any of his predecessors.
It’s hard imagining even corrupted Nobel Committee members awarding him their 2009 Peace Prize.
From day one in office to now, he’s waged multiple direct and proxy wars.
He’s responsible for unconscionable human suffering on his watch.
He has lots more death and destruction in mind. So does his Israeli junior partner in high crimes.
He and Netanyahu threaten world peace. They’re insane enough to wage nuclear war.
Their madness may kill us all. For sure, Netanyahu is outrageously extremist, dangerous, and committed to driving Palestinians off all land he covets – even if it takes mass murder to do it. 
He’s Israel’s greatest ever con man. He exceeds Sharonian evil.
Read his policies off the stump, not his flip-flop lips on it.
His fear-mongering campaign railed against Arabs. His racist comments were way over-the-top.
“The right-wing government is in danger,” he said. “Arab voters are going en masse to the polls.”
“Left-wing NGOs are bringing them on buses.”
He pledged no Palestinian state if reelected. Earlier he called peace process talks a waste of time. 
He scared Israelis to death to win votes. He proved he’s a con man serial liar.
Now he claims he didn’t mean what he said. He was misunderstood.
He supports Palestinian statehood post-election, he blustered – on his hardline terms meaning self-determination in name only.
He apologized for racist electioneering comments – no matter three terms as prime minister enforcing apartheid worse than South Africa’s.
His words ring hollow saying:
“I know the things I said several days ago offended some of Israel’s citizens, hurt the Arab citizens.” 
He lied claiming he “had no intention to hurt anyone and (he’s) sorry if (he) did.”
“My actions as prime minister, including the tremendous investment in minority sectors, prove the opposite.” 
“I think, too, that we must never let anyone outside the state of Israel interfere with our democratic process.”
“I see myself as the prime minister of each and every one of you, all the citizens of Israel, regardless of faith, ethnicity or gender.” 
“I see all citizens of Israel as partners in building a prosperous and secure state, a state for all its citizens.”
Fact: Netanyahu hates Arabs. He always did. He always will.
Fact: He wants them eliminated from Israel altogether – at least from all land he covets.
Fact: He meant every racist comment he made – campaigning and earlier.
Fact: He deliberately meant to offend.
Fact: For sure he’s not sorry for doing it.
Fact: Throughout three terms as prime minister and other government positions, he’s waged war on Palestinians.
Fact: He treats them ruthlessly. He has no intention of changing his ways. He’ll likely be more hardline than ever in term four.
Fact: Calling Israel “democratic” is one of his many Big Lies. 
It’s a racist police state – affording Palestinians no rights whatever. 
Calling Israeli Arab citizens fifth column threats. Treating all Arabs like subhumans.
Fact: Netanyahu serves wealthy, powerful, privileged Jews alone.
Fact: He represents government of, by and for Jewish monied interests only.
Fact: Arabs and ordinary Israeli Jews don’t matter.
Joint (Arab) List MKs rejected his comments outright.
A party statement said:
“The Joint Arab List discarded the apology and said it will continue to campaign on behalf of the Arab community.”
“The racism of Netanyahu and his government will not end with the inciting statement that he distrusted during the elections.”
“Racist legislation and exclusionary, discriminatory policies are Netanyahu’s working plan also for the coming Knesset, so we can only reject his apology and continue our struggle for equality for the Arab population.” 
“Likewise the Joint (List) called on Netanyahu to return the mandate that he received on the basis of incitement and intimidation.”
 Ultranationalist/defrocked/reinstated Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman ludicrously accused Joint List members of racism.
Saying “(t)here is a deep issue here, when there is no one to condemn the statement by the head of one of the Arab parties’ communications bureaus, who said the Islamic State was heir of the Zionist movement.”
“There were also some hair-raising utterances by MK Hanin Zoabi, who defined Hamas as a liberation movement.”
Hamas was created as a liberation movement. It’s always been one. 
It’s no terrorist organization. Israel originally supported it as a counterforce to Yasser Arafat.
Zionist state terror way exceeds IS extremism. Israel’s nuclear, chemical and biological arsenals may kill us all.
Israeli historian Ilan Pappe was relieved by Netanyahu defeating so-called liberal Zionism – a whopper of an oxymoron.
Herzog/Livni winning “would have allowed the charade of the ‘peace process’ and the illusion of the two-state solution to linger on while the suffering of the Palestinians continues,” he said.
Netanyahu’s in your face style leaves no doubt where he stands.
His hardline racism assures no positive change for Palestinians.
Pappe called “(t)he conclusion for the international community…clear.”
“(D)ecolonization of the settler state” is essential. It can change things.
The only effective way is through the same tactics used against South Africa.
BDS “never looked more valid that it does today,” Pappe stresses. Together with popular resistance, it’s vitally needed.
Committed outside and internal pressure is “the only way to force Israelis to reframe their relationship with all the Palestinians, including the refugees, on the basis of democratic and egalitarian values,” Pappe explains.
“Otherwise, we can expect Likud to win forty seats in the next elections, perhaps on the back of the next outraged Palestinian uprising.”
Arab MKs have no say whatever on policy. Corrupted Palestinian Authority officials serve Israeli interests for their own benefit – at the expense of people they’re sworn to serve.
Zionist governance under Netanyahu or anyone else assures denying Palestinians what they rightfully deserve.
Pappe believes a “window of opportunity for saving innocent lives in historic Palestine is rapidly closing.”
If Israel’s power isn’t checked once and for all, repeat massacres are certain – maybe much greater than last summer.
“(O)ld formulas for ‘peace’ ” and long denied justice haven’t worked, he stressed.
It’s vital to “start looking for just and viable alternatives.” 
Otherwise slow-motion genocide may hit overdrive.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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