The Great American Lying Machine

The Great American Lying Machine  by Stephen Lendman It's unprecedented in outrageous lies on Ukraine. Everything from calling US-installed Nazis democrats to phantom Russian hordes pouring across the border Wehrmacht-style. US officials recite one Big Lie after another. Media scoundrels regurgitate them like gospel. Mindless Americans believe whoppers anyone paying minimal attention would reject.  Wars... Continue Reading →

Israeli Women Wage Peace

Israeli Women Wage Peace by Stephen Lendman Anti-war women of the world unite. They're doing it in Israel. Thousands represent a refreshing antidote to Netanyahu's hate-mongering rage for war. Women Wage Peace (WWP) activists support a "viable" Israeli- Palestinian peace. They want working for it "place(d) at the top of the public agenda." They call... Continue Reading →

Nemtsov Wanted Color Revolution Change in Russia

Nemtsov Wanted Color Revolution Change in Russia by Stephen Lendman Don't mourn Nemtsov's passing. He died rich. Likely murdered by a CIA false flag - a thinly veiled failed scheme to create anti-Putin sentiment. Nemsov's popular support was virtually nil. At around 1%, he was a political nobody. He was worth more to Washington dead... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu Postmortems

Netanyahu Postmortems by Stephen Lendman Honest analysts know his double-barreled Washington offensive fell flat - targeting AIPAC and Congress. His blustering Big Lies wore thin long ago. He repeated the same stuff he regurgitates in all his anti-Iranian/poor threatened israel rants. You have to be practically comatose not to have heard it ad nauseam. Or... Continue Reading →

Poroshenko Prepares for More War

Poroshenko Prepares for More War by Stephen Lendman Sustainable, durable peace in Donbass is pure fantasy. Obama won't tolerate it. Poroshenko is a convenient US stooge. His power depends on remembering who's boss. Given his colossal failures to please the power installing him, his days perhaps are numbered. He admitted Minsk terms won't hold. They... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu’s Ugly Israel

Netanyahu's Ugly Israel by Stephen Lendman Israel is a rogue terror state by any standard. No amount of speechmaking changes reality. Fascist lunatics run things.  They want supreme hegemonic regional control. They want all potential challengers eliminated.  They're willing to wage genocidal wars to achieve objectives - including use of nuclear, chemical, biological and other... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu’s Congressional Rant

Netanyahu’s Congressional Rant by Stephen Lendman He last addressed a joint congressional session on May 24, 2011. At the time, Haaretz writer Gideon Levy called it a rant "filled with lies on top of lies and illusions heaped on illusions." Netanyahu never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to do the wrong thing. He... Continue Reading →

The CIA-Controlled Neocon Washington Post

The CIA-Controlled Neocon Washington Post by Stephen Lendman America's MSM mock legitimate journalism. State propaganda Big Lies substitute for real news, information and analysis on issues mattering most. The Washington Post ranks with the worst. Its editorial policy long ago fell from grace. It openly fronts for wealth, power and privilege. Extreme hawkishness defines its... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu at AIPAC

Netanyahu at AIPAC by Stephen Lendman His Monday bluster was a warmup for what honest observers call the most outrageous address ever by a foreign official to a joint congressional session - scheduled for Tuesday, March 3 at 11:00AM EST. Netanyahu spurned protocol. He circumvented administration control over who gets invited to address Congress.  He's... Continue Reading →

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