Police State Israel on Steroids Under Netanyahu

Police State Israel on Steroids Under Netanyahu by Stephen Lendman Expect ruthless Palestinian persecution to be worse than ever during Netanyahu's fourth term. Institutionalized viciousness best describes it. Daily Israeli crimes against humanity persist - grave enough to shock anyone supporting right over wrong. State terror haunts Palestinians - defenseless against Israeli ruthlessness. The price... Continue Reading →

Jerusalem on the Boil

Jerusalem on the Boil by Stephen Lendman London's Guardian published what US major media won't touch - a leaked EU report discussing a "vicious cycle of violence…increasingly threatening the viability of the two-state solution." It blames collapsed peace talks, settlement construction in "sensitive" Jerusalem areas, Al-Aqsa Mosque provocations, home demolitions and dispossessing Palestinians from their... Continue Reading →

Poroshenko: Declaring Peace, Waging War

Poroshenko: Declaring Peace, Waging War by Stephen Lendman US-appointed, he serves at the pleasure of his puppet masters. He's a convenient stooge - easily replaced if no longer serving US interests. In September 2014, he straightaway breached Minsk ceasefire terms. On February 12, he agreed to Minsk II peacemaking measures. Terms include: ceasefire effective midnight... Continue Reading →

US Provocations on Russia’s Borders

US Provocations on Russia's Borders by Stephen Lendman Madness drives US policy. Its provocative actions head things perilously closer to direct military confrontation with Russia. Obama represents imperial lawlessness on steroids. He deplores peace and stability. He's waged multiple direct and proxy wars throughout his tenure. He supports Israel's war machine and Palestinian persecution whatever... Continue Reading →

Obama’s War on Russia

Obama's War on Russia by Stephen Lendman Obama's lunatic neocon infested administration declared war on Russia. Its lawless Ukraine policy alone shows it. It's raging politically through vicious propaganda, economically through illegal sanctions, and militarily by US-dominated NATO's relentless push east. It's surrounding Russia with menacing bases. They risk sparks able to ignite conflict. Lunatics... Continue Reading →

Obama Risks WW III

Obama Risks WW III by Stephen Lendman WW I was supposed to be the war to end all wars. WW II for sure - fought to eliminate the scourge of fascism. Its headquarters moved from Berlin to Washington. Never again became permanent wars of conquest - from Truman to Obama and whoever succeeds him. One... Continue Reading →

Model Venezuelan Democracy v. US Imperial Lawlessness

Model Venezuelan Democracy v. US Imperial Lawlessness by Stephen Lendman Venezuelan democracy is real. It's the hemisphere's best. It shames America's sham system. It threatens no other country. It doesn't bully, harass, invade or terror-bomb them. It fosters good relations with all nations. Its Constitution mandates governance of, by and for everyone equitably. Its policies... Continue Reading →

Biden Congratulates Poroshenko for Violating Minsk

Biden Congratulates Poroshenko for Violating Minsk by Stephen Lendman Obama continues using Kiev junta proxies to wage war on Donbass. He's gone all-out to sabotage multiple peace efforts spearheaded by Russia. He didn't wage war to quit. He's supplying Kiev with heavy weapons, munitions and other US aid. US combat forces are in Ukraine working... Continue Reading →

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